Police detectives presented evidence which on Thursday led to Coppock’s indictment on  bribery.
Coppock, 33, a nine-year veteran of  the department, was notified on April 11 about the administrative investigation.
A criminal investigation into Coppock was also initiated, according to the news release.
As the two investigations unfolded, evidence was uncovered causing the police chief to require Coppock on May 1 to surrender his badge and duty weapon. He was placed on non-enforcement status and reassigned to the station.
Investigators, KHOU-TV reported, viewed screenshots of online conversations which they described as “coercive.”
After being presented with all the facts from the investigation, the police chief indefinitely suspended Coppock on May 17  from the police department — the equivalent to his dismissal.
Baytown police detectives also presented their findings and evidence supporting allegations against Coppock to the Harris County District Attorney’s office.
The police department said Coppock’s actions are “not reflective of the other men and women” of the  police department who “proudly serve with integrity and honor.
“Officers who do not reflect these standards will “not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly and in accordance with the law,”  the department said in a press release.