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Tragic! who is to blame for his baby’s life? Antonia Lopez, Nebraska teen girl who killed her baby by throwing her out of a window, avoids jail time

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Nebraska teen who killed newborn by throwing baby out the window, avoids jail time  
Antonia Lopez, 16, threw her infant daughter from an second-floor window minutes after going into labor at an Omaha, Neb.,  apt around 4 a.m. on Sep 30, 2016
She was charged with felony child abuse resulting in death
Lopez, of Omaha, Nebraska, took a plea deal that will put her on detention at home, Feb 1, Submitting  to drug testing and a psychiatric evaluation
The case was transferred to juvenile court in Jan 
Judges ordered Lopez into a group home instead, to delete Facebook account
A Nebraska teenager who killed her premature baby girl by tossing the newborn out a second story window was ordered to delete her Facebook account, and somehow avoided jail time.
Antonia Lopez gave birth in the early hours of Sept. 30, 2016 at her apartment in theKellom-Knolls apartment complex.  After throwing the baby out a second-floor window, Lopez told her mother what she had done.
The teen appears to be getting off with a slap on the wrist for a very serious crime, but Douglas County Juvenile Court Judge Christopher Kelly said Antonia Lopez who faced sentencing as a juvenile, will not be facing any time behind bars, the Omaha World Herald reported.
Lopez, 16, was instead ordered to delete her Facebook account, live in a group home, start individual and family therapy and perform 50 hours of community service. The teen was also placed on probation.
According to the outlet, the judge wanted the teen to get rid of her Facebook because the crime has led to people from around the country leaving her negative comments.

Antonia Lopez threw her newborn daughter out the window of her apt1.jpgAntonia Lopez threw her minutes-old daughter out the window of her second-floor apt

Lopez admitted in February to throwing her newborn daughter out the window of her Kellom-Knolls Apartment complex on Sept. 30.
Disturbed Nebraska teenager tells boyfriend their baby is a girl right after tossing her newborn infant out window
Cops and emergency personnel responding to the apartment complex around 4 a.m. after receiving multiple calls about an infant tossed from a window, found an adult female performing CPR on a lifeless infant in the apartment complex parking lot. The baby was rushed into an ambulance, but died on the way to an area hospital. The disheveled would-be mother was also taken to the hospital.
Interviews with the teen revealed that she had been asleep and alone in her room when she unexpectedly went into labor. In a fit of panic, the girl threw the infant out of her window before telling her mother what had happened.
Police said after the 16-year-old committed the crime, she told her mother what she did. Lopez also sent a Snapchat message to her boyfriend informing him that the baby was a girl.
Lopez’s mom called 911 a little after 4 a.m. the day of the incident and performed CPR on the newborn until paramedics arrived.
Less than 24 hours after being rescued from unspeakable abuse, a mother and…
Both Lopez and the baby were taken to Creighton University Medical Center, where the baby was pronounced dead.
An autopsy revealed that the baby girl had suffered bleeding near her brain, skull, abdomen and spine, Omaha World Herald reported.
The pathologist also determined that the baby was alive when the incident happened. Lopez had told police that she thought she had given birth to a stillborn.
“The child wasn’t a stillborn,” Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said.
Omaha authorities at the time said Lopez was going to be charged as an adult with felony child abuse resulting in death.
Lopez told investigators that she did not know she was pregnant.
The DA’s office appeared to agree with her statemen. “It wasn’t a planned-out, thought-out process. It was more of a panicked reaction,” Don Kleine told the Omaha World-Herald, at the time.
However, the teen mother’s boyfriend disputed her claim that she didn’t know she was pregnant.
According to him they started dating in January 2016 and had sex in February. The boyfriend told police that he had urged Lopez to tell her mother about the pregnancy and seek a doctor for the unborn baby, but she didn’t.
In the early morning hours when she was in labor, Lopez reportedly, sent her boyfriend several text messages and one photo through Snapchat.
12:56 a.m.: “Babe I’m having contractions in my lower abs every couple seconds. It hurts so much.”

Antonia Lopez threw her newborn daughter out the window of her apt2.jpg Police tape cordons off the crime scene atKallom knolls apartment comples, Omaha, Nebraska on October 1, 2016

The Judge appeared to vacate an earlier plea agreement for Lopez, who entered a plea of admission at the Douglas County Juvenile court that was to see her being supervised under a probation officer at her home,according to KMTV, the deal included alcohol and drug testing, psychiatric evaluation, school attendance, electronic monitoring and other rules compliance in order to successfully complete her sentence.
However, WSB-TV Atlanta reported that Lopez was ordered to live in a group home because judges aren’t sure she or her family understands the severity of the crime. Her attorney, Rebecca McClung, did confirm that Lopez does understand and is trying to deal with what happened.
“The mother is coping the best she can,” McClung said. “The grandmother is coping the best she can.”
Initially charged as an adult with felony child abuse resulting in death, the teen mother was potentially facing 20 years in prison. In February, her case was however, transferred to juvenile court after her mental state and lack of criminal record were considered
The picture that emerged was the portrait of a troubled youth with authority issues. On her Facebook page Lopez identifies herself as a Central High student.
Her family filed nine missing person reports for her within a span of four months back in 2015. later that year, Lopez and another teen were accused of shoplifting cellphone cases from an Omaha Walmart store and concealing them in a pink purse. When confronted, both girls refused to give information to authorities, including their real names. Transfered to a  youth center, the girls remained uncooperative until a cellphone began to ring from a purse. A staff member answered, and the caller, who was the mother of one of the girls, identified both teens.
Lopez was sentenced to at least six months of probation on charges of theft by unlawful taking and false information. Her juvenile review hearing for that case was scheduled for Dec. 15.


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