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Carjackers kill Houston mother in front of kids and husband after fender bender; Edward Scott tailed a car that hit him, when he caught up the driver opened fire on his family who were in the vehicle with him

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29-year-old mother of two  killed by Carjackers in Houston, Texas on Monday night
Jessica Lynn Mills was shot in the back sitting in the car with her kids and husband Edward Scott, after a fender bender
Scott was driving when the hijacked Jeep Commander the shooters were driving hit them and sped off
He trailed them to a parking lot, where the thieves turned and shot into his car, killing his wife Lynn
No arrests, cops looking for two black male suspects aged between 16 and 20
Police said Edward Scott [photo] imperiled the lives of his wife and children when he went after the hijackers

Houston man Edward Scott was following a hit-and-run suspect when the driver opened fire on his vehicle, killing his wife. Investigators are still looking for the shooter and his passenger.
Jessica Lynn Mills a 29-year-old mother  of two young daughters was shot and killed after their father followed two young men in a Jeep commander that had slammed into his own explorer moments before.
KHOU reported a statement from Houston police that the incident started when the driver of a gray Jeep commander was carjacked, the robbers sped off in the stolen vehicle and moments later were involved in a minor traffic incident with Edward Scott, who had been driving with his family in a white Ford Explorer, Monday night.

the-stolen-jeep-used-in-houston-carjacking-shooting-of-jessica-lynn-millsPolice put out the make and tags for the stolen vehicle used by the youths in their rampage

When the suspects did not stop, Scott said he followed the SUV in the hope of getting a license plate number. He tailed them into the parking lot of a strip mall and pulled up alongside of them when someone inside the jeep opened fire on his family.
Scott’s wife, Jessica, who was sitting in the passenger seat at the time, was shot in the back and died a short while later in a local in the hospital. The couple had two daughters, a 4-year-old and the youngest who is just one four months old. Both girls were in the SUV when their mother was shot.
It was reported that no one else was injured in the fatal incident.

scotts-ford-explorer1After the fender bender Scott said he tailed the two fleeing young men into the parking lot of a strip mall and pulled up alongside of them. The driver opened fire on them from inside the jeep

“I mean she was the love of my life, we were together 10 years. I’ve known her since middle school,” Scott told KHOU. “She was everything, she meant the world to me. She was my best friend, she was my soul mate, she was the mother of my children, she was everything that I could hope for in life.
“There will never be another one of her. Without her I feel kind of lost.”
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Police said they have not made any arrests and are still searching for the suspects. Officers added victims of a hit-and-run should try to get as much information as possible, but avoid following suspects.
Houston Police spokesperson Jodi Silva called Mill’s death a “very tragic turn of events.”

scotts-ford-explorer2Photo shows the shattered Explorere window after Jessica Lynn Mills was fatally shot in front of her children and husband, sitting inside the family car

“In a situation where you know somebody has fled a scene, you should always call it in to police and let us handle the situation.” In situations like, this she said:  “Get a good description of the car and a good description of a suspect … we never encourage citizens to chase suspects.”
Police described the suspects in the fatal Monday incidents as two “very young” black males between the ages of 16 and 20. They were last seen driving a gray Jeep Commander with plates reading CN5X057.
Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact the Houston Police Department Homicide Division.


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