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Emily Thomson was infatuated with her brother Matthew Thatcher. The duo colluded to abuse children and have been jailed a total of 38 years between them 

Matthew David Thatcher, 26, and Emily Thomson, 18, were jailed along with Mandy Wright, 28, who was sentenced earlier for her part in the crime, including possession of images of child sex abuse.
Mandy Wright after admitting to 36 counts of sexual abuse of the under-16s. a court in Cardiff Wales, sentenced Thatcher to 26 years, Thomson to 12 years, and Wright to seven years.
The two siblings were sent to prison for a sustained horrific campaign of abuse against three children.
The court also heard that Thomson was infatuated with her brother and ‘did not view him as a relative’.
Cardiff Crown Court heard yesterday that Thatcher and Thomson took photographs of themselves sexually assaulting the children and sent graphic messages about their abuse and discussed their planned abuse.

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Emily Thompson’s  defense said she was “blinded with her infatuation” of brother Mathew Thatcher and that she was in “love” with him and “did not view him as a relative”

The Recorder [magistrate], Eleri Rees said: ‘The images and messages showed a careless disregard for the welfare of the children.’
Police officers discovered hundreds of images of kiddy porn depicting sexual abuse of children. Photographs taken during the trio’s abuse, including dozens marked in the most extreme category.
Describing Thatcher’s’ depravity, Recorder Rees said: ‘He discovered that he was capable of doing the most dreadful things. ‘He was caught up in something that he found very difficult to get out of. It was a dreadful thing that was taking place.’
The harrowing abuse at one point caused the children to cry ‘like they could not breathe’.
A medical examination of one of the young victims showed signs of ‘chronic sexual abuse’, the court heard.
The trio’s sustained abuse came to light after Mathew Thatcher was caught in a sting trying to hook up with what he thought was a 14-year-old he had been messaging on Facebook.
Prosecutor Suzanne Thomas told the court that the messages became ‘sexual’ and they arranged to meet up.

Mandy Wright 1.jpgMandy Wright convicted for her role in the child sex abuse ring. Serving a seven-year sentence

Thatcher was charged with 15 counts, including rape and sexual assault of a child. His sister and co-defendant Emily Thomson faced with 16 counts including sexual assault and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.
Wright was charged with five counts of child abuse. The court also imposed sexual harm prevention orders on the trio.
Karen Thomas of South Wales Police, said: ‘Today, Matthew Thatcher, Emily Thomson, and Mandy Wright have been given long and deserved sentences for what are abhorrent crimes which have had a devastating impact upon their victims.
‘Absorbing the detail and the nature of the abuse committed by these individuals has been harrowing for even the most experienced professionals involved in the investigation. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly commend the bravery of the victims in this case – they have experienced things which nobody should have to endure.’
DCI Thomas added that the sentencing will ‘in some way’ help the victims ‘move forward with their lives’.