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Dead teacher’s ex-student lover, Isaac Duran, confesses to murdering his Felicia Barahona, and killing their four-year-old love child; ‘He was angry she dressed their son as a girl’

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Cops say Isaac Duran, 22, confessed to strangling Felicia Barahona, 36, and drowning their four-year-old son Miguel
Duran who got his teacher pregnant as a 17-year-old, admitted he killed her and their four-year-old love child because ‘he was angry she dressed their son as a girl’
The former teacher and mother-of-two, was, was discovered with an electrical cord wrapped around her neck  inside her apt inManhattan, NY., She’d been dead approx, 4 days
Miguel was found face down in a bathtub filled with water
Duran who confessed after being confronted with surveillance footage, admitted difficulty with meeting up with his weekly child support payments
Barahona was fired from her $73,000 job as a NYC high school  teacher  in 2012, when she became pregnant with a 17-year-old student’s baby 

A former Bronx high school student who got his teacher pregnant as a 17-year-old in 2012, has confessed to police that he killed the his former lover and their love-child, police sources said, Tuesday.
Police in New York  charged 22-year-old Isaac Duran with murder after he admitted to the double slaying of Felicia Barahona, 36, and their 4-year-old son, Miguel, inside her upper Manhattan apartment.
The former Dewitt Clinton High School teacher was discovered in her living room with garroted with an electrical cord around 8:30 a.m. Monday, in her third-floor upper Manhattan apartment on West 153rd Street. Residents in the building complained to the superintendent about a foul odor emanating from her unit.
Then 32, Afghanistan war veteran Barahona, got into the news back in 2012 when she had a baby with her then-teenage student. She was fired from her $73,000 teaching job on the day she gave birth to the baby she made with her pupil lover.
Monday morning, she was, was discovered dead inside her Manhattan apartment along with Miguel. She was lying on the living room floor with an electrical cord wrapped around her neck and the little boy was found face down in a bathtub filled with water, investigators said.

Duran  who said he was having a problem with paying for child support, claimed he had killed his former teacher and his son because he was angry over how Barahona was raising Miguel, police sources said.
The former pupil self-described his actions as an evil deed during his confession, referencing the “devil,” sources said. amily-felicia-barahona-pictured-right-with-her-mother-center-and-her-baby

32-year-old Felicia Barahona (right), her mother (center) and her new born son in 2012

The superintendent of Barahona’s building called 911 early Monday morning after the tenant’s complaint about the foul stench coming from the family’s third-floor apartment. Climbing the fire escape for a view, he observed the woman’s body in the living room. Cop estimated that the former teacher’s body had been in the apartment for up to four days.

Felicia Barahona, and her infant son, Miguel, were found dead in their Harlem home Monday morning. Her former pupil and father of her child, Isaac Duran has admitted killing his son and his mother

During interrogation Duran spoke about his struggles meeting up with his child support payments which ranged from $80 and $100 weekly.He also said that he was angry over the way Barahona was raising the son, sources said. He complained about how she would dress Miguel in girl’s clothing.
Duran denied any involvement initially when contacted by investigators, putting up the front of a grieving father and claimed he hadn’t visited the apartment since 2011,until he was tripped by photo evidence. A review of surveillance footage from several days back showed showed Duran entering the building and leaving hours later wearing different clothes.

the-bodies-of-felicia-barahona-and-her-son-miguel1-being-taken-out-of-apt-by-coroners-officeEMS workers moving the remains of mother and son from their apartment building.

Duran who up till now did not have a criminal record or history of mental illness, apparently was supposed to spend Christmas with Barahona, their son and Barahona’s mom at the mother’s house on West 56th Street, but he never showed.
The resident of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, who is listed as working for a company at an airport near the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border, first told investigators he hadn’t visited his former teacher’s apartment since 2011 and acted like a grieving father, sources said, until confronted with the surveillance footage evidence.
An investigative report released in early 2013 revealed that Felicia Barahona, then a 32-year-old science teacher at DeWitt Clinton High School in The Bronx , had a four-month affair with a 17-year-old student of the school.

Miguel4.pngBy the time her affair with the 17 year old student ended in 2012, Barahona’s had Miguel (left), but lost her job as a public school teacher in 2012.Miguel (seen alone on the right) was drowned in a tubful of water by his father, Iseac Duran, who was complaining of child support payments

The teacher got pregnant after allegedly telling her underage lover ‘not to worry’ about protection  because she “didn’t like condoms”. Barahona delivered a son in August 2012.
Barahona, who befriended Duran at the age of 15, had waited 2 years until her teenage lover was of legal age of consent before the pair began a sexual relationship in 2011. Thereafter, it is believed that the couple were having amorous trysts five times a week, including weekends, according to the investigation for which they were both interviewed.
The science teacher teacher was so besotted with her pupil, she allegedly went so far as to purchase the pair wedding rings during their brief romance.

The super of the building on West 153rd Street in Upper Manhattan, called 911 after seeing Felicia Barahona dead, inside her third-floor unit. Her son Miguel was found also dead in the apt.

However, in 2013 Barahona kicked Duran out of her home for drinking, just four months into their co-habitation, shortly after she learned that she was pregnant with their child. On the day she gave birth to their boy she was fired from her city teaching job, in August 2012.
Neighbors who were shocked after mother and child found dead in apartment, as well as acquaintances of the mother-of-two, described her demeanor as extremely protective, to the point of being obsessive.
Photos posted on Barahona’s mother’s Facebook page at the time showed the newborn baby boy in a pink outfit, and the her neighbors in Harlem said she would sometimes dress her 4-year-old son as a girl.
On her Facebook page, Barahona who also had an eight-year-old daughter from a previous relationship who did not live with her, indicated that she studied forensic science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and also taught at the school. She described her martial status as ‘divorced.’


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