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Suspect Angelo Colon-Ortiz pleads ‘Not Guilty’ in killing of NYC Google employee, Vanessa Marcotte, who went missing while jogging in Mass. in 2016

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Angelo Colon-Ortiz of Worcester, Mass pled not guilty Wednesday,  to killing Google employee who went missing in Aug, 2016 while jogging in Massachusetts
New Yorker Vanessa Marcotte, 27, missing last year while out for a run near her mother’s Massachusetts home
Police K-9 unit found Marcotte’s naked and burned body in a wooded area hours after her family reported her missing
Autopsy found she had been strangled
Colon-Ortiz was arrested in April, 2017, after cops spotted a man fitting description of suspect, driving an SUV 
DNA from Colon-Ortiz, matched samples from Marcotte’s body
31-year-old suspect was initially arrested for aggravated assault, battery and assault with intent to rape
Worcester grand jury handed first-degree murder indictment, Wednesday 
He is held without bail
Angelo Colon-Ortiz 1Angelo Colon-Ortiz [center], listens to his attorney Edward Ryan, Jr.

A 31-year-old delivery man in Massachusetts pled not guilty Wednesday to killing a Google employee from New York, who went missing last year while out for a run near her mother’s Massachusetts home.
Angelo Colon-Ortiz of Worcester  was officially been indicted for the brutal murder of a New York Google employee last summer while she was out on a walk.
He is held without bail after entering his plea to a first-degree murder charge connected to the death of 27-year-old Vanessa Marcotte.
Colon-Ortiz was allowed to remain out of sight at Worcester Superior Court at the request of his lawyer, who cited an “identification issue.”
The suspect was busted in April after prosecutors say his DNA matched samples from Marcotte’s body.
His attorney, Edward Ryan Jr, said Wednesday that the defense team has hired a DNA expert.

Vanessa Marcotte 1

Google account exec, Vanessa Marcotte went missing while jogging last August. She was found dead in the woods several hours later, near her mother’s home in Princeton

The Telegram quotes Ryan as saying: “We’re exploring absolutely everything”.
Marcotte was visiting her family in Princeton when she went out for a jog on Aug. 7, and was supposed to head back to New York later that day. Her naked and burned body was found in a wooded area several hours after her family reported her missing., sparking a  manhunt.
A police K-9 unit found Marcotte’s naked and burned body in a wooded area several hours after her family reported her missing.
An autopsy found that Marcotte had been strangled.

Massachusetts State Police search the woods for evidence after Vanessa Marcotte's body was found in August. 2016Mass police search the woods where Vanessa Marcotte went missing and was found dead after going for a run, in August, 2016

A Massachusetts state police officer had a noticed a driver fitting the suspect’s description in an SUV in April. Officers went to his home, where they found him with his wife. Colon-Ortiz volunteered to give a DNA test, and police discovered the match.
He has since been held on $10 million bond.
Colon-Ortiz worked for a third-party logistics company contracted with FedEx when he was taken into custody. His lawyers say he does not have a history of getting into trouble with the law.
“It’s very difficult, very difficult. He doesn’t speak any English,” Ryan said, according to WCVB. He’s never been involved in any court process before, at all. He’s quite nervous and frightened.”
Initially arrested on charges with aggravated assault and battery and assault with intent to rape, he was officially been charged with murder, Wednesday after a Worcester grand jury handed a first-degree murder indictment.
Colon-Ortiz is due back in court on Aug. 24.



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