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Craigslist killer, Brady Oestrike, first transformed his home into a torture chamber before abducting and killing 8-month-pregnant Brooke Slocum

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Michigan police release footage of Osterik positioning torture implements – guns, chains, dog crate in his home
Oestrike tortured and  strangled a pregnant Brooke Ann Slocum after he had decapitated her boyfriend Charles Oppenneer in July, 2014
Brady Oestrike, then 31, was tracked down via social media
Brooke Slocum, 18, and Charlie Oppenneer, 25, who met Oestrike on Craigslist, apparently planned to meet him for sex at Gezon Park

The Craigslist killer took his own life  himself during a police chase weeks later

This video released by Michigan police shows Brady Oestrike transforming his home into a house suited for torture and murder

Police in Michigan released a haunting video showing Brady Oestrike, a “Craigslist killer,” transforming his home into a house of horrors for the cruel murder of a pregnant 18-year-old, in July 2014.

Police say the victims, Brooke Slocum, 18, and Charles Oppenneer, 25, met Oestrike on Craigslist before the killings. The couple was apparently planning to meet Oestrike for sex at Gezon Park, according to investigators.

Brady Oestrik enjoyed inflicting pain

The disturbing video shows Oestrike gearing up for the eventual abduction, torture and murder. In the footage, the alleged killer prepares a torture chamber by setting up chains, cleaning a dog crate where he later placed his victim, Brooke Slocum, and readying a pulley system with ropes hanging from the ceiling.
Further, several hundred pages of documents and photos were released related to the 2014 case which also saw Slocum’s 25-year-old boyfriend getting decapitated by the crazed killer.

Brady Oestrik8.jpg

FOX 17 reported that Michigan police released 300 pages of documents and 500 photographs that had been requested via the Freedom of Information Act, as well as several videos

The recently released documents outline investigators’ pursuit of Oestrike, who was 31, after he was tracked down via email and Facebook.
On July 12, 2014, Oestrike abducted Slocum after decapitating her boyfriend, Charles Oppenneer. Slocum, who was eight months pregnant, was believed to have been tortured for days before being strangled to death and placed in the trunk of Oestrike’s car. Her baby did not survive. The couple was believed to have been soliciting sex to Oestrike.

brady-oestrik6Torture chamber: Brady Oestrike cleans one of the rooms where he later held his pregnant victim, Brooke Slocum, captive.

Cops were tipped off in mid July, 2014, when a woman reported a man in a white mask peering into vehicles in the area of Gezon Park.   Another person also returned Charlie Oppenneer’s wallet after it was found on a dirt road near Gezon.
On July 13, police found Oppenneer’s car in the area.
When the vehicle still hadn’t been moved on two days later, police attempted to contact Oppenneer at his home in Rockford, as well as, his parents. Three days later, investigators searching the woods near the location of the car located Oppenneer’s decapitated body. His head has still not been located.

Victim: Although Brooke Ann Slocum was pregnant, she exchanged emails with someone called “Hard Mike” and the two discussed meeting at the park for paid sex

The documents released detail how social media played a role in developing and tracing Oestrike as a suspect.
After Oppenneer’s body was found, officials reviewed cell phone records for Slocum and Oppenneer. They also searched Slocum’s residence in Grand Rapids. Analysis of the hard drives on the computers belonging to Slocum and her roommate revealed that Slocum and Oppenneer were posting Craigslist ads for “sex for cash”.  This fact was confirmed by her roommate
The investigators were further aided by the discovery of a July 12, 2014 conversation between Slocum and someone identifying themselves as “Hard Mike.”  The two discussed meeting at Gezon Park for paid sex, according to the documents.
“Hard Mike” was linked to a Gmail account that was linked to another Yahoo email account, according to the documents. Investigators say the Yahoo account led them to a Facebook user named “Joat Amos,” which was linked to Brady Oestrike.
The Gmail account also linked back to Oestrike’s phone number, enabling a trace to his most recent address in Wyoming.

First victim: Slocum’s boyfriend Charles Gerard Oppenneer’s decapitated body was discovered but his head was not.
brady-oestrike3Brady Oestrike: Outfitted his home for torture and murder before abducting his victims
Brady Osterik's home.pngCrime scene: Brady Oestrike’s home

Police went to Oestrike’s home the night of July 17 and say after a brief traffic stop, the suspect fled.
He led officers on a high-speed chase before crashing at the on a Highway ramp, Oestrike then killed himself by a gunshot to the head.  Slocum’s body was recovered from the trunk of his vehicle.
Investigators conducting a search of his home found a horrible torture chamber and several assault rifles. Police found restraints in part of the basement in a locale where they believe Slocum was held and tortured for days. They also found nooses with dolls hanging from them, bloody clothes, lingerie, Tasers, a machete and sex toys.

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