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Pioneer hip hop artiste Kidd Creole charged with murder in fatal stabbing of homeless man on NY street

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Hip hop pioneer Kidd Creole, 57, real name Nathaniel Glover was arrested Wednesday by detectives in Manhattan, NY  
He is accused of fatally stabbing a homeless, John Glover, 55, multiple times at a mid-town street corner
Glover was rushed to hospital where he died
Glover was spotted on surveillance cameras near the scene leading to his arrested Wednesday night
Police have not established the connection between Glover who works as a Janitor in Manhattan and the convicted sex-offender he killed 
Glover was a members of the pioneer hip hop group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, which was formed in the South Bronx in the 1970s
He is charged with second-degree murder
Faces a maximum sentence of life in prison
Nathaniel Glover, aka Kidd Creole 5Kid Creole, is taken into custody by NYPD detectives August 2
Rock and Roll hall of famer and hip hop pioneer, Kidd Creole has been charged with murder after fatally stabbing a homeless ex-con he thought was hitting on him on a Midtown street Tuesday night, police and sources said.
Creole, whose real name is Nathaniel Glover, was arrested Wednesday and accused of killing John Jolly, 55, at E. 44th St. and Third Ave. in Mamhattan, NY
Glover, 57, was one of the members of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, a hip hop group formed in the South Bronx in the 1970s.
The one-time trailblazing emcee works near the scene of the killing as a handyman and security guard and was on his way to his job, authorities said.

Nathaniel Glover, aka Kidd Creole 3Hip hop pioneer Kidd Creole, whose real name is Nathaniel Glover [in blue janitorial uniform] is seen being escorted from the 13th precinct, by detectives from the Manhattan South Homicide Squad, Wednesday night.

He had a run-in with Jolly, who was drunk, a police source said.
“They had no prior relationship,” the source said. “They had words. Things got out of hand. It was some sort of diss.”
Glover thought Jolly, a convicted rapist and sex offender, was hitting on him, another source said.

John Jolly 1
Police are trying to unravel the connection between emcee Kidd Creole and the stabbing victim John Jolly [photo]. Jolly had done time for raping a woman in the past, Creole is claiming the victim made a pass at him in Manhattan.

“He turned, interpreting that the guy was making an advance toward him,” the source said. “One thing led to another, and he shivved [stabbed] him twice in the chest,” the source said.
Pedestrians called 911 for Jolly just before midnight on Tuesday because they thought he was passed out, cops said.
First responders were surprised to see multiple stab wounds in his chest, police said Wednesday. Medics rushed Jolly to Bellevue Hospital Center, where he died.

Nathaniel Glover, aka Kidd Creole 2whose real name is Nathaniel Glover, aka Kidd Creole, was arrested Wednesday. He is expected charged in fatal knifing of a 55-year-old John Jolly, a homeless man at the corner of E. 44th St. and Third Ave.

“There were six people there, all tourists, all trying to help him,” said Van Scott, of Queens.
“They thought he was overcome by the heat and then they saw he was stabbed. We just waited for the paramedics to come.”
Glover was partly identified through surveillance video.

John Jolly suffered multiple stab wounds in the chest at the corner of E. 44th St. and Third Ave., WednesdayFirst responders found John Jolly, a homeless man with multiple stab wounds in the chest at the corner of E. 44th St. and Third Ave., midtown NY, Wednesday.

“He gave some statements and he’s being charged,” a police source said.
A handcuffed Glover was walked out of the Midtown South Precinct on W. 35th St. on Wednesday, led by detectives.
The somber-looking elder statesman of rap, wearing a blue janitorial outfit, said nothing as he was placed into the back of a waiting car.

Nathaniel'Kidd Creole' Glover [second right], with other members of Grandmaster Flash inducted into rock and roll hall of fameGlover, [second right] and other members of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, recently were inducted into the Rock’n Roll hall of fame

Neighbors at Glover’s Bronx building were stunned to hear of his arrest.
“That is so sad, I’m really in shock right now,” said a 72-year-old woman who lived downstairs from Glover. “He was the sweetest man I’ve ever met. Everybody liked him, I’m really about to cry.”
Suit-clad detectives were seen leaving Glover’s apartment with brown paper evidence bags.
The victim had a rap sheet that included time done for sexual assaults. Jolly served 5 years in prison for beating and raping a 42-year-old woman in 1997, state correction records show. Then went back to jail in 2008 and did nearly 3 years on a weapons charge, authorities said.
Police say the level 2 sex offender was homeless and staying at a shelter on the Bowery.
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five introduced rap to a mainstream audience. The group’s biggest release was a classic called “The Message,” with the famous hook: “Don’t push me ‘cause I’m close to the edge. I’m trying not to lose my head.”
The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007, the first hip hop group to make the cut.


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