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Texas ‘hate crime’ was staged – David Williams confesses to wife he set their cars on fire, painted racial slur on their garage door in fake race based attack – just checked into a ‘mental facility’, would later be arrested

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White husband David Williams, 34,  confessed to wife Jenny, to setting their cars on fire and painting racial slur on their garage door in staged ‘hate crime’
David and Jenny Williams’ cars and motorcycle were set on fire,  ‘n***** lovers’ spray painted across their garage door of their home in Denton, Texas on December 12 
Cops investigated the fire which was deemed a hate crime
Jenny Williams, 35, revealed her husband confessed to starting the fire,Wednesday
Online fund raiser netted over $50,000 for  the couple and their four kids
Jenny  promised to return all the money raised after her husband’s confession
According to Jenny, David has checked into in a ‘mental facility’, would be arrested later
David Williams owned up to setting his own car on fire and painting a racial slur on their garage door in staging a hate crime 

A white father-of-four has confessed to setting his own car on fire and painting a racial slur on their garage door in a staged hate crime.
David and Jenny Williams from Denton, Texas, woke up to find their truck and motorcycle ablaze and the vile slur ‘n***** lovers’ scrawled across their garage door in spray paint on December 12.
Police deemed the incident a hate crime and launched an arson investigation while well-wishers donated money to the family to help repair the damage.
On Tuesday, Mrs Williams however revealed it was her husband who had started the fire.

34-year-old Williams who is white and a father-of-four ‘David confessed to spray painting our garage door and starting the fire at our home,’ according to a posting by his wife, Jenny Williams on a Facebook.

David Williams, 34, had been checked in to a ‘mental facility’, she said, and would be arrested upon his release.
‘My heart is heavy, and I have more questions then answers. My children and I are in a state of shock and sadness,’ the 35-year-old Jenny said.

The racial abuse allegedly scrawled on the garage door. David Williams, confessed to spraying this racial slur on his own garage door as part of a staged hate crime. 

The couple had said their insurance would not cover the entire cost of the damage. A GoFund Me page set up by the family’s friends after the incident had stopped taking donations, she added, and all donations given before her revelation will be returned.
In a blog post last week, the mother-of-four described the apparent vandalism in great detail.  She told how she woke up with her sleeping husband next to her to the sounds of a neighbor banging on their door to tell them their truck was on fire.
‘We woke the children before we knew the house itself wasn’t on fire. In the middle of the night it is hard to tell the difference between smoke and steam.
‘The kids and I gathered in the living room waiting for word of all clear or evacuate,’ Mrs Williams said. david-and-jenny-williams1

David and Jenny Williams alerted police on December 12 after waking up in the middle of the night to find their truck ablaze
Jenny  revealed David’s confession and promised to return all the money raised online


She vowed to return all the money raised through an online fundraising page set up by friends.

Once police and fire fighters arrived at the house, they discovered the racial slur scrawled on the garage door. Her husband had checked into a ‘mental facility’ and would later be arrested, Jenny Williams said.

Burnt Harley Davidson, one of the vehicles torched in the fake arson and vandalism attack

‘It is considered a hate crime because of what was painted on the garage door. Yes, we are white.

‘It just so happens that we aren’t as racist as someone would like us to be,’ Mrs Williams wrote.
No motive has been suggested. The couple repeatedly told how their insurance would not cover the damage in total after the fire.
A GoFundMe page set up by Mr Williams’s sister and a friend of the family has raise more than $5,000.
‘The kids won’t be able to have anything under the Christmas tree due to this horrible act.
‘Please of you find it in your heart please donate what you can to help this family of 6 out,’ a description of the page read.



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