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Eric Browser who shot his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend and their two daughters goes for ‘The SALT defense’! Claims low sodium levels triggered his killing rampage

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 ‘Salt made me do it’ – I must say it has taken all of four years to craft this novel defense for quadruple homicide

Quadruple murderer who shot his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend and their two daughters claims low sodium levels triggered his killing rampage
Erbie Bowser, 48, is on trial in the killings of four women, including his girlfriend and his estranged wife, while injuring four children in two attacks at homes in Dallas and DeSoto, Texas on Aug 7, 2013
He first opened fire on his girlfriend Toya Smith, 43, and her 17-year-ol daughter Tasmin Allen 
Bowser, 48, then drove to the home of his ex-wife Zina Bowser, 47,  shot both her and her 28-year-old daughter Neima Williams, to death
Smith’s 14-year-old son Storm was shot but survived as did two young boys in Zina’s home who were also injured
The army veteran from Dallas, Texas, had earlier been diagnosed with PTSD despite never serving in a combat zone
He was honorably discharged from the US Army in 2000 for being overweight, and was working as a special needs teacher at the time of the murders
Doctors at his capital murder trial say the condition combined with low sodium levels and other brain injuries provided the ‘perfect storm’ of mental deficiencies
Bowser on trial for four counts of capital murder has  pled not guilty by reason of insanity  
Faces death penalty if convicted

Erbie Bowser2.jpgErbie Bowser1 Discharged vet, Erbie Bowser [photo], claims low sodium levels in his body caused him to drive between the homes of the women in his life, shoot 8 people killing 4 in the process in a murderous rampage in Texas on August of 2013.
Browser’s attorneys called medical experts who testified that the  low sodium levels in his body triggered the quadruple murderer to kill his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend and their two women’s daughters.

Bowser, a veteran and former Mavericks ManiAAC, is on trial in the killings of four women, including his girlfriend and his estranged wife, and the injuring of four children in two attacks at homes in Dallas and DeSoto on Aug. 7, 2013.
Erbie Bowser killed his former wife Zina Bowser, her daughter Neima Williams, his ex-girlfriend Toya Smith and her daughter Tasmin Allen, in Dallas, Texas, in 2013.
Four other children were injured in the shootings.  The
The 48-year-old veteran pleaded not guilty by way of insanity to four counts of capital murder last month.
His attorneys called on medical experts, Tuesday to testify that a chemical imbalance in his brain brewed a ‘perfect storm’ of factors which compelled the 6ft 7in man to kill.

Toya Smith, 43, [right] and her daughter Tasmin Allen, 17, [left] and Smith's 14-year-old son Storm [center] .jpg
 Bowser kicked off his killing spree by gunning down his current girlfriend Toya Smith,  [right] and her teenage daughter Tasmin Allen, [left]  Smith’s 14-year-old son Storm [sitting]  was also injured but survived 

He had already been diagnosed with PTSD from his time in the army despite never participating in combat, and also had lesions on his brain from playing football as a youth, at the time he murdered his erstwhile loved ones.
Doctors who treated Browser after the quadruple homicide, said he arrived at hospital after the shootings low levels of sodium which may have been caused by prescription drugs.
Low sodium levels can cause increased water to build up and lead to brain swelling which is known to trigger confusion and exhaustion.
The sodium levels piled on to an already dangerous combination of medical conditions and sent him in to a state of ‘delirium’, the ‘expert’ witnesses said.
One expert described it as ‘a neuro-behavioral perfect storm that gave rise to this tragic event,’ Dallas News reports.

Bowser's 47-year-old ex-wife Zina.jpg

Bowser’s 47-year-old ex-wife Zina Bowser [photo] died in his shooting rampage

On August 7, 2013, Bowser opened fire on Toya Smith, 43, at her family home in Dallas, Texas.  She died alongside her 17-year-old daughter, Tasmin Allen.  Her son was also shot as was a friend who was visiting the house at the time. Both survived.
After killing his ex-girlfriend and her teen daughter, injuring every one else in the home in the process, Bowser drove to his ex-wife’s home and opened fire.
Bowser’s 47-year-old ex-wife Zina and her 28-year-old daughter Neima Williams  were also killed. After killing his first two victims, Bowser drove to the home of his ex-wife Zina Bowser in Desoto.
He used an explosives device to blow open the front door before opening fire on those inside. Bowser also shot Smith’s son, Storm Malone, and her daughter’s friend Dasmine Mitchell at the Dallas house. At Zina Bowser’s Desoto home he shot, Chris and Myles White, Zina Bowser’s sons.
All four surviving victims testified in court that Bowser was the person who shot them.

Bowser's 47-year-old ex-wife Zina's 28-year-old daughter Neima Williams.jpg
Bowser also shot and killed Neima Williams, his ex-wife’s daughter

Military service and repeated concussions playing football damaged Erbie Lee Bowser’s brain so severely he was in an altered mental state when he killed four women and seriously wounded four children, his defense attorney told the court.
His attorneys previously said he was acting out a ‘military delusion’ when he committed the killings. Bowser, who had danced for the Dallas Mavericks in the past, was suffering PTSD at the time.
He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 2000 for being overweight.
Despite telling his family that he’d served overseas and been given the Purple Heart, military records showed he never fought and was only ever lauded for his marksmanship.

Police found Broser at his ex-wife's home after the shootings .jpg Police activity at the crime scene as they investigate Bowsers hideout, his ex-wife’s home

Police found the suspect  at his ex-wife’s home after the shootings. Zina, 47, died as did her 28-year-old daughter Neima Williams.  Two young boys who were inside the home were also injured but survived.

Bowser was arrested at the scene of the second shooting and was taken to hospital to be evaluated. Police said he was in a ‘catatonic’ state afterwards and tried to charge at them twice while in custody.
He was charged with four counts of capital murder in the days that followed.
Before her death, his ex-wife Zina told those close to her how the 6ft 7in special needs teacher had once strangled her in his sleep.
He has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. If convicted, Bowser could face the death penalty.




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