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Teen girl lured brothers into ambush where they were robbed and fatally shot: Sheahonni Davis and her accomplices arrested

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Sheahonni Davis, 17, Toriano Newson, 19, and Curtis Paige III, 23, were arrested and charged with murder and attempted robbery in connection
Davis an acquintance of brothers Daniel and Ismael Diaz-Marrero, lured them to a vacant home on the West side of Syracuse, on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017
Her co-conspirators, Newson and Paige, then shot the brothers in an attempt to rob them of marijuana
Newson is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and attempted robbery
Davis and Paige were both facing charges of second-degree murder and attempted robbery

Five years ago a pair of teenage brothers left Cuba with their father and their younger sister for the United States  after their mother died for a better life. by all accounts, they had largely done so
The older brother, 19-year-old Ishmael Diaz-Marrero, was a sophomore at Le Moyne College, in suburban DeWitt, in upstate New York. He was working two jobs to put himself through school.17-year-old Daniel Diaz-Marrero was a senior at a Syracuse high school. Friends and professors described the siblings as hardworking and well-liked.

The siren: Sheahonni Davis set up her friends to be murdered by her associates

However all of the progress came to a crashing halt on January 10, 2017 after they were lured out to a vacant home by a 17-year-old girl, an acquintance of the older boy where they were ambushed and murdered in what police believe was an attempt to steal drugs.
Officers arrested and charged Sheahonni Davis, Torian Newson and Curtis Paige III with murder and attempted robbery in connection with the double homicide, Syracuse police Chief Frank Fowler told.
According to Syracuse police Chief Frank Fowler, Toriano Newson, 19 open fire on the boys at close range, killing Ishmael Diaz-Marrero on the spot, his younger brother Daniel succumbed to his gunshot injuries a short while later.
Police said Sheahonni Davis last week, allegedly contacted Daniel Diaz-Marrero and his brother Ishmael Diaz-Marrero. She invited them to meet up with her on the city’s west side, according to court records.

curtis-paige-iiiCurtis Paige III:  When the brothers arrived, he and Newsom attempted to rob them

When the brothers arrived, Paige, 23, and Newso, 19, attempted to steal marijuana from the pair, though it is not clear whether or not the boys actually had any drugs on them at the time.
Newsom allegedly opened fire on the siblings, Daniel was hit in the chest at close range, while Ishmael was struck in the back of his right arm and chest, the Post-Standard reports.

toriano-newson1Triggerman: Toriano Newson opened fire at close range on the Diaz-Marrero, brothers

The older brother was pronounced dead on the scene and the younger of the pair was taken to Upstate University Hospital where he died from his injuries shortly after.
Sheahonni admitted to police she used text messages and social media to lure the Diaz-Marreros to the vacant home on Grant Avenue, according to court documents.
Newson is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and attempted robbery while Davis and Paige were both facing charges of second-degree murder and attempted robbery.

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