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Caught out! Hotel room photo emerges, Isabelle Graham, ‘devout Christian’ teacher caught with 17-year-old student lover

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Photo on social media shows  28-year-old scool teacher, Isabelle Graham, in a cheap hotel room with 17-year-old student, with whom she allgedly had sex

Graham, a devout Christian,  ends up in the room after the boy’s prom night in Edinburgh, Scotland

Graham reportedly, spent three hours alone with pupil, drinking, sharing a bed and ‘repeatedly engaged in sexual activity

Another boy, rooming with her alleged lover for prom, takes photos

Graham insists her drink was ‘spiked’… has no recollection of events

Charged with engaging in sexual activity with minor in her care whilst in a position of trust

Judged unfit to teach and barred from profession, now lives abroad with trainee-clergyman husband

Mrs Graham in bed with her 17-year-old pupil at doorway1
Photo of a woman in bed and a teenager in the doorway set off the sex scandal investigation

Isabelle Graham Andrew Wilkie4.png

Newly married: sabelle Graham with husband, Andrew Wilkie

A teacher-student sex scandal erupted shortly after the prom night at Whitburn Academy, West Lothian, Scotland in June 2014.  A photo was posted on social media which showed a blonde woman in bed and the boy involved in the case standing by the door with a bottle n his hand.

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The picture was introduced this week, during hearings on the matter by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS). The picture appears to show a teacher in bed on the night she is accused of a prom night affair with a pupil in a Travelodge as he stands at the door clutching a bottle of wine.
Married school teacher,  Isabelle Graham, 28,  is accused of sleeping with a 17-year-old pupil after downing four glasses of wine. But the devout Christian told a hearing, “I’m the victim” and says her drink must have been spiked and she had no recollection of events.

Isabelle Graham2.pngIsabelle Graham
It’s claimed the devout Christian and the student were alone for three hours after prom night in Edinburgh city centre. The pair it is  alleged, spent three hours alone,drinking, sharing a bed and ‘repeatedly engaged in sexual activity

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Another boy who was supposed to be sharing the Travelodge room with the boy claims he came back several times to find her there. He took a photograph which allegedly shows the teacher lying on the bed while the teenager stood in the doorway.
A probe was launched when senior staff of the scool, Whitburn Academy, West Lothian, who became aware of the piccture circulating on social media. Describing the snap at a General Teaching Council for Scotland hearing yesterday, council investigator Fraser Thomson said: “You can see there what appears to be a lady in the bed there.
The colour of the picture showed the lady with long blonde hair.”
Isabelle Graham  Andrew Wilkie wedding1.png
Wedding day: Former teacher, Isabelle Graham and husband, Andrew Wilkie

Isabelle Graham Andrew Wilkie2Isabelle Graham claimed she was a practising Christian, a victim and had no recollection of events. Her trainee-clergyman husband Andrew Wilkie , beleived in her and represented her at the hearing

Miss Graham claims her drink was spiked on the night out in June 2014 and that she was a practising Christian who was waiting until she was married before having sex.

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She provided a statement which claimed she had been the “victim” and had no recollection of events.Referring to the photo, she said: “The person in the bed is clearly not in control of the situation.”
She claimed that her first recollection since the night was ‘when she woke up in her flat at about 5am’.
The GTCS case presenter, Carla Roth,  addressed the panel on the seriousness of the charges.
She said Mrs Graham’s actions had a ‘public nature’, having happened around pupils and with the image shared on social media. Mrs Graham’s actions left pupils ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘somewhat shocked’  Roth told the panel: ‘You would have to question what sort of role model was provided in this instance.’

Isabelle Graham Travelodge.png

Sex scandal scene: The student and teacher Isabella allegely ‘shacked up’ for 3 hours after prom night in the lodge


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Isabelle Graham Andrew Wilkie3.png

 Isabella Graham claims her drink was spiked on the night out in June 2014 and she had no recollection of events

Refuting Graham’s claim that her drink had been spiked, Ms Roth said this ‘is essentially no more than a speculation.’ Adding, ‘We simply have no evidence of exactly why she may have had a memory loss.’

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Mrs Graham was ‘only willing to consider one version of events’, said Ms Roth, that her drink had been spiked rather than that she had drunk too much.
‘She cannot be said to have shown any insight into her conduct,’ declared the lawyer.
Her husband Andrew Wilkie, who is training to become a clergyman, acted as her representative at the hearing. In a statement to the panel, he said: “In all the time I have known her, Miss Graham has always put her Christian faith above all other things.
Graham’s defense was rejected by the GTCS. The former teacher at Whitburn Academy, West Lothian, was judged unfit to teach and barred from the profession by the GTCS disciplinary panel.
Isabella Graham, who taught French at Whitburn Academy, West Lothian at the time of the incident has now moved abroad with her husband Andrew Wilkie



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