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Fugitive sex offender, Tyleeb Reese, surrenders to police after 35 hour standoff in New Jersey! Bystander caught in crossfire killed, three officers injured

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Bystander is killed and three cops injured in 35 hour standoff with New Jersey sex offender
Fugitive sex offender Tyleeb Reese, 35, opened fire on police at 6.20am on Wednesday in Trenton, New Jersey 
They had come to arrest him for sexual assault when he opened fire on them 
Robert Powell Jr., a 56-year-old who lived nearby, was killed in the crossfire
Reese retreated in to the home afterwards and is still barricaded inside
At 11pm on Wednesday night, he opened fire again injuring three police officers
The Mercer County Sheriff’s officers were taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries  
Tyleeb Reese [hands on head] surrenders to police, Thursday2Tyleeb Reese surrenders to SWAT, shirtless, hands behind his head after a 35-hour standoff

A Trenton, New Jersey man was arrested Thursday evening after keeping police at bay for more than 35 hours in a tense standoff in South Trenton that left one local resident dead and three police officers injured.
Tyleeb Reese exited a home on the 300 block of Centre Street shirtless at 5 p.m. and immediately was taken into custody.  For over 24 hours, police negotiators had communicated with Reese through a loud speaker.
At 4:40 p.m. Thursday, he dialed the Trenton police dispatch center and told 911 operators he was going to surrender, officials said.

A bystander has been killed and three police officers injured by a gunman who has barricaded himself inside a home in Trenton, New Jersey. The innocent man is seen (right) hiding behind a car as officers point their guns at the home on Wednesday morning moments before he was shot Richard powell Jr. is seen (right) hiding behind a car as officers point their guns at the home on Wednesday morning moments before he was shot
Robert Powell Jr is shot2.pngMoments later he is shot by Reese [left], and can ben seen dragging himself to safety [right] during standoff with police. The innocent bystander died from his injuries
Richard Powell Jr. is shown above crawling towards police officers at around 6.20am on Wednesday morning. He was caught up in their standoff with gunman Tyleeb Reese as he walked past the property while they tried to arrest Reese for sexual assault.

When asked what he wants, he told them he wanted to go to heaven, according to CBS.
Shocking footage recorded by a neighbor showed the first gunfire in which Powell Jr. was hit.
He lay motionless on the street behind a car while police fired back at Reese before frantically dragging his body out of the crossfire when the bullets stopped.
SWAT teams dressed in riot gear remain at the scene with a negotiator who is trying to coax Reese out of the home.

Robert Powell Jr156-year-old Robert Powell Jr. [right], a father-of-six was caught in the crossfire. He died from his injuries

The shooter, Tyleeb Reese is wanted by officers from the US Marshals New Jersey regional fugitive task force who went to the home to serve a warrant for a sexual assault arrest on Wednesday morning.
Authorities have not revealed how long he had been on the run from them for beforehand.
In 2010, he was jailed after admitting sexual misconduct with a child. Three years later, he returned to jail for just over a month for not registering as a sex offender, The Trentonian reports.  The details of his most recent alleged crime is yet tobe released,

Richard Powell Jr.4Caught in the crossfire: Robert Powell Jr. was shot as he lay on the ground behind two cards on the street outside the home 

Richard Powell Jr.5.jpgFootage captured by a neighbor showed police dragging the man’s body away afterwards.

They sent a cell phone attached to a police robot inside the home to communicate with him earlier in the day.  Reese then made a request  for medical help to treat a leg injury after the second round of gunfire which was turned down.

Police sealed off the area.jpgOfficers blocked traffic on the residential road on Wednesday afternoon 
Police remove a woman from nexr door.jpgOfficers remove a middleaged woman from a neighboring house as the seige continued
Police robot delivers cell phone to Reese2Negotiators sent a cell phone in to the gunman with a robot on Wednesday to open communication

Reese simply did not want to return to prison. explained former girlfriend, Shawntae Carmichael-Livingstone: “‘He is a good person, this is a mental health issue. He snapped,” she said, revealing that he is a father to one child with another woman.
“He didn’t want to return to jail, period,” Ms Carmichael-Livingstone added.
Shawntae who claimed to have spoken to Reese on the phone since he barricaded himself inside the home, on Thursday afternoon, said: “He wants people to know black lives matter,” she added as the standoff lasted.

reese's neigbors react2.jpgNeighbors observe events unfold  from outside a police perimeter around thebarricaded home on Wednesday
Riot police establish operational base next door to where Reese has barricaded himself in NJ Wednesday.png
SWAT establish a foothold in a house next door to the where Reese has barricaded himself  Anri riot police swarmed the area2.jpgOther officers were seen running through alley ways near the home carrying large weapons

Negotiators, using the loud speaker, pleaded for Reese to surrender peacefully, bringing up numerous topics and offers, from cigarettes and medical aid for his leg, to his teenage son – in an attempt to get him to emerge from the row house.
At 4 p.m. Thursday, the police tactics changed, which seemed to have broken his resolve. A tactical police vehicle called a Rook arrived from the Pennsylvania State Police and it lifted several cars from in front of the house and deposited them down the street, exposing his location.
“It was a collaborative effort with multiple agencies,” Trooper Lawrence Peele said.
Reese is a convicted sex offender who also has charges of eluding police and interfering with officers attempting to make an arrest, court records and previous reports show.


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