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District attorney weighs charges against Oklahoma man who saved twin babies from drowning, shooting their assailant – Community hail Cash Freeman as a ‘Guardian Angel’

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‘Cash Freeman hero or meddling murderer?  

Relatives of 3-month-old Oklahoma twins praise neighbor Cash freeman, the ‘guardian angel’ who stopped an errant dad trying to drown his babies in their home
Cash Freeman shot 27-year-old Leland Foster twice in the back in the Ada home Friday
A 12-year-old girl had sprinted to Freeman’s house for help
Family members say Foster allegedly was trying to drown his infant twins in a bathtub 
District attorney has to decide if the killing was ‘Justifiable Homicide’ or Freeman is truly a ‘Guardian Angel’
The rap sheet for Foster a Poteau, Oklahoma resident includes being charged in 2011 with domestic abuse by strangulation and arson in the first degree
Relatives of 3-month-old twins in Oklahoma are hailing a neighbor as a “guardian angel” after he fatally shot the man who tried to drown the babies.
Cash Freeman rushed over Friday to a home in Ada to find Leland Foster attempting to drown 3-month-old twins in a bathtub, police said. That’s when Cash Freeman shot 27-year-old Leland Foster twice in the back after a 12-year-old girl had sprinted to his house for help.

Michell Sorrells2.pngRelieved mother Michell Sorrells recounts how Leland Foster tried to kill their 3-month-old twins.

Family members say Foster was trying to drown his twin infants who had been born prematurely, in a bathtub.
“He saved me and my babies’ lives and there will not be a day that will go by that I won’t thank him for that,” Michell Sorrells told News 12.
Sorrells told the station that Foster forced himself inside her stepfather’s home after the two got in an argument Friday afternoon. The situation quickly deteriorated to a violent confrontation.
The twins mother said their father just snapped. “I guess the thought of not having me or his children in his life for a while made him snap,” Michell Sorrells said.
“I’m being plowed into and I go flying a couple of feet into the house and he charges past me and goes to my children laying in the pack-n-play,” she told News 12.

Leland Foster2.jpgLeland Foster was fatally shot by Cash freeman in the act of drowning his twin babies

Sorrells’ 12-year-old niece then ran to their neighbor Freeman for help. Freeman went to his neighbor’s house armed with a weapon.
I hear two pops really loud,” Sorrells told the station. “it made my ears ring, and Leland grunts ‘Oh!'”
Responding officers took Freeman into custody. he was later released after questioning. The district attorney is now tasked with determining whether the shooting was justifiable or a criminal act.
KFOR quotes Jacqui Ford, an experienced defense attorney, on the subject of self-defense:
“A reasonable person has the right to use deadly force in the defense of others, if that person’s belief is reasonable that person is in imminent danger of great bodily harm or death,” Ford said.
“Sometimes, people must be stopped and, sometimes, homicide is the only way to stop them.”

The Ada, Oklahoma home where the aborte drowning and subsequent shooting occured.pngCrime scene: The aborted drowning and subsequent fatal shooting took place at this home in in Ada, Oklahoma

Family and neighbors feel that to the intervention was justified, in the circumstances.
“They better not file charges on that guy,” local resident Kathy Hart told KFOR. “Because, he protected two innocent babies that couldn’t protect themselves. How can he be guilty of anything? He’s a hero. He should not be in trouble.”
The twins’ step-grandfather feels the same way.
“I’m just glad that my granddaughter was able to get help and our guardian angel was our neighbor,” was the opinion of Jeremy Burris.
The three-month-old twins were rushed to the hospital and survived the murderous attack.
The incident occurred on Friday, June 2, and the twins were released from the hospital the next day, according to the television station, which noted that Foster was the father of the babies.
According to KFOR-TV,  Foster who is from Poteau, Oklahoma had a criminal history.
“In 2011, he was charged with domestic abuse by strangulation and arson in the first degree,” the television station reported.


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