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Double tragedy for one Chicago family; 4 men gunned down in a fast food restaurant, including 2 brothers, cops believe killings are gang related

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Mom watches as two sons are gunned down inside a restaurant on   Chicago’s South Shore Wednesday
Dillon Jackson, 20, was found dead outside the restaurant. His brother, Raheem Jackson, 19, was found against the tree.
Two other men, Emmanuel Stokes, 28, and Edwin Davis, 32, also gunned down inside the restaurant
Cops believe shootings is payback for another gang-related killing
Mother of Raheem and Dillon Jackson being comforted near the scene where four people, including her sons, were fatally shot in Chicago's South Shore neighborhood on March 30, 20172.jpgShe lost both of her sons to a lone gunman. The mother of  Raheem and Dillon Jackson being comforted after she watched her sons being gunned down from the restaurant window in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago, Wednesday

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