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Pea brain! After graphic Dr Phil interview charges upgraded for Teacher-turned-stripper, Mary Beth Haglin, who claimed she ‘slept with 17-year-old student hundreds of times’

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May Beth Haglin blew her chances by going on the Dr Phil show
Teacher-turned-stripper who ‘slept with 17-year-old student hundreds of times’ gets charges upgraded to a potential FIVE YEAR sentence for lurid Dr Phil confessions 
Iowa high school teacher Mary Beth Haglin, 24, claims  ‘she was head over heels’, discussed daily romps: “We had sex – almost daily – in his car, my car, his mom’s house, and his dad’s house”
Exposed and fired when  spotted by another student, Haglin says “I realize how stupid I was and what a terrible mistake I made,” “I thought that it was something that could be kept secret and that nobody would ever know.”
Charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee relating to her affair with the 17-year-old pupil  
Haglin, now a stripper called ‘Bambi,’  told Dr Phil she was the victim, seduced by Post-it notes from student,  one of his love notes read: ‘I love the way you smell like pizza. Can’t wait to get a peice of that crust’
After Dr Phil interview prosecutors upgraded charges from misdemeanor sexual exploitation to felony
Initially facing up to two years in jail and being listed on the Sex Offenders Register for 10 years if found guilty, now possible it’s a possible 5 year sentence 


Teacher Beth Haglin blames her toyboy student lover for the underage sexual relationship

An Iowa teacher-turned-stripper made an ill-advised appearance on the Dr Phil Tv show on Oct 17 where she gave explicit and disturbingly mindless explanations for her less than stellar behaviour. Mary Beth Haglin who was charged with sleeping with a 17-year-old student is now facing upgraded charges after her lurid confessions during her Dr Phil appearance.
Haglin, 24, who was arrested in July last year, insisted she was the victim while admitting to sleeping with her teen lover daily, anywhere they could,  on the show.
NY Post reports that in the aftermath of her apparent lack of remorse, prosecutors have upgraded her charges from misdemeanor sexually exploiting a minor to felony sexual exploitation which toughens her maximum sentence, up from two to five years.

October 19.  Teacher turned stripper Mary Bath Haglin (left), 24, almost bragged on the Dr Phil TV show that she had sex with one of her 17-year-old students ‘hundreds of times’ every where they could.
 Haglin said  she was ‘head over heels’ in love with the teen (right) who seduced her with romantic prose and ‘grown up’ antics. She told a friend they would get married as soon as he graduated.

Papers filed by the Linn County Attorney’s Office in Cedar Rapids point directly to her TV appearances – which also included interviews with Inside Edition and Crime Watch Daily – as the reason for her tougher charges.
Haglin ‘admitted engaging in a pattern or practice of sexual conduct with a student while employed as a teacher at Washington High School, which supports the more serious felony offence,’ the papers said.
The ex-teacher, who now strips under the name ‘Bambi,’ was arrested in July their their six-month affair was spotted by an eagle-eyed classmate – and after the teen showed off her nude pictures to his friends.
The pair had hooked up while Haglin was working at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids.

Beth Haglin15.png

Potent Love weapon: May Beth Haglin with her trove of love notes
Beth Haglin13.png
Silly miscues compound: Haglin gave this photo – and nude images – to her 17-year-old lover, who then shared them with his friends. She now works as a stripper under the name ‘Bambi’

 Their relationship, which ran from January to May this year began, she told Dr Phil, he seduced her with romantic Post-Its.
At the end of class, he would leave the messages on her desk calling her ‘my empress’ and ‘Mrs Robinson’ – the latter a reference the older woman who seduces a young man in the movie ‘The Graduate.’
Eventually, Haglin said, a fight with her then-boyfriend drove her into the teen’s arms – and into a relationship that she says the 17-year-old convinced her was real.
‘He did so with such intelligence and such an elevated vocabulary that I was completely duped by the whole facade,’ Haglin told Dr Phil.
In one letter, written when Haglin was moonlighting as a waitress, the adolescent suggestively wrote: ‘I love the way you smell like pizza. It drives me crazy wanting a piece of the crust.’ mary-beth-haglin-notes-and-texts6

Haglin admitted to having sex with the 17-year-old almost every day for nine months, sometimes in her or his car, other times in the homes of the boy’s parents.
Eventually, she said he convinced her to send him sexy photos of herself, including some naked selfies, which he later reportedly shared with his friends at school.
‘I don’t know what was going through his brain,’ Haglin said. ‘He thought it would be cool… bragging rights… I don’t know.’
Haglin said she didn’t think he would disseminate the intimate snapshots ‘because in my mind if you’re in a real relationship, you don’t just run around with your phone saying, “Hey, look, look everybody, look how hot my girlfriend is.”‘
She added, ‘Looking back now I think, “Oh, my God, what was I thinking? What was I doing?”‘
Their relationship finally came to light when a female student noticed the teen sneaking into Haglin’s class on breaks.
Haglin says she tried to end the affair but the teen threatened to expose her if she tried to leave him, claiming she was too scared to stop the relationship. But it ended after another student saw them together. She went to her mom with her concerns, and the woman confronted Haglin at the school.

Although the former teacher admitted turning him on by sending him sexy selfies, she insisted: “The student is the one who seduced me.”

‘She said, “Yes, it’s true,”‘ said the parent. ‘She kept telling me that she was in love with this young man, that as soon as he graduated, they were going to get married.’
The woman had wayward teacher write a statement confessing to the tryst, which she then took to school administrators. Haglin was fired from her job in May at the conclusion of an internal investigation and arrested in July, after turning herself in to police. An earlier probe conducted in February had failed to prove any wrongdoing on Haglin’s part.Beth Haglin14.png

Beth says her student lover ‘convinced me to send sexy selfies’

The staff who conducted the previous investigations labelled as ‘ineffective’ by the school district, have been accused of attempting a cover-up.  The Gazette,  obtained emails from Washington High Principal Dr Ralph Plagman agreeing to write Haglin a letter of recommendation in the midst of the second investigation. The outcome has been the
resignations of three high-ranking officials, including Dr Plagman.
Haglin’s trial date has been set for November 14. If convicted, she faces a maximum sentence of five years and will have to register as a sex offender for ten years. 

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  1. “she didn’t think he would disseminate the intimate snapshots . . .”

    Lord, love a duck. This woman are dumber than a box of rocks.

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