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Two Texas high schoolers charged with plotting to poison assistant principal

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High schooler Shelbi Grace Gill, 17, arrested Thursday, charged with making a terroristic threat in a conspiracy with pal Kelly Lynn Praytor
Lynn Praytor, 17, was arrested earlier on Jan 30, in a murder by poison plot against a school official
A substitute teacher overheard the duo plotting ways to kill the school administrator at the Lorena High School in Waco,Texas 
The girls allegedly, turned on the school’s assistant principal after he cited one of them for leaving campus during school without permission
School administrators were fearful of the threat because of the degree of planning for the assault
Praytor and Gill both charged with making a terroristic threat
Face up to 180 days in county jail and $2000 fine
Kelly Lynn Praytor1.png
Kelly Lynn Praytor  was arrested Jan 30, for plotting to poison their Lorena High School assistant principal in January 2017 in Waco, Texas

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