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Army sergeant, Maliek Kearney and mistress charged in the killing of his soldier wife

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Army sergeant, girlfriend  arrested in San Antonio Tx, charged in the killing of his wife

Sergent Maliek Kearney allegedly travelled from South Carolina to murder his newly wed wife Karlyn Ramirez, 24, in her Maryland residence

Kearney, 35, and Dolores Delgado, 31, both of San Antonio charged over the death of Karlyn Ramirez

Kearney and Delgado both face life sentence


Maliek Kearney, allegedly traveled from South Carolina to Maryland to kill his wife

Law enforcement officials in San Antonio, Texas arrested Maliek Kearney, 35, and Dolores Delgado, 31, both of San Antonio over the death of Karlyn Ramirez.  Army sergent Kearny is the husband of the Army private shot to death in her Severn, Maryland townhouse last year.
Sergeant Kearny and his girlfriend are charged with shooting and killing his wife, who was shot dead next to their 5-month-old daughter. The pair were arrested Thursday, and charged in connection with her slaying.
They pair were picked up in Texas two days after a federal grand jury in Maryland handed down an indictment on charges of interstate travel to commit domestic violence resulting in death in the death of Karlyn Ramirez. The indictment was unsealed upon their arrest in San Antonio on Thursday.

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Karlyn Ramirez was stationed at Fort Meade when she was killed, allegedly by her husband and his mistress
“The indictment alleges that Maliek Kearney and Dolores Delgado conspired to murder Karlyn Ramirez, a U.S. Army private first class based at Fort Meade, Maryland,” U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said in a prepared statement. “I am grateful to the police and prosecutors who have been working tirelessly to pursue justice in this case.”
According to the indictment, Kearney and Delgado traveled from South Carolina to Maryland on Aug. 24, 2015, with the intent to kill or injure Ramirez.
Ramirez and Kearney, were recently married, and their infant was found unharmed next to his mother. The husband was stationed in South Carolina at the time, but prosecutors say Kearney and his girlfriend Delgado, 31, were living either near each other or together both in South Carolina and at his current base in Texas.


Happy couple: Maliek Kearney, Karlyn Ramirez and their daughter.  Kearney has been charged with the shooting death his wife

The duo face up to life in prison if convicted.
Kearney has denied involvement in his wife’s death, for months. On Sept. 1, 2015, he posted this message on his Facebook page : “I’m so heartbroken but you will live on with me forever. I don’t want to say goodbye….still seems so unreal.”
“As of right now, he’s still proclaiming his innocence,” his lawyer, Albert Flores, said.
A GoFundMe page for the couple’s daughter Kattaleya, who is being raised by her mother’s relatives, has raised more than $2,600 as of Monday evening.

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