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Ninth person dies after Sunday’s massacre at Texas football watch party – Spencer Hight is accused of shooting eight people dead including his ex, Meredith Lane, Sunday

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Ninth person dies after shooting at Dallas Cowboys football party, in Plano,Texas
Spencer Hight, 32, is accused of shooting eight people dead including his ex, Meredith Lane, 27, in Sunday’s shooting
Relatives identify more victims including Darryl Hawkins and Tony Cross
All of the victims of the mass shooting reportedly, in their 20s and 30s 
Spencer Hight with Meredith Lane Hight 3Authorities in North Texas say several people are dead, including the suspect, Spencer Hight, [left], after he let fly 30-40 bullets at the home of his ex Meredith Lane [right]. She is one of the seven who died at the scene

One of the two people left alive but critically injured after a deranged ex-spouse sht up a football watch party in Texas on Sunday died from their injuries as authorities dubbed the violent incident one of the worst to occur in the city of Plano.
“We’ve never had a shooting of this magnitude; never had this many victims,” Plano Police Chief Gregory W. Rushin said. “It’s just a terrible event.”
Nine people, including the suspected gunmen, are dead fromthe mass shooting and subsequent gunfight with law enforcement during the weekend mayhem.
The violence also claimed the life of the alleged gunman, Spencer Hight, 32, who shot and killed eight guests at a football watch party hosted by his ex-wife Meredith Lane at her Plano, Texas home Sunday. The party suddenly turned violent around 8.30 pm when Spencer arrived unannounced.

Darryl Hawkins, Meredith Hight and Tony Cross 1Daryll Hawkins,meredith Lane and Tony cross, so far are among the victims identified
Eight dead shooting at a home in Plano, north of Dallas, Tex., Sunday 2Officers investigate the crime scene after the mass shooting at a party hosted by Meredith Lane in Plano, Texas, Sunday night

Accoring to an ABC News report, police were initially contacted around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday about shots fired in a suburban neighborhood off West Spring Creek Parkway. Gunshots were still ringing out from the residence when the first officer arrived on the scene. He said there were “bodies down in the backyard” and that the shooter was still active inside the home, police spokesman David Tilley said.
The lone officer approached the house from the back and then opened fire, fatally striking the suspected shooter, who was later identified as Spencer Hight, according to CBS News. Hight who allegedly, was armed with multiple weapons had recently divorced wife, 27-year-old Meredith Lane Hight, the hosting of the cookout. Her friends and colleagues had all come together to watch the evening’s football games.

Spencer Hight 3Mass killer: Spencer Hight [photo], is accused arriving uninvited at a football watch hosted by his ex-wife and shooting nine people, eight of whom are now dead in Plano, Texas on Sunday

With the gunman down, authorities searched the home and discovered nine gunshot victims, seven of whom were dead. Two others were hospitalized, though one of themjust died from their injuries.
The status of the remaining gunshot victim was not immediately available.
All of the victims were in their 20s and 30s, police said, and several family members have confirmed their loved ones were killed in the shooting since the deadly attack Sunday.
Lane’s mother confirmed her daughter was among the dead. She added Meredith who owned the home where the shooting occurred was recently divorced from her husband of six years, the alleged shooter – Spencer Hight.
Lane and Hight reportedly stopped living together in March and Monday would have been their sixth wedding anniversary.

Police remove body of mass shooting victim in Plano Tex, Sept 10, 2017.pngPolice in Plano, transport one of the victims of Sundays football watch mass shooting

Witnesses say Spencer Hight, showed up to the party and got into a loud argument with his estranged wife, outside the front. of her home He then followed her inside and opened fire on the guests.
A responding officer arrived on scene and found bodies in the backyard, realizing what was happening, opted to engage with the gunman unassisted in the back of the home and fatally shot the Hight, police said.
Prior to the shooting, there had been no indications of violence or concern about violence based on court records.

Meredith Lane, [left], killed by her ex-husband, Spencer Hight [right].pngMeredith Lane, [left], was one of eight people killed in a shooting rampage in Plano, Texas on Sept 10, 2017 by her ex-husband, Spencer Hight, [right]

A man who encountered Hight at a bar just before the shooting said he [Hight], turned up at the nearby bar just hours before the incident. An irate Hight was ranting about his estranged wife, the witness said.
Hight claimed Meredith was cheating and placed a gun and a knife on the bar.
One of the alleged victims, Darryl Hawkins, was flagged because he never showed up for work Monday, prompting friends to turn up at the Plano home, freshly taped off from the general public as a crime scene.
Hawkins’ family declined to comment but confirmed he was killed in the shooting.
The loved ones of another victim, Tony Cross, similarly showed up to the Spring Creek Parkway home Monday in search of answers.
“My nephew was killed in the Plano shooting last night. Please keep his family in your prayers. His name was Tony Cross,” Allen Richards wrote on Facebook earlier this week.
Police are still investigating the motive behind the shooting.

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