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Joshua Hupperterz, suspect in Temple University student killing, used Lyft to transport Jenna Burleigh’s body 100 miles in a storage bin

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Joshua Huppertez, suspect in Temple Univ. student killing used Lyft to transport her body 100 miles from Jenkinstown, Pa to Wayne County in a storage bin
 Jenna Burleigh, 22, was found slain after leaving Philly bar with suspect, Thursday
ME ruled Monday that Burleigh died of blunt trauma and strangulation 
She allegedly, was murdered in Philadelphia, transported to Jenkintown, then to Paupack Township, in Wayne County, Pa
Cops found blood and drugs inside the suspect’s Philadelphia residence during a search
His said at one point he returned to their apt with cleaning supplies to get rid of blood
He has been charged with murder and tampering with a corpse
 Joshua Huppertez and Jenna Burleigh 3.pngJoshua Hupperterz [left] was arrested Saturday for the killing of Jenna Burleigh [right], a new student at Temple University. The pair were seen leaving Pub Webb, a popular off campus bar together, Thursday. Nearly 48 hours later, her remains was found in a bin at his grandmother’s house 140 miles away.
Investigators just revealed that the 29-year-old suspect, himself an ex-Temple University student, hired a Lyft to move her body more than 140 miles, according to reports.
Joshua Hupperterz was arrested Saturday and has been charged as the suspect in the killing of a 22-year-old Burleigh.
Barely a week after she transferred to the college,  22-year-old Burleigh was found slain, at a lake front home 140 miles north east of the off campus bar in Philly where she met the suspect for the first time, Thursday.

Jenna Burleigh 1Burleigh’s body was found in Wayne County and was brought there by a Lyft

Surveillance cameras caught Hupperterz and Burleigh walking together after leaving Pub Webb around 2 a.m. Thursday morning. When she did not return home later that day, concerned friends and relatives reached out to Temple officials.
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Temple Univ student, Jenna Burleigh, found dead after leaving Philadelphia bar with suspected assailant – Ex-Temple student Joshua Hupperterz, charged

Josh Huppertez’s neighbors had reported hearing a woman screaming inside his apartment in the early hours of Thursday. Investigators believe he killed the victim at his apartment that day, put her in a storage bin and kept her at his mother’s home in Jenkinstown, Pa., according to NBC affiliate WCAU.
He then hired the Lyft to bring Burleigh’s remains about 100 miles north to his grandmother’s property in Wayne County, Pa.

Philly police search Huppertez's apt, Aug 31.pngPhilly cops search Joshua  Huppertez’s apt for evidence
Hupperterz’s parent's home in Jenkintown.jpgPolice said the found evidence the suspect first stored Burleingh’s remains in a bin at this Jenkintown house owned by his mom and stepdad

That’s where police found the Harleysville, Pa.-native’s body on Saturday .
On Saturday afternoon, police discovered Burleigh’s  body believed on the lakefront property of Hupperterz’s grandmother in Paupack Township.
Police believe she was murdered in Philadelphia, then her body was transported to the Jenkintown home, then to Wayne County.
Hupperterz was charged with murder, abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence and drug offenses.
“The allegations are devastating,” Lyft said in a statement to local ABC affiliate WPVI. “We stand ready to work with the authorities in their investigation.”
The Wayne County Coroner ruled Monday that she died of blunt trauma and strangulation.
Police found blood and drugs inside the suspect’s Philadelphia residence when they went in with a search warrant. Hupperterz’s roommate said at one point he returned to their apartment with cleaning supplies to get rid of blood.
The victim, a recent transfer to Temple had been commuting to the college from Harleysville, about 35 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

Jenna Burleigh 5Missing Person Flyer for Jenna Burleigh was out by Friday
Joshua Hupperterz 2Josh Hupperterz has been charged in Burleigh’s death

It is unclear if the Lyft driver, who has not been identified, knew what Hupperterz was transporting, but a spokesperson for Lyft said the company is devastated by the allegations and stands “ready to work with the authorities in their investigation.”
When the campus police spoke to Huppertez by phone on Friday, he told investigators that he had been so drunk when he left the bar he had no recollection of who he had been with. Philadelphia police not satisfied with the response, obtained a search warrant Friday for the suspect’s apartment at 1708 North 16th Street, two blocks from the bar. Simultaneously, state police raided the home of Huppertez’s grandmother in Wayne County, northern Pennsylvania and the suspect was taken into custody.

Jenna Burleigh Pub Webb 2The pair it is believed met for the first time at the off campus watering hole, Pub Webb [photo], on Thursday

Meanwhile the passage of the victim is being mourned by family and friends: “She was an exuberant person,” friend Danielle Halteman told WCAU. “It’s hard to imagine her not being here.”
Her death left even police veterans shocked.
“This really strikes home for you, particularly, thinking about the heartache and the grief that those parents must be going through right now,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross told reporters.




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