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Moment of silence! 16-month-old Nylah Lewis is DEAD. Toddlern finally succumbs to severe beating from dad on Father’s Day

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As Brooklyn baby allegedly beaten into coma by dad on Father’s Day dead 
“Baby Nylah passed away at 10:40 a.m., [Friday, June 23],  to end a five-day fight for her life” – Maimonides Medical Center
Nylah Lewis, suffered multiple skull fractures and bleeding on the brain after the battering from her dad on June 18
Alleged killer dad, Shaquan Taylor, could now face murder charges – Brooklyn DA
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Nylah Lewis never woke up from Coma after her the severe beating she received 5 days ago. The vicious assault allegedly, was carried out by her own dad

The Brooklyn toddler yesterday reported brain dead from a savage Father’s Day beating at the hands of her dad is dead.
16-month-old Nylah Lewis who allegedly was beaten comatose by her teenage dad during a Father’s Day visit died early Friday at a Brooklyn hospital.
Little Nylah Lewis, who suffered multiple skull fractures and bleeding on the brain, passed away at 10:40 a.m. to end a five-day fight for her life, said a statement from Maimonides Medical Center.
“We … extend our heartfelt condolences to her family, who wish to have their privacy respected at this sad and difficult time,” the hospital said.
The little girl’s father, 19-year-old Shaquan Taylor, will likely now face murder charges.

Brooklyn teen, Shaquan Taylor, who didn’t want to be a dad nearly beats 16-month-old daughter to death on Father’s Day

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Nylah Lewis died at 10:40 a.m. on friday, June 23, at Maimonides Medical Center

“We will seek to upgrade the charges in the grand jury,” said a spokeswoman for the Brooklyn district attorney.
Taylor, who arrested at the scene, initially was charged with felony assault and acting in a manner injurious to a child younger than 17. He was also accused of beating the girl’s mother.
He was taken into custody Sunday after the child’s mom, Tammy Lewis, 17, showed up at his Coney Island building and found their severely injured daughter was barely breathing.

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Shaquan Taylor2

Nylah’s alleged killer, 19-year-old Shaquan Taylor, could now face upgraded felony murder charges.

Lewis grabbed the girl and bolted from the apartment, but Taylor ran her down outside the building and beat her as she clutched Nylah tight, police said.
“He took my baby from me,” wrote Tammy in a Facebook post Friday morning. “She’s gone.”
In a jail house interview from Rikers Island, Wednesday, Taylor who insinuated he was a doting dad insisted that Nylah’s injuries was the result of a fall.

Tammy Lewis2.png“She’s gone.” “He took my baby from me.” Will there be justice for little Nylah Lewis and her heart broken mom, Tammy Lewis?

“I didn’t do nothing,” he insisted. “I didn’t do nothing at all … Do you know what it’s like to be here for something I didn’t do?”
Both doctors and prosecutors said her fatal injuries were inconsistent with his story. Taylor did acknowledge beating Lewis during the Sunday confrontation.

Grandmother says 16-month-old, Nylah Lewis was beaten into coma by her dad on Father’s Day is brain dead 
In several Facebook posts, Taylor said that he wanted Lewis to get an abortion after learning about her pregnancy.
The baby’s grandmother, Belinda Lewis, Thursday announced her granddaughter was brain dead and chances of normal recovery was slim to none.
Stating that Nylah was still on life support, and that if she survived, the brain damage was likely irreversible: “My granddaughter is brain dead,” said Belinda Lewis outside the hospital where her daughter Tammy was sitting bedside.
“My daughter is devastated. She’s breaking down.” Belinda concluded.


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  1. Tragic. That poor baby girl should’ve been safe with her Daddy but he failed her in the worst possible way. I truly think he should be permanently castrated and made sterile. Anyone with so little regard for human life should not be allowed to procreate… ever. RIP sweet angel

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