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Former Milwaukee cop Steven Zelich, admits murdering two women, stuffing their bodies in suitcases and dumping them on the highway; Jailed 60 years

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Former Milwaukee cop, Steven Zelich, 55,  pled guilty on Friday to killing a woman in Minnesota and leaving her body, stuffed in a suitcase along a rural Wisconsin highway
Zelich of West Allis, Wisconsin,was convicted of second-degree murder, in the 2013 killing of Laura Simonson and sentenced to 25 years in prison
The suspect had earlier received a 35 years sentence in Wisconsin for the 2012 death of 19-year-old Jenny Gamez, of Cottage Grove, Oregon
Zelich who allegedly,  met both women online, choked them at hotels during sexual encounters, hid their bodies in suitcases and dumped them along the same Wisconsin highway
Former  Milwaukee police officer  Steven Zelich [left] was senetenced a total of 60 years for murdering two different women he met online and dumping the bodies on a highway
Laura Simonson was murdered by the rogue ex-cop in 2013

An emotional Judge Pamela King choked back tears as she addressed the defendant during sentencing, reminding of the loss and pain he had inflicted the victims’ families:
“Mr. Zelich, a human life is not something to be played with,” King told the former police officer. “Laura Simonson was loved and valued by those who called her mom, sister, daughter and friend.”
‘While the 25-year prison term will never bring Simonson back or replace her,’ the judge told Zelich “you’re going to remain in prison long enough that no other woman will be harmed at your hands.”
William Wright, the public defender representing the defendant told the court his client is “very deeply remorseful” and that he pleaded guilty to avoid further traumatizing the Victim’s family.
“He takes responsibility and has cooperated throughout the process,” Wright said.
Zelich declined comment to the judge, saying his attorney “has expressed my feelings.”
He will serve the Minnesota sentence after completing his Wisconsin sentence.
Some members of the Simonsen family were unhappy that Zelich did not receive the maximum sentence of 40 years. Her daughter Sarah, called her mother’s killer  “a monster.”
“While he rots in a cell, maybe he’ll realize what kind of pain and suffering he’s brought to so many people,” 18-year-old Sarah Simonson said.

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