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20 years in the making! Convicted killer, Chandran Nathan, indicted in Plot to kidnap, assault prosecutor who put him behind bars

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Convicted killer, Chandran Nathan, 59, iIndicted in plot to kidnap, assault former Nassau county prosecutor who put him away
Nathan was jailed in 1994 convicted on murder and burglary charges in the slaying of a 20-year-old medical student in long Island, NY
Then 36-year-old, Nathan’s obsession with Hema Sakhrani, 20, led to the slaying of her fiance, Shaleen Wadhwani,  and her subsequent suicide, two days later
Allegedly offered up to $10,000 for  successful kidnapping, torture and water boarding of the prosecutor
Wanted intended victim coerced into videotaped statements that a number of confessions he used in his career were coerced and tainted
Serving  up to life on his prior murder conviction, he’s not eligible for parole until 2030
Faces additional three and a half to seven years  if convicted of fresh criminal solicitation charges
Obsessed: Chandran Nathan in court during he trial in 1994 

In a twisted vendetta, two decades in the making , a convicted killer has been indicted in a murder for hire plot against a former prosecutor who put him behind bars 22 years ago.
59-year-old  Chandran Nathan who has been jailed for more than two decades after murdering a 20-year-old medical student on Long Island in 1993 has been indicted for allegedly plotting to kidnap and assault the former Nassau County employee who prosecuted his case.
Nathan pled not guilty to second-degree criminal solicitation at his arraignment Tuesday and was remanded. His lawyer suggested Nathan needs a psych evaluation; he is due back in court next month in the case.

Hema Sakhrani and fiance, Shaleen Wadhwani1.png

20-year-old Hema Sakhrani (left) jumped to her death two days after the murder of her fiancé, Shaleen Wadhwani, in 1993

The inmate at Shawangunk Correctional Facility in Ulster County, allegedly conspired with a third party to kidnap the former prosecutor in his murder case, put him in handcuffs and assault him, for reward money up to $10,000 for a successful kidnapping.
The intended victim was to be coerced into giving videotaped statements that a number of confessions he used in his career were coerced and tainted.
Nathan stipulated the prosecutor was to be beaten about the body, but not around the face. Additionally, he was to be water boarded if necessary.
Chandran Nathan has been jailed upstate since his 1994 conviction on murder and burglary charges in the slaying of a 20-year-old medical student in Manhasset.
during his murder trial, the jury rejected an insanity defense, jurors took just five hours to find the man, Chandran Nathan of Richmond Hill, Queens, guilty of killing a 20-year-old medical student, Shaleen Wadhwani, in the doorway of the Wadhwani family’s home in Manhasset, Long Island in May, 1993


Chandran Nathan being led into court for 1994 trial for the murder of Shaleen Wadhwani. The court ruled him competent to stand trial. Is he going for the insanity plea again, in his criminal solicitation case?

Two days after the murder, Shaleen Wadhwani’s fiancée, 20-year-old Hema Sakhrani, jumped from the 16th-floor terrace of her family’s apartment in Rego Park, Queens.
Investigators said Nathan was obsessed with Miss Sakhrani and was distraught over the news of her engagement to Wadhwani.
In a fit of jealousy,  he went to the Wadhwani’s home on the night of May 26, 1993. He fired a semiautomatic rifle 24 times, striking Wadhwani with 11 shots and killing the young medical student in the doorway of his family’s home, as his parents slept upstairs.
Tragically, Hema Sakhrani committed suicide two days after her fiancé’s death.
Nathan, who currently faces up to life in prison on his murder conviction, is not eligible for parole until 2030. He faces an additional three and a half to seven years in prison if convicted of the fresh criminal solicitation charge.


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