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2 Pennsylvania men and a woman , Preston Layfield, Tyler Mirabelli and Amanda Wayda – ‘strangled their friend, Joshua Rose, while he was dying of a drug overdose then dressed him up to look as if he was still alive’

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Friends  strangled Joshua Rose (far right) with a jumper cable and  dumped his body in the woods

Preston Layfield, 19, Tyler Mirabelli, 22, and Amanda Wayda, 20, ‘strangled their friend while he was dying of an overdose then dressed him up to look as if he was still alive’

21-year-old Joshua Rose was in the throes of a drug overdose, in their Scranton, Pennsylvania home

His three friends allegedly threw a plastic bag over his head and strangled him with a jumper cable,  instead of providing aid or taking him to a medical facility

They dressed up Rose’s corpse to make him appear to be alive

All three arrested, charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy, possible homicide charges pending autopsy report

Remanded at County Prison, $700,000 bail set for Layfield and Mirabelli

Joshua Rose1

21-year-old Joshua Rose suffered a drug overdose, then his friends placed a plastic bag over his head before strangling him with a jumper cable

Two men and a woman have been arrested after being accused of strangling their friend who he was dying of an overdose before they put a hat and sunglasses on him to make it appear that he was still alive, while making a gas run
Preston Layfield, 19, Tyler Mirabelli, 22, and Amanda Wayda, 20, – all from Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, have been charged over the death of 21-year-old Joshua Rose.

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According to a police affidavit, the investigation began Sunday when Wayda contacted the Jermyn Police Department, telling officers she had witnessed a “murder” on Interstate 81 Thursday.
State police allege that Rose apparently suffered an overdose Thursday at a home in Scranton, and the three drove him on Interstate 81 to Susquehanna County, passing at least one hospital on the way rather than seeking medical aid.
Police allege that a plastic bag was placed over the victim’s head along the way and he was strangled with a pair of jumper cables, then dumped over an embankment in the Hop Bottom area, where his body was later found near railroad tracks.
Before a stop for gasoline after the alleged strangulation, one member of the group put sunglasses and a hat on the victim, authorities alleged.
Authorities said the charges might change depending on the outcome of an autopsy scheduled today by the Susquehanna County coroner’s office.

Preston Layfield, Tyler Mirabelli and Amanda Wayda1
Preston Layfield Tyler Mirabelli Amanda Wayda

Preston Layfield, 19, Tyler Mirabelli, 22, and Amanda Wayda, 20, have been charged with counts relating to his death

Preston Layfield2

Preston Layfield, pictured, has been accused of conspiracy relating to Rose’s death

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Tyler Mirabelli2
Tyler Mirabelli, is accused of strangling the victim with jumper cables

The suspects gave authorities different accounts of events. Amanda Wayda who was the last to be taken into cutody told police she was at her boyfriend’s home in Scranton when Rose and Layfield came to the house.

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She told investigators at some point, Rose went to take a nap. When she went to check on him,, she found he had possibly overdosed on an unspecified drug.
Wayda said Mirabelli then came to the house to pick them up and take them to the hospital.
She alleges that instead of going to the hospital, Mirabelli drove onto Interstate 81 while Layfield grabbed a pair of jumper cables and used them to fatally strangle Rose.
According to her affidavit, while Layfield was strangling Rose, Mirabelli told him to “pull harder.”
Wayda claims that  shortly after Rose had been strangled, a hat and sunglasses were placed on his head, and Mirabelli stopped for gas, the court papers state, noting surveillance video confirmed the car had stopped for gasoline at a station, consistent with Wayda’s timeline.

Amanda Wayda2
Amanda Wayda – accused of placing plastic bag over Rose’s head, handing Layfield jumper cables, urging him “he needed to do this”.

However, Layfield arrested earlier along with Mirabelli, told police Wayda had first placed a plastic bag over Rose’s head before jumping into the back seat with Layfield and Rose. Layfield told police it was Wayda who handed him the jumper cables, telling him “he needed to do this”.

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At a media briefing, Cpl. Mark Prushinski of the state police said the suspects passed at least one hospital with Rose in the car.
‘Bottom line, they drove right past a hospital and continued north on I-81. At this time, we are not sure why they did that,’ Cpl. Prushinski said.
Under Pennsylvania’s Good Samaritan law, which went into effect in 2014, law enforcement cannot prosecute those seeking help for a person who has overdosed.
District Judge John P. Pesota,  asked if he had a drug and alcohol problem, Mirabelli said he did and it was untreated. Layfield, however, denied having a problem with drugs and alcohol when Pesota asked.
Bail for Layfield and Mirabelli was set at $700,000.
All three defendants are scheduled for preliminary hearings on September 7.


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