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Billion dollar flim flam artistes! UK banker enjoyed sex parties and luxury holidays, as kickbacks for his role in a fraud that cost bank nearly $1.3 billion [£1 billion]; Lynden Scourfield and his five associates jailed

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‘Danny DeVito lookalike’ banker ‘Lynden Scourfield, 54, used bribe windfall he received from his pal david Mills to pay for sex with hookers in scam costing bank $310million [£245m]
He and his accomplices were kept happy with Luxury yachts, sprawling homes and fast cars as the sleazy financiers blew millions on high end hookers and sex parties from the mega million loan scam
The group targeted inappropriate loans to struggling businesses, which allowed Mills and his associates to pocket high consultancy fees – many of the businesses went bankrupt as a result and some owners lost their homes
The banker and his associates held sex parties with adult film actresses with cash from fleecing firms which went bust 
Adult film actress Suzie, 31, who likened Scourfield to actor Danny DeVito, said she entertained the group with fellow escorts at a string of X-rated bashes which involved wads of cash and stashes of Viagra. 
Lynden Scourfield was jailed along with David Mills, Mark Dobson, Michael Barcroft, John Cartwright and Mills’s wife Alison
Scourfield, 54, was jailed for 11 years and three months; David Bancroft, 73,  10 years; Mark Dobson, 56,  four-and-a-half years and John Cartwright, 72, fthree-and-a-half years for their roles in the in the fraud

David Mills, 60, was jailed will serve years behind bars while his wife Allison, 51, who also played a major role in the corruption will sreve three and a half years

Scourfield’s accountant, Jonathan Cohen, 57, was acquitted of fraudulent trading and conspiracy to conceal criminal property

 The court heard how a bank boss was bribed with high-end escorts as reward for part in $310m loan scam. Lyden Scourfield enjoyed sex parties and luxury holidays as kickbacks for his role in a $1.25 billion [£1billion] fraud was jailed Thursday, along with five associates.
Senior HBOS bank staff, Lynden Scourfield, 54, forced struggling clients to use financing from a firm owed by one of his benefactor, Mills. 

Suzie Best4.pngAdult film actress Suzie Best who describes herself as ‘bisexual’ with a ‘high sex drive’ was a favourite at the sex and viagra fueled soirees the fraudsters enjoyed staging

In return he was treated to hookers and X-rated bashes with girls including porn star Suzie Best. Suzie described Scourfield as a “Danny DeVito lookalike, short and bald”, who she allegedly, said with great delight: “suffered from premature ejaculation”.
Suzie, 31, romped with fellow escorts at a string of X-rated bashes for the fraudsters which involved wads of cash and stashes of Viagra.
Scourfield has been jailed for 11 years and three months along with five associates for a $1.25billion loan scam.

The cast; Lynden Scourfield, David Mills and Michael Barcroft.jpg
Members of the cast; featuring [L-R] Lynden Scourfield, David Mills and Michael Barcroft

Scourfield allegedly targeted 200 failing businesses, and forced them to use a consultancy company run by his pal David Mills, 60, who has been convicted and jailed for 15 years.
Scourfield did so in exchange for “sex, for luxury trips … for bling and for swag”, a judge said, in funnelling high-risk loans of $310 million the fraudsters knew would never be repaid.
In return Mills rewarded Scourfield and his colleagues with luxury holidays and the services of several high-class escorts.
One of their favourites was Suzie best, 31, a $375 [£300]-an-hour escort from Barnsley, South Yorks, who describes herself as “bisexual” with a “high sex drive”.
told the court that she met up regularly with Scourfield and his friends, who she dubbed “the posh tw*t bankers”,in a rented West London apartment.
Suzie, whose services include spanking and humiliation, testified that she performed girl-on-girl shows for them and also performed sex acts on some of the men.

