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35-year-old Chicago man, Craig Grzesiakowski charged with first degree murder – killed childhood friend and then fell asleep next to body

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Chicago man kills childhood friend and then falls asleep next to body, prosecutors say  
Craig Grzesiakowski, 35, is accused of arrested slaying of Jeffrey Ziolo, 35
Craig Grzesiakowski was arrested for allegedly killing his childhood friend Jeffrey Ziolo in his home in Des Plaines, Chicago on June 1
Grzesiakowski killed Ziolo who’d invited invited to his home on May, 31 to listen to some music with friends.
The “hothead” knocked his host over a table, stabbing him three times with a screwdiver
He then stole the victim’s cellphone to prevent access to home security video of the incident
Charged with first-degree murder and theft
Bail was set at $2 million
Craig Grzesiakowski .png
Alleged killer: Craig Grzesiakowski
A Chicago man killed his childhood friend after they argued and then fell asleep next to the victim, Cook County prosecutors said Saturday.  Jeffrey Ziolo, a Chicago-area musician and sound engineer who was stabbed to death last week in his Des Plaines home.
He was killed early Thursday in the home on Beau Drive, in Des Plaines, Chicago on Thursday.
Craig Grzesiakowski, 35, has been charged with first-degree murder in the Thursday killing of 35-year-old Jeffrey Ziolo, who was found dead by another houseguest, The Chicago Tribune reported.
The Cook County medical examiner’s office determined Ziolo had died from blunt-force trauma and had three stab wounds.He was stabbed to death by a lifelong friend armed with a screwdriver, Police Chief William Kushner said Saturday.
Grzesiakowski  allegedly, also stole the victim’s cellphone in an effort to prevent access to home security video.

Craig Grzesiakowski3.jpg
Craig Grzesiakowski was arrested for allegedly killing his childhood friend Jeffrey Ziolo

Ziolo invited Grzesiakowski to his suburban Des Plaines home on Wednesday to listen to some music with friends. He warned them Grzesiakowski was a “hothead” who carried a knife, Cook County Prosecutor Julian Crozier said in court.
Ziolo was a bass player in the heavy metal band Final Dissent and had his own recording studio in his basement.
The band members had been playing music and working in Ziolo’s recording studio Wednesday night and into the following morning. Grzesiakowski, whom the rest of the band had never met before, was at the house on Beau Drive listening to their music and hanging out with Ziolo.

Jeffrey Ziolo1.pngJeffrey “Wookie” Ziolo, a bass player for Chicago-area band Final Dissent

Band members told police that Ziolo and Grzesiakowski had gotten into a verbal argument during the band practice, but they did not witness anything physical. After they left, Grzesiakowski attacked Ziolo, officials said.
One friend told cops he saw Ziolo and Grzesiakowski arguing before going to bed at around 3 a.m., the Tribune reported.
Grzesiakowski attempted to clean up and leave the house, but he passed out several times from being too intoxicated, police said, noting large amounts of alcohol had been consumed throughout the night.In the morning, another friend found Grzesiakowski passed out with a bottle of bleach next to him and lying next to Ziolo’s body.
Grzesiakowski also stole Ziolo’s money and cellphone, prosecutors said.
Authorities also found broken furniture at the scene and collected prescription drugs, a substance suspected to contain cocaine and other physical evidence.
Another person in the house called police, and the suspect was arrested there Thursday, Kushner said.
Grzesiakowski was then taken to a hospital. Grzesiakowski was treated at Northwest Community Hospital for two superficial cuts on his thigh and remained in police custody throughout the investigation.
He confessed to both Ziolo’s roommate and authorities that he killed Ziolo.
He reportedly told officials that he pushed Ziolo over a table and then stabbed him after they argued.
The suspect who has also been charged with robbery was arraigned Saturday and bail was set at $2 million. His next court date is scheduled for Tuesday, according to records.
Ziolo was a bass player in the heavy metal band Final Dissent and had his own recording studio in his basement, Friends and fellow band members are grieving the loss of Jeffrey Ziolo, described as a dedicated Chicago-area musician and sound engineer.

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