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‘Voices of demons’me do it’! Brandon Goodwin, who brutally stabbed his mother to death in Alabama, tells police the devil told him to slaughter his mom

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30 year-old Alabama man who brutally stabbed his mother to death told cops ‘voices of demons’ made him do it
Police found Maria Jocelyn Angula Goodwin, 55, dead in her Hueytown, Alabama home on July 10 
55-year-old Angula Goodwin had been stabbed multiple times and had been dead since Saturday, police said
Brandon Goodwin told investigators ‘demons said to kill her’
Carl ‘Brandon’ Goodwin, 30, was charged for murdering his mother on Tuesday
He is being held for mental evaluation, bond is set at $150,000 
Carl 'Brandon' Goodwin 1
Carl ‘Brandon’ Goodwin was charged for murdering his mother Maria Jocelyn Angula Goodwin, in Hueytown, Alabama, on Tuesday

A son has been charged with murder after police said the man stabbed his mother to death because demons told him to do it.
On Monday, police entered the home of Maria Jocelyn Angula Goodwin, 55, after she had missed a blind date over the weekend and didn’t show up for work.
After finding her dead, officials arrested her son Carl ‘Brandon’ Goodwin, 30, who shared the Hueytown, Alabama, home with his mother.
Brandon allegedly told police he repeatedly stabbed Jocelyn because the voices of demons encouraged him to do so, and he was charged with her murder on Tuesday. 

Carl 'Brandon' Goodwin 2Brandon Goodwin [left] allegedly told police he repeatedly stabbed his mother because demons encouraged him to kill her

Police of the suburban town outside of Birmingham, Alabama, characterized the killing as a ‘brutal stabbing’.
Authorities made a wellness visit to the Goodwins’ home on 25th Avenue after Jocelyn didn’t show up for a blind date over the weekend and wasn’t at work on Monday, reported.
When police arrived to the scene on Monday night, they found Jocelyn dead with several stab wounds, and officials later speculated that she had been dead since Saturday.
Police Chief Chuck Hagler said to the news outlet: ‘She put up a struggle. She didn’t die quickly.’
Brandon was also in the house but police found that he was unconscious because of prescription medication that he had taken.
When he came to, Brandon told investigators he heard demons telling him to kill his mother and he obeyed their request, reported.
Hagler said police previously had gone to the home on domestic violence issues between the son and his mother.

Goodwin homw 2.jpgCrime scene: Brandon Goodwin murdered his mother in a stabbing frenzy in the home they shared [photo] in Hueytown, AL, Saturday. 

Jocelyn Goodwin 2Jocelyn Goodwin 1

 The police chief added that he considers Brandon a ‘dangerous individual’.

He is currently being held at an undisclosed hospital for physical and psychiatric evaluation.
After being released, Goodwin will be sent to the Jefferson County Jail and be held on a $150,000 bond.
Friends and neighbors  describe Jocelyn as being an attentive and caring mother, who was always working to support her family.
Reggie McClinton, whose lived next to the family for more than 20 years, told CBS 42: ‘The first thing I would want to know is why?
‘Why, because his mother would do anything in the world to help him.’
Friends report that the rest of the Goodwins’ family live outside of the country in the Philippines.


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