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Florida man, Pedro Vega Jr. accused of stabbing attack on his family, killing aunt and injuring dad, hangs himself in jail

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Pedro Vega Jr was found hanging in his jail cell Sunday, a day after he got to the Polk County, Fla jail
Vega Jr, 46, was accused of stabbing Rosa Iris Vega 14 times and Pedro Vega Sr 23 times
The victims were in their own home Wednesday, in Osecola County, Fla
Rosa Vega, 59, died at  the scene
70-year-old Vega Sr was bound with tape and his truck stolen, he is expected to survive 


Vega Jr was taken into custody eight hours eight hours, after a botched third attack on his ex wife left him with severely injured with gunshot wounds  


Vega Jr cops said, has a criminal record going back 30 years 


Pedro Vega Jr and Rosa Iris Vega 1.JPGMurder suspect Pedro Vega Jr [left] was found hanging in his jail cell on Sunday. Vega was in custody as a suspect in the stabbing death of his aunt, Rosa Iris Vega [right]

A man in Osecola County, Florida, accused of in stabbing attacks on his aunt to death and his father was found hanging in his jail cell Sunday evening, deputies said. The suspect, 46-year-old Pedro Vega Jr., was arrested last week in Osceola County and transferred to the Polk County Jail Saturday.
Investigators said a detention deputy saw Vega Jr. slouched against a wall of the cell with a sheet around his neck at 6:09 pm, Sunday.
Vega Jr was arrested by deputies after he was tracked down sitting injured in a stolen truck on the parkway Wednesday, in connection with the slaying of 59-year-old Rosa Iris Vega in a home near Davenport. Vega Jr was also accused of stabbing his 70-year-old dad and stealing his truck.
WFTV reports that Polk County authorities said a detention deputy last saw Vega Jr alive on Sunday around 5.57pm – Deputies said per agency policy, as well as state and national standards, inmates are checked every 15 minutes.

Rosa Iris Vega 1
Rosa Iris Vega [photo], died after being stabbed 14 times by her 46-year-old nephew Pedro Vega Jr in her Osecola County, Florida home, Aug 30 

Investigators also found two plastic spoons with sharpened ends which were used to cut the bed sheet, as well as a noose in a pillowcase, deputies said.
“Pedro Vega had a history of escape and escape attempts. In fact he tried to escape custody when he was in the hospital last week. He appears to not to have wanted to spend the rest of his life in prison for his many heinous crimes, including murder. He was a very violent man, on a mission to escape, and ultimately, he did,” said Polk County Sheriff’s Grady Judd.
Polk county authorities said Pedro Vega Jr, an ex-con with a history of sexual abuse and domestic battery had an outstanding warrant for his arrest on a charge of aggravated battery for allegedly beating and stabbing his 46-year-old ex-wife in May.

Pedro Vega Sr 2
Pedro Vega Sr [photo], was stabbed at least 23 times, at his home, by his son Vega Jr,  who also stole his truck

He had been in hiding out at the home of his aunt Rosa Vega. His aunt’s house is next door to the home of Pedro Vega Jr’s estranged wife. He allegedly broke into his ex’s home where someone shot him in the shoulder and stomach. the trail of blood led responding officers  to the scene of Rosa Vega’s fatal stabbing.
Vega Jr cops said, broke into the home of his estranged wife, 46-year-old Amanda Stokes, at about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, August 30.
a resident of the home, Caine Espinoza, said that he shot at Vega several times, likely injuring him before he ran off.
Deputies called to the scene followed a blood trail to an adjacent home, where Vega’s relatives live.
Entering the home which had an open window and an unlocked door. Deputies found the suspect’s father, Pedro Vega Sr., who was stabbed 23 times and whose hands and feet were bound with tape and whose mouth was taped shut.
Eight hours later, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper found Vega Jr in a truck on the side of a road shortly before 9 am Wednesday.
The suspect was bleeding profusely behind the wheel of a white pickup truck, which he had stolen from his father, after the twin knife attacks.
59-year-old Rosa Vega was pronounced dead at the scene. The older Vega was hospitalized in critical condition, he is expected to survive.
Polk county authorities have launched an investigation into the death of pedro Vega Jr.

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