Days in the sun: Convicted fraudsters Bancroft with Mills and Scourfield on vacation in Barbados.jpg
Days in the sun: Alleged fraudsters Bancroft with Mills and Scourfield on vacation in Barbados
Alison Mills1.jpg
Alison Mills will serve 3-and-half years for conspiracy to conceal criminal property
john-cartwright-and-michael-bancroftConvicted: Textile expert John cartwright and  Michael Bancroft were also convicted ror their role in the scam

In her evidence Suzie, who features on porn websites, said that Scourfield had a hairy back and suffered from premature ejaculation.
In December 2005 Scourfield was among a group who went for a meal with three escorts at the Royal China restaurant on central London’s Baker Street.
One of the prostitutes who kept a diary wrote: “Then drinks at flat and quick s**g. Easy £1,500. Home late and drunk.”

Easy money: Escort and adult film actress Suzi said she did girl-on-girl shows for fraudsters and also performed sex acts on some of the men.jpg
Easy money: Escort and adult film actress Suzi said she did girl-on-girl shows for fraudsters and also performed sex acts on some of the men
Referring to another party two months earlier she added: “11pm Churchill Hotel, Portman Square W1. Drink G/G/G show songs, sex strap-on toys stockings classy.”
Mills also treated Scourfield to business-class trips to Bangkok, Moscow and Barbados, a six-star, all-inclusive Med cruise and the use of an Amex credit card.
A £2million, 100ft yacht called Powder Monkey was also purchased, along with properties around the world.
Prosecutor Brian O’Neill in his closing speech more than four months into the trial told the trial at Southwark Corn Court  the bankers caused HBOS to lose $310 million.
Mr O’Neill said: “Their motivation was greed.
“This took the form of money transfers, cash, expensive gifts, use of an American Express card for personal spending, unauthorised and inappropriately lavish hospitality, luxurious foreign travel and sexual encounters with high class escorts.”
 Lynden Scourfield2.jpg
Lynden Scourfield pleaded guilty in 2016 to offences related to the fraud
Little gane: Porn star Suzie,said that Scourfield had a hairy back and suffered from premature ejaculation.jpg
No game: porn star Suzie Best, said that’ Danny Devito look alike’  Scourfield, had a hairy back and suffered from premature ejaculation 
Mark Dobson1.jpgMark Dobson was found guilty of conspiracy to corrupt and conspiracy to conceal criminal property, was handed a 4-and-half-year prison sentence
Michael Bancrof1.jpgMichael Bancroft convicted for his part inthe multi-million loan scam between 2003 and 2007 will spend a decade in jail
John Cartwright2.jpg
John Cartwright was convicted of fraudulent trading and conspiracy to conceal criminal property sill serve three and half years behind bars

HBOS scam victims call for bank reimbursement

Chicken farmer Justin Riggs, saw his $470,000 loan balloon to $483,000 after three years, despite having paid thousands in fees and charges.
JRiggs, 56, of Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire, said: “I almost went bankrupt. I’d ordered 3,000 more chickens, but couldn’t afford the feed. I had to cancel the order and slaughter the 12,000 birds I had.
“No one wants to sell land but under pressure I had to. It annihilated my business.”

The HBO scm structure.jpg

Nikki and Paul Turner started a record label, but ran up massive debts after falling for the fraud.
The couple, from Peterborough, wanted to borrow £200,000 for their start-up, but Scourfield lent them more than $1.06million
As they struggled under the debt, they were advised to use David Mills’ firm to help “turn around” the business.

Instead they paid $81,500 in fees while being handed poor advice, meaning the company’s debt eventually thit a staggering $1.25million.
Nikki, 46, called for the bank to compensate them. She said: “What happened at HBOS Reading was fraud on an industrial scale and its perpetrators caused immense distress to us and many others. “It feels like we have been serving a prison sentence for the last 13 years now they’ll know how we feel.”
Bristol-based engineering company Bradman Lake Group footed the bill for some of Scourfield’s trips and ended up going bust owing HBOS $45.1million.  Tie manufacturer tie-maker Theros almost $26.3million.
Another company, Clode, was left with debts of more than $25.6million and
Porn mag publishers Remnant, who supplied girls for the banker’s parties, were left owing $20.4million.

