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Can someone tell this man to quit his baseless claims! Disgraced ex-Baylor coach, Dave Bliss , calls murdered Baylor player Patrick Dennehy, a drug dealer, was ‘the worst’

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Coach who framed slain player as drug dealer sticks to his allegations in new Showtime documentary
Disgraced former Baylor basketball coach,Dave Bliss repeats unfounded allegation that player he was dinged for paying his tuition was a thug
Bliss claims college authorities knew Patrick Dennehy, sold drugs to all the white guys on campus
Described Dennehy, murdered by a team mate in Waco, Texas as ‘the worst’ 
Dennehy was shot him twice in the head,  by teammate Carlton Dotson, in 2003
Dotson is serving a 35-year prison sentence for the crime

Disgraced ex-Baylor basketball coach Dave Bliss again claims that a murdered former player was a drug dealer before he was shot and killed by a teammate.
Showtime is airing a documentary “Disgraced,”  which is about the 2003 murder of Baylor basketball player Patrick Dennehy and the ex-coach’s attempt to cover up that he was paying for the slain player’s scholarship. in a mystifying fashion, Bliss has stuck to his version of the truth, despite the absence of any shred of evidence to support the insidious allegations.

Patrick Dennehy3.jpg21-year-old newly recruited Baylor basketball player, Patrick Dennehy, was murdered by teammate Carlton Dotson
Carlton Dotson1.jpgCarlton Dotson was convicted for shooting Patrick Dennehy twice in the head

“We can get out of this. There’s nobody right now that can say that we paid Pat Dennehy. Because he’s dead.”
Five days after the death of 21-year-old  college basketball player,Patrick Dennehy in 2003,  the coach who had just recruited him to the school, former Baylor University men’s basketball coach Dave Bliss was caught fabricating a plot to smear the dead student to save his own hide.
Bliss infamously told his players to say Dennehy was dealing drugs. The newly recruited player was found dead in a grass clearing outside of Waco, Texas. murdered by his teammate in 2003.
Bliss was worried authorities would discover he had paid Dennehy’s tuition and car down payment, in a clear violation of NCAA rules. So he opted to portray the dead player as a drug dealer to conceal the transactions and save his own skin.
Bliss, who resigned at Baylor in 2003 after it was determined that he fabricated the drug-dealing story to avoid owning up to his misdeeds, again is insisting he didn’t make up anything.

Carlton Dotson2.jpgCarlton Dotson  is serving a 35-year sentence for the murder

Bliss said of the murdered student athlete: “[Dennehy] was selling drugs. He sold to all the white guys on campus,” said Bliss, who thought his comments were off-camera. “…He was the worst.”
While Waco law enforcement said in the documentary that no one saw Dennehy sell drugs, Bliss, who now coaches at Southwestern Christian University in Oklahoma, doubled down on his claims, even saying in a separate interview that Dennehy was doing drugs.
“He failed numerous drug tests,”in an interview with the Houston Chronicle:  “I let his parents know when he failed those tests. Things escalated from there. All I did was repeat what players told me. I stand by what I said.”
Speaking with CBS Sports Bliss said the story of Baylor’s turmoil needed to be told accurately.
“I’ve got no reason not to tell the truth,” said Bliss, who claims both Baylor administration and law enforcement knew Dennehy was a drug dealer.
In 2003, Dennehy was murdered by teammate Carlton Dotson, who shot him twice in the head. Dotson is serving a 35-year prison sentence.
The NCAA punished Bliss with a 10-year show-cause order for his actions after an assistant coach recorded Bliss’ orders to cover up paying Dennehy to come to the school, which forced the coach to come clean.
“Disgraced” airs on Showtime later in March.

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