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Canadian ‘Angel of death’ former nurse, Elizabeth Wettlaufer pleads guilty to murder of 8 patients – told Ontario court her “urge to kill,” was spurred by growing rage over her job and her life

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Nurse turned serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer, pled guilty to 8 counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of nursing home residents in Canadian court
Wettlaufer, 49, admitted killing eight seniors and hurting six others because she was angry with her career and her life’s responsibilities
She claimed her growing rage over her job and her life spurred an “urge to kill” 
The killings occurred between 2007 and 2014 at three Ontario long-term care facilities and at a private home
The serial killer nurse who worked the night shift, from 11 pm to 7 am, was the boss as the only registered nurse on site, she would deliberately over medicate her victims
Toronto authorities began investigating Wettlaufer Sept 2016, after becoming aware of information she’d given to a psychiatric hospital 
She was charged in the deaths of eight residents at nursing homes in Woodstock and London, Ont. in Oct, 2016
Police allege Wettlaufer used drugs to kill the seniors while she worked at the long term care facilities
Jan 2017, the former nurse faced additional charges related to 6 seniors in her care. whom she admitted injecting with insulin


Elizabeth Wettlaufer6.jpgA Former Ontario nurse, Elizabeth Wettlaufer [photo], pled guilty Thursday to first-degree murder in the deaths of eight nursing home residents in one of the worst serial-killer cases in Canadian history.
Elizabeth Wettlaufer also pleaded guilty to four counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated assault.
The 49-year-old, who appeared in a Woodstock, Ontario, courtroom, admitted to killing eight seniors and hurting six others in part because she said she felt angry with her career and her life’s responsibilities.
Wettlaufer admitted in court that she injected all 14 victims with insulin for no medical reason.

Elizabeth Wettlaufer7.jpgElizabeth Wettlaufer is escorted from the courthouse in Woodstock, Ont., Jan. 13
Elizabeth Wettlaufer2.jpg

The deliberate acts of murder allegedly occurred between 2007 and 2014 in three Ontario long-term care facilities where Wettlaufer worked as a registered nurse, and at a private home.
At Woodstock’s Caressant Care, Elizabeth Wettlaufer usually worked the night shift, from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
There are no managers or supervisors at that time, and as the only Registered Nurse on site, she was the boss, says Ross Gerrie, president of the Unifor local that represents registered practical nurses and personal support workers at Caressant Care.
The prosecution read from an agreed statement of facts, saying that the defendant admitted to investigators she knew that “if your blood sugar goes low enough, you can die.” She also told police she had refrained from logging her use of insulin in order to avoid detection, court heard.
In at least one case, Wettlaufer confessed she was spurred to act by growing rage over her job and her life, which built up inside her until she felt an “urge to kill,” the prosecution told the court.
By her own admission, Wettlaufer deliberately injected James Silcox, an 84-year-old man with diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, with insulin the night of Aug. 11. 2007, “hoping he would die,” the prosecution said.
“It was his time to go because of the way he acted,” the former nurse told police, according to the agreed statement of facts.
She also told investigators that afterwards, she felt, “like a pressure had been relieved from me, like pressure had been relieved from my emotions.”

Elizabeth Wettlaufer lived in this Woodstock residence.jpgElizabeth Wettlaufer lived in this Woodstock residence, where she admitted killing seniors in her care.

Wettlaufer told police that dissatisfaction with her life led her to inject Clotilde Adriano, 87, with insulin, though Adriano survived.
The other victims were Maurice Granat, 84; Gladys Millard, 87; Helen Matheson, 95; Mary Zurawinski, 96; Helen Young, 90; Maureen Pickering, 79, and Arpad Horvath, 75.
The attempted murder victims have been identified as Wayne Hedges, 57, Michael Priddle, 63, Sandra Towler, 77, and Beverly Bertram, 68. Wettlaufer was also charged with aggravated assault against Adriano and 90-year-old Albina Demedeiros.
The police investigation into Wettlaufer began last September after Toronto police became aware of information she had given to a psychiatric hospital in Toronto that caused them concern.

victim_james_silcox.jpgVictim: James Lancing “Jim” Silcox died at Caressant Care home in Woodstock on Aug. 17, 2007, at the age of 84

Family members of victims broke down in the courtroom as the accused serial killer entered her pleas, despite earlier warnings Thursday, that they the hearing would gut wrenching.
Some, however, expressed relief that the case would come to a swift conclusion.
Andrea Silcox said before the court hearing that she was worried about what she would discover about her father’s last moments, but said she’d be grateful to avoid a lengthy trial.
“I will forgive her, I have to forgive her…my father would want that,” she said. “Forget? I’ll never forget what happened.”
Arpad Horvath Jr., whose father was also among Wettlaufer’s victims, said everyone who lost a loved one will have to live with the pain forever.
“She took away my best friend and my hero and I can’t forgive that,” he said.

Elizabeth Wettlaufer5.jpgCuffed Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Wettlaufer is led into the Woodstock courthouse, Ontario, Canada on June 1, 2017

Elizabeth Wettlaufer10.JPGElizabeth Wettlaufer went from being heterosexual and married to lesbian, back to ‘not being a lesbian anymore’

Shocked neighbors have reacted with shock to the news which contrasts with the ‘Beth’ they knew.
Born Elizabeth Parker, Wettlaufer grew up with a brother in a religious household in the Woodstock area. She was a member of her high school’s band and choir. A bachelor’s degree in religious education counselling from the London Baptist Bible College, [now called Heritage Baptist College], was followed up with her becoming a registered nurse in June 1995. She wed her ex-husband, truck driver Daniel Wettlaufer in October 1997. They couple had no children, their uncontested divorce was finalized late in 2008.
She would dabble in a lesbian affair that went nowhere. After connecting with Sheila Andrews, through a chat room on a Gay website in 2008, she flew to Prince Albert, Sask. to spend a week with Andrews at her home. Andrews, 49, would later admit that Wettlaufer struck Andrews as “a very nice person,” she avoided physical intimacy because “the chemistry wasn’t there,” which left Wettlaufer bitter and disappointed, she said.
“When she got off the plane she almost body-slammed me,” said Andrews. “She’s like, “I’ve been telling everybody how much in love I am with you and we were going to get together and everything.’ And I’m just, like, ‘Whoa, slow down, sweetheart. We’re just meeting.’ That’s what kind of scared me off.”
the newly divorced Wettlaufer told Andrews her marriage didn’t work out because “she was interested in women.”
Andrews said she “got a sense” that Wettlaufer was “in the closet because of her religious upbringing.”
After her divorce, the only serious relationship neighbours recall was in 2011, when a woman moved in with her for four months. The woman allegedly claimed after their break up that the reason Wettlaufer gave her for breaking up was that she was no longer a lesbian.
Her neighbours reportedly, started hearing gospel music in the serial killer’s apartment. One day, while sitting outside the building on a hot night with friends, the conversation turned to relationships and one recalls Wettlaufer saying, “Oh, I found God and I wasn’t a lesbian anymore.”
Records show that Wettlaufer who first registered as a nurse in August 1995, was no longer a registered nurse. She resigned Sept. 30, 2016.

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