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Woman, 56, is arrested after three illegal immigrants are found squeezed in the trunk of her car

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U.S. woman arrested ferrying three illegal immigrants in the trunk of her Toyota Camry
Three men, believed to be Mexican, were found squeezed in the trunk of the car at the U.S. border in Arizona, on July 20
Border agents from the Sonoita station, Tuscon, stopped the US woman for an inspection 
The 56-year-old appeared to be alone, a search revealed the men were crammed in the back
The driver faces human trafficking charges
The men will be charged with immigration violations

An Arizona woman is facing smuggling charges after she was caught transporting three illegal immigrants across the border in the trunk of her car.
Border Patrol Agents from the Sonoita Station in Tuscon stopped a 1998 Toyota Camry to check the immigration status of the driver, who appeared to be traveling alone.
However, the men, believed to be from Mexico, were found crammed into in the trunk of the vehicle on Thursday, reported Tucson News Now.
The men, believed to be from Mexico, were found squashed together in the back of the vehicle.
The 56-year-old woman from South Tucson was arrested for smuggling and agents seized the vehicle. The three men will be charged with immigration violations.
The U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement that smuggling the illegal aliens in the such a fashion was extremely dangerous for their health.
The statement read: ‘Further inspection of the Camry revealed there was no emergency trunk release.
‘Even during monsoon season, Arizona’s summer temperatures can climb dramatically when the sun comes out. Adding the possibilities of being crushed in a rear-end collision, or being poisoned by carbon monoxide, riding in the trunk of a vehicle could be equivalent to a death sentence.’
the discovery by the border agents was made three days before law enforcement officers in San Antonio, Texas were called to the scene of a human disaster involving the deaths of 10 illegal stowaway, part of a contingent of 40 transported in an airless articulated truck, Sunday.
In June, the Tucson Sector Border Patrol implemented a new policy to prosecute human smugglers on both sides of the border, after a review of its program with the Mexican government.

Cops found ten dead, dozens more suffering from heat-related injuries in trailer left in San Antonio Walmart parking lot, Sunday

Border agent found the illegal stowaways were found at the Sonoita Station in Tuscon, Arizona .jpgBorder Agents from the Sonoita Station in Tuscon, AZ  pose for a group photo. Agents on patrol stopped the female smuggler and discovered the illegal ‘stowaways’ in the trunk of the Toyota Camry

‘The program enables the prosecution of Mexican human smugglers, through Mexican courts, using information obtained via interviews conducted by Border Patrol agents while in U.S. custody,’ said CBP in a news release.
In fiscal year 2016, Tucson Sector Border Patrol submitted 143 human smugglers to the government of Mexico to see if they could be up for prosecution in their court system.
Meanwhile in Texas, a man will be charged in federal court Monday following his arrest in the deaths of nine people whose ‘very hot’ bodies were found in a sweltering tractor-trailer in a San Antonio Walmart parking lot alongside nearly 20 others who were still alive but in dire condition.

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