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Ex-college football player Isaiah Wright and brother arrested on murder charge – Wright was featured on the Netflix series “Last Chance U”

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‘Last Chance U’ player Isaiah Wright and brother, an ex-Univ of Indiana player, arrested on murder charge, Wednesday in Harriman, Tenn
Isaiah S. Wright, his brother Camion D. Patrick, have been charged with criminal homicide
The brothers, both college running backs were arrested in the death of Caleb Thomas Radford
18-year-old Radford of Maryville, Tennessee was stabbed to death  in Louisville, July 25
Keshawn Hopewell, 21, and Itiq Green, 28, had earlier been charged with criminal homicide in the death of Caleb Thomas  
Patrick, 22, is a student at the Univ of Indiana, he’s been suspended from the school
Wright, 20, dropped his athletic scholarship at Auburn, went to ‘last-chance’ East Mississippi Community College, then West Georgia Univ
He left school before this season and his subsequent arrest
Isaiah Wright 8.pngIsaiah Wright [left]’ in his arrest mugshot and [right], is charged, with criminal homicide in the death of  Caleb Thomas Radford in Louisville, Tenn., in late July. His brother Camion Patrick, also a former college footballer has been charged

The last chance opportunity granted a pair of football playing brothers seemed to have evaporated this week when both were arrested for murder. Isaiah wright and older brother Camion D Patrick both played for coach Buddy Stephens at East Mississippi Community College, known as a last-chance school for players who fail out of or are kicked off big-time college teams.
Former college football player Wright even featured on the Netflix series “Last Chance U”.
20-year-old Wright was arrested Wednesday and charged with criminal homicide.
The promising running back whose wrenching story was profiled on the popular documentary series, was arrested, along with his brother Camion D Patrick and two others, Keshawn Hopewell, 21, and Itiq Green, 28, for their alleged roles in the July 25 killing of Caleb Radford.
Radford, 18, was stabbed to death in Louisville, Tenn.
Patrick, 22, of Knoxville and Wright of Harriman, are each charged with one count of criminal homicide in the July 25 death of 18-year-old Caleb Thomas Radford, of Maryville, the Alcoa Police Department announced Thursday.
Patrick, a student at the University of Indiana, was taken into custody by campus police Wednesday morning. He remained in custody in Bloomington, Ind., pending his extradition to Blount County.

Camion D Patrick 4.pngCamion D. Patrick, [left], in his arrest photo and [right], making a play for the Indiana Hoosiers. Patrick was arrested Thursday for criminal homicide, Thursday. He has been suspended by the Indiana
coach Buddy Stephens at East Mississippi Community College 1.jpgThe brothers are both played for coach Buddy Stephens at East Mississippi Community College

An Indiana University spokesman confirmed Thursday morning Patrick has been suspended. Younger brother Wright, was arrested Wednesday in Harriman and was expected to be transferred to the Blount County Jail.
On the second season of the show, Wright spoke about his troubled youth. Their mother walked out on Wright and his brothers and their father was in prison. Wright grew up with a combustible temper, said he trusted no one, and often clashed with mentor, coach Buddy Stephens on the show.
He also battled head injuries and appeared to play through concussions while at East Mississippi Community College, famed last-chance program.
One of the hardest scenes to watch in the series was when Wright was told he could not play because of injury and he lost it in the locker room. He spoke about football being his life and they could not take that away from him.

Caleb radford and Isaiah Wright 1.pngIsaiah Wright, [right], and three other men have been charged in the stabbing death of 18-year-old Caleb Radford [left]
Caleb Thomas Radford, his son  nad his girlfriend .jpgCaleb Thomas Radford, his girlfriend and their son

The dreams of the footballing brothers appears to have taken a wrong turn.
Wright, 20, initially had a scholarship to play running back at Auburn. He left EMCC and went on to Division II West Georgia but wound up leaving school before this season.
He was arrested in Tennessee.
Patrick, 22, a former Tennessee recruit who also played two years at EMCC (before the NetFlix series was filmed there), most recently was a member of the University of Indiana football team in 2016.
After suffering a knee injury last season, he was granted a medical hardship waiver in July. He remained on scholarship, and was suspended following his arrest this week.

Keshawn Hopewell, [left\, and Itiq Green, [right] 1.pngKeshawn Hopewell, [left], and Itiq Green, [right], were also arrested and charged with criminal homicide on August 3 by Alcoa police for the stabbing death of Caleb Thomas 

Earlier, other two co-defendants, Keshawn Hopewell and Itiq Green were also arrested and charged with criminal homicide on August 3 by Alcoa police for the stabbing death of Caleb Thomas in Radford. Hopewell and Green are each being held in lieu of a $1 million bond.
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