Meanwhile, Mills’ firm Quayside Corporate Services was hammering their targeted businesses with hefty fees and expenses, forcing many to go bust.
HBOS, which left British taxpayers with almost $26billion bill during the 2008 credit crunch,eventually wrote off debts estimated at $310 million [£245million].
However, sources close to the investigation say the total value of the fraud could be close to $1.25billion. The scandal came to light during a six-year probe believed to be the most complex in Thames Valley Police’s history.


It was revealed that Scourfield had pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to corrupt, one count of money laundering and four counts of fraudulent trading on August 12 last year.
Scourfield, of Greenford, West London, has been on remand in prison ever since while Mills, his wife.
Alison Mills, 51, fellow consultant Michael Bancroft, 73, and HBOS banker Mark Dobson, 56, went on trial.
They were convicted after a four-and-a-half month trial at London’s Southwark crown court.
They were found guilty of offences including conspiracy to corrupt, fraudulent trading and conspiracy to conceal criminal property.
Accountant John Cartwright, 72, was found guilty of conspiracy to conceal criminal property but Jonathan Cohen, 57, was cleared of involvement in the conspiracy.


Michael Bancroft’s home in York.jpgMichael Bancroft’s home 

David Mills house in Portugal.jpg
David and Allison Mills bought this home in Portugal

The court documents stated that Scourfield had worked as a director of impaired assets for HBOS based in Reading, Berkshire. As the insider man, he appointed Mills’ firm Quayside Corporate Services, where Bancroft and Cartwright also worked, to administer bank loans to companies in financial difficulty between 2003 and 2007.
It was to prove a mutually beneficial arrangement.
Prosecutor Brian O’Neill told the trial: “Scourfield advanced huge sums to the businesses, and ¬continued to do so well past the point when it would have been obvious to any honest banker that the bank debt could and would never be repaid.”
He added: “Lynden Scourfield was the goose who was laying golden eggs. David Mills just had to keep feeding him and feed him he did.”
The prosecution said that Mills and his wife Alison, from Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire cycled more than $31 million through their personal accounts.
Mrs Mills also played an active role in the scheme, inviting Dobson and Scourfield and his wife Jacqueline to trips to Ascot racecourse.

Plush . . . the home where Mills livedThe fruits: Michael Mills home
Expensive autos outside Bancroft’s luxury home.jpgExpensive autos line outside Bancroft’s country home

Scourfield and Bancroft and their spouses also celebrated her 40th birthday in Barbados.
Mrs Mills ran many of her husband’s companies and Scourfield’s colleague Dobson was responsible for two high-risk accounts on behalf of HBOS.
Cartwright, of Hyde, Cheshire, also received $251,000 for his role in the fraudulent trading at textile company Magenta.
Bancroft, from Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire, who was dubbed Mills’ “man on the ground”, received “around $1.25million” in direct payments.
Many of the businesses loaned money went bankrupt.
Police CommissionerAnthony Stansfeld Thames Valley Police, describing the scheme said: “[The] conspirators embarked on a spending spree involving yachts in the Mediterranean, villas in Barbados and Majorca, prostitutes, overseas bank accounts, and a general high life.
“This has been at the expense of the shareholders of the bank, and many medium and small companies which have been bankrupted and ruined. Little will be recovered.”
Bancroft, 73, was jailed for 10 years, Mark Dobson, 56, for four-and-a-half years, and John Cartwright, 72, for three-and-a-half years for their parts in the in the fraud.
Mills’s wife Alison, 51, also played a major role in the corruption and was sentenced to three and a half years.
They are all due to be sentenced on Thursday. Scourfield’s accountant, Jonathan Cohen, 57, was acquitted of fraudulent trading and conspiracy to conceal criminal property.

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