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‘HOPE YOU DIE A LONG SLOW DEATH’ victims’ families tell Stephen Port, serial killer sentenced to life sentence for drug-rape murders of four men he met on gay dating app

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During trial Jury was shown 18-minute video of ‘Stephen Port ‘raping unconscious man
Gay date app serial killer, Stephen Port, filmed himself having sex with the ‘young men’ after knocking them out with a range of drugs – poppers, Viagra, Meow Meow, Tiny and GHB
Celebrity chef Port, 41, from East london, UK  was  convicted on Wednesday of killing Anthony Walgate, 23, Gabriel Kovari, 22, Daniel Whitworth, 21, and Jack Taylor, 25, and attacking seven others. 
The deaths occured over a 15-month span where the serial ‘date-killer’ would entice, rape and kill the victims, then plant drugs on the bodies before dragging them to a churchyard and staging a suicide
Mr ’70 percent gay’ middle aged but young-at-heart celebrity chef and serial killer Stephen Port, in his typical narcissistic pose for social media
A UK  chef who  ‘drugged, raped and murdered four young men’ he met on gay networking sites including Grindr’ was sentenced to life, at London’s Old Bailey court, Wednesday.
Loved ones and friends and family of the four young men Stephen Port murdered, broke out cheering and clapping in court today as the smug, cold-blooded predator was told he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

As the sentence was handed down by Mr Justice Openshaw, shouts of “scumbag” and “I hope you die a long, slow, painful death, you piece of s***” rang out in the Old Bailey as the twisted chemsex killer was sent away for the rest of his life.

Stephen Port seen without his trademark blonde toupee was convicted of four murders and a string of other offences

Port would lure his chosen victims to his home through the gay dating app Grindr.
He spiked them with lethal doses of date-rape drug GHB to satisfy his twisted fetish for abusing slender, boyish men known as “twinks”.
Port was convicted on Wednesday of killing Anthony Walgate, 23, Gabriel Kovari, 22, Daniel Whitworth, 21, and Jack Taylor, 25, and attacking seven others.


Baby oil and sex drugs were photographed by police searching Port’s flat in 2014
stephen-port241-year-old celebrity chef Stephen Port trawled gay chat sites to meet his young victims and lure them to his apartment

Final moments of 25-year-old Jack Taylor (left) before alleged murder by serial killer Stephen Port

The jury heard how 41-year-old Port was driven to murder four young victims he spiked with an overdose of date-rape drug GHB and raped to “satisfy his insatiable appetite for sex with unconscious men.”
As Port,named by police as one of the most dangerous killers they have seen, headed for a life time in jail cops revealed they are investigating a further 58  unsolved GHB related deaths amid fears Port could have claimed dozens more victims before he was caught.

stephen-port4The real Stephen Port, seen without his blonde toupee guise, in his police interview after he was finally arrested for the murders last year

After raping and killing his chosen ‘twinks’ Port dumped his victim’s bodies near a graveyard in Barking, East London, and began an elaborate cover-up. He would fabricate a web of misleading clues for investigators, dispose of victim’s phones.  He planted a fake suicide note on a victim, Daniel Whitworth, blaming him for the death of Gabriel Kovari. The two never met.
Justice Openshaw branded Port’s elaborate attempts to hide how his victims died as “wicked and monstrous lies” adding: “The defendant will die behind bars”.
Port showed no emotion as the judge outlined his “dreadful” crimes, occasionally glancing at the press bench before returning his gaze to the ground.


Jack Taylor’s family address the media outside the court in London, Wednesday after serial killer Stephen Port was convicted of his murder

Outside court the family of Jack Taylor joining other victims; families in condeming the serial killer, branded Port a “sick and twisted scumbag”.
Serial killer chef Stephen Port guilty of murdering four men by poisoning them
Earlier, statements from the loved ones of the four murder victims and one of the men Port sexually assaulted were summarised by prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC.
Gabriel Kovari’s brother Adam, spoke of the difficulty in telling their mother of his death, saying “there is no pain greater than losing a child”.
One of the survivors of Port’s peculiar brand of sexual attacks, who remains anonymous, said blamed himself for not reporting the assault sooner saying he could have avoided Mr Taylor’s death if he had.

The bogus suicide note implicating Daniel Whitworth in the death og Kovari. It was later proven to have been written by Stephen Port 

The prosecution led by Jonathan Rees told the court: “It is a case about a man, the defendant, who in the pursuit of nothing more than his own sexual gratification variously drugged, sexually assaulted and killed young gay men who he had invited back to his flat.

“All of the offending behaviour was driven by one main factor, namely the defendant’s appetite for having sexual intercourse with younger, gay males while they were unconscious through drugs.”
Defense counsel David Etheridge,  mitigating, told the court his client  “descended into a vortex” in which drug taking fuelled his private life with satisfaction of his sexual desire.
“He graduated from a fetish to a fixation from a fixation to a compulsion,” he said in describing Port as a man obsessed with drug-rape pornography, and lusted after smaller, boyish-type men known in gay slang as twinks. He even who filmed himself having sex with unconscious men.
Port was found guilty of four murders and numerous other sexual offences , including the rapes of three other men he drugged for sex – after a trial at the Old Bailey.

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