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No breaks for Turkish woman abducted by a Yemeni man following fatal Mecca ‘Tunnel Tragedy’ 27 years ago; she faces death by stoning for adultery if she returns to her family who have tracked her down

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‘Why is the draconian yardstick appropriate here?’     

Turkish woman kidnapped by a bin man following fatal Mecca pilgrim crush in the summer of 1990, now trapped between two husbands
Faces death by stoning for adultery after her family tracked her down 27 years later 
Fahire Kara was on pilgrimage to Mecca with her husband Abdoulla on July 2, 1990
The couple were separated during a massive crush which claimed 1,426 lives
A Yemeni binman kidnapped the critically injured Fahire Kara and took her home
The abductor forced her to have three children while she was locked up in his home  
fahire-kara4Fahire Kara a turkish Hajj pilgrim was torn away from her husband and children by a kidnapper,27 years ago. Her Yemeni abductor made her his wife and they now have three children. She has been told to chose death in returning to her ‘real’ husband or give up the ‘kidnapper’ husband for execution, if she desires to reunite with her family in Turkey

Surviving the tragic Mecca Hajj ‘Tunnel Tragedy’ of  summer 1990, which claimed hundreds of lives turned out to be the begining of a nightmare for a Turkish mother of 12. She was torn away from her family by a kidnapper on that day, 27 years ago. Now she is being charged with adultery [while in captivity] and faces the dilemma of choosing a painful death by stoning after her real family tracked her down.
Fahire Kara, had travelled from her home in Batman, Turkey on pilgrimmage with her husband Abdoullah to Mecca. However on July 2, 1990, the joy and peace of a worshipping in the truest form of their religion turned to sadness for ever, as that would be their last day as a couple.
As thousands of pilgrims passed through a tunnel linking the Grand Mosque with the Mina Desert, a panic began, leading to a stampede. A total of 1,426 people were crushed to death or asphyxiated, including almost 450 Turks.
Her husband searched recovered bodies of the dead and the dying to find his wife who was seriously injured and saying the Muslim creed to cleanse her soul. Abdoullah never did find his wife.

When Abdoulla himself was released from hospital he went searching for his wife.  Despite scouring hospitals and morgues he could not locate her. He returned home without his his spouse, dead or alive and mourned her.
The story as it has emerged is that Fahire kara was kidnapped by a Yemeni binman in the amidst the chaos and confusion, kidnapped Fahire and instead of taking her to hospital, he brought her to a house in Medina where she was locked up.
The kidnapper kept Fahire locked her up for six years, and turned her into his wife. The only time during that period she was allowed out of the building was to deliver his three children.
According to EuroNews, the kidnap victim eventually became aware that her family had been looking for her after hearing about the story of a missing Turkish woman.
However, her quest to see the husband and 12 children she left behind has hit a big snag as the Saudi Authorities warned of dire consequence if she were to return home to her family in Turkey.


The scene of the ‘Tunnel tragedy’  which left Fahire Kara severly injured and her family life in tartters, 27 years ago. Muslim pilgrims at some point during the Hajj pass through this tunnel to a spot where they perform a cleansing ceremony called ‘Stoning the devil’

The Pilgrimage site in Mecca.jpg
Fahire Kara was critically injured and separated from her husband during the incident outside the Grand Mosque in Mecca [photo], in July 1990 and has spent the past 27 years being held by her ‘kidnapper’ Yemeni husband
 Fahire is faced with the dilemma of two equally repugnant choices mandated by Saudi authorities – her life or the life of her kidnapper husband, if she chooses to move forward with reuniting with her family. She can either:

Denounce her kidnapper, which would mean drawing a sentence of public execution on the father of her three youngest children.
Else, admit to adultery, which would subject her to a punishment of stoning to death.
It is understood Turkish diplomats are working on the case to try and see the woman returned home without anyone being killed.


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