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Worcester Girl, 7, survives being kidnapped and thrown off bridge into lake by 35-year-old family friend  – Joshua Hubert in custody

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Girl, 7, survives being kidnapped, assaulted and thrown off bridge into lake Quinsigamond, Mass by family friend
 Joshua Hubert allegedly, snatched victim from her grandparents Worcester, Mass., home around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday 
Hubert, 35, drove around for an hour, stopped the vehicle and choked the child
Drove to a bridge between Worcester and Shrewsbury and threw her into the lake. 
Child swam to a lake front home in Shrewsbury at 4.30 am ‘soaking wet in pajamas’ and asked for help 
Hubert, a coach for a youth girl’s hockey team, was charged with kidnapping Monday, more charges to follow
He’s being held without bail 
Joshua Hubert 2.png
Alleged kidnapper Joshua Hubert hides from cameras behind a door during his arraignment

A 7-year-old girl in Massachusetts survived being kidnapped, assaulted and then thrown off a bridge into Lake Quinsigamond.
According to investigators, the little girl was abducted from her grandparents’ Worcester home around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, allegedly by 35-year-old Joshua Hubert.
Police reportedly said Hubert, described as a family friend, had been at the grandparents’ home for a cookout.

7-year-old was abducted from this home.pngThe girl was asleep in the living room at her grandparent’s Forestdale Road home in Worcester, Mass., when Hubert grabbed her and forced the child into his car around 2:30 a.m., Sunday. He  was at the home attending a cookout.

Prosecutor Cheryl Riddle said in court Monday the child had been asleep on a chair in the living room of the home when Hubert snatched her, Mass Live reports.
Hubert allegedly drove around for an hour with the girl in his car. Police said at one point he stopped the vehicle and choked the child.
He then drove to a bridge between Worcester and Shrewsbury and allegedly threw the girl over the bridge into the lake.

Joshua Hubert 1.pngCops said Joshua Hubert [in red], snatched the child in her sleep Saturday

“At approximately 4:30 a.m., about two hours later, a woman from Shrewsbury was awoken by knocks at her door and found the 7-year-old victim standing at her door in pajamas soaking wet,” bruised and with marks on her neck, the prosecutor said.

Lake Quinsigamond bridge 2Hubert put the girl in a car, choked her and then threw her off of this bridge into Lake Quinsigamond early Sunday
The home 7-year-old knocked at it's door seeking helpThe strong-willed child survived her ordeal, swam to safety and knocked at the door of this lake front house
The Good Samaritan called police to alert them about the child. The girl was able to tell investigators what happened and also allegedly identified Hubert as her attacker.
“Fortunately, a greater tragedy was averted,” Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. said. “The young victim had the strength to make it to shore and get help.”
Hubert, who according to CBS Boston was a coach for a youth girl’s hockey team, was arraigned Monday on a kidnapping charge. Riddle said more charges are expected to be filed.Joshua Hubert of Worcester denied any involvement in the alleged abduction and attack on the 7-year-old girl Sunday morning.
He’s currently being held without bail until his next court appearance on Thursday.


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