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68-year-old wife of Wall Street tycoon Robert Fagenson, leaps to her death at Upper East Side high-rise

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Margaret Fagenson wife of NY financier leapt to her death from her luxury high-rise apt
Margaret Fagenson 68, died after she jumped from her home [Henderson Place] on E. 86th St.
She landed on the side of the building and died at the scene about 10:50 am, Thursday 
The 68-year-old mother of two grown up daughters is married Wall Street CEO Robert Fagenson
l-r-the-matriach-margaret-fagenson-pictured-here-with-jennifer-robert-and-stephanie-fagensonThe victim Margaret Fagenson and her Wall street CEO husband Robert Fagenson[3rd L] with daughters Jennifer and Stephanie
The 68-year-old wife of a Wall Street tycoon died Thursday morning after jumping from her luxury Upper East Side high-rise, officials said.
The victim, identified by sources at the scene as Margaret Fagenson, leapt from a 14th-floor balcony of the E. 86th St. building near East End Ave., known as the Henderson House, at about 10:50 a.m.
She landed on the side of the building on Henderson Place and died at the scene, police and horrified witnesses said.
“I heard a loud ‘boom’ noise and I waited a couple minutes,” said Rodney Bissoondath, a doorman from across the street. “By the time I went outside, the cops were already putting sheets on the person.”
Grieving family members rushed to the scene, crying and clutching one another for comfort as members of the city coroner’s office prepared to remove Fagenson’s body.
One man, believed to be Fagenson’s husband Robert, was seen holding two dogs.

Margaret and Robert Fagenson2.jpgThe victim Margaret and husband Robert Fagenson. He was seen at the scene this morning holding two dogs 
mrs-fagenson-from-a-14th-floor-balcony-of-the-e-86th-st-building-near-east-end-ave-nyMrs Fagenson allegedly, leapt from a 14th-floor balcony of ‘the  Henderson House’ -E. 86th St. , NYC, Thursday morning

Robert and Margaret Fagenson own a $2.8 million unit in the Henderson House.
Robert Fagenson is the CEO of Fagenson and Co., a money management and investment broker firm.
The couple are avid supporters of animal rescue groups and in 2011 donated $75,000 to the North Shore Animal League, according to the Wall Street Journal. The couple have also donated to the ASPCA and the Humane Society of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.
“We’re nutty pet people,” Robert Fagenson told the Wall Street Journal when he and his wife were named the paper’s “Donors of the Day.”

police-taped-off-the-scene-margaret-fagenson-jumped-to-her-death-from-an-upper-east-side-high-rise Police taped off the scene where the victim jumped to her death from a 14th floor balcony

According to some accounts Margaret Fagenson was the third person to jump from the Handerson House in recent years, “It’s insane,”Bissoondath said.
A half block from Carl Schurz Park and about two blocks from Gracie Mansion, the 56-year-old building is a luxury 22-story high-rise with a full-time doorman, three-bedroom units start at $2.5 million, officials said.


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