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Momo won’t go away, quietly – Stripper caught in previous photos with Kevin Hart allegedly identified as suspect in extortion scandal

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FBI identify woman in sexy video at center of FBI probe of extortion attempt on actor Kevin Hart
The blackmailer allegedly was seeking an eight-figure pay day
Feds said the woman is most likely behind the hush money demand
27-year-old stripper Montia Sabbag allegedly is the mystery woman pictured in the newly released steamy video of Kevin Hart
Hart wed wife Eniko Hart, 33, in  2016 and she is 31-months pregnant with their first child
Hart also has two children with ex-wife Torrei
Saturday, the comedian turned actor made a public apology to Eniko and his two children over what he described as a ‘bad error in judgment’ 
Sabbag has spoken out to call Hart a liar 
She said ‘Kevin Hart was privy to me wanting to expose him as I have made countless attempts to expose this information to various blogs, in an attempt to also get paid’ 

Strong speculation that Vegas based stripper Montia Sabbag the woman in the controversial tape and somehow connected with the alleged demand for an eight-figure payday
Kevin Hart cheating 1.pngThe image released shows married actor Hart resting his head on a woman’s chest and clutching her thigh in an ‘insinuating’ video at the center of fed extortion probe. Itinerant stripper stripper Montia Sabbag has been ID’d as the vixen in the highly produced video

The FBI has reportedly tracked down a suspect in the extortion attempt against Kevin Hart that forced the comedian to own up to his indiscretions, TMZ reports.
Law enforcement has identified the woman who contacted the actor and demanded a “multi-million dollar” sum in order to keep a “sexually provocative” video potentially featuring Hart out of the public view.
TMZ reports that 27-year-old stripper Montia Sabbag is the mystery woman in the newly released steamy video with actor Kevin Hart. According to the report Hart had never met her before and has not had any encounters with her since.
The suspect so far reportedly, denies she had anything to do with shooting the video, but investigators are not so sure. Other people present during the weekend are being tracking down, with search warrants, while feds attempt to crack the encrypted emails the extortionist to expose their identity.

Montia Sebbag 5.pngMontia Sebbag who has been identified as the woman in the Kevin Hart tape is a 27-year-old travelling stripper, based in Long Beach, California. She allegedly met Hart just the one time, but they spent the weekend partying together

Montia when contacted by Harts’s team. lawyered up immediately. She offered to take a lie detector test for an upfront fee of$420,000 through her lawyer, to be paid by the actor before she would sit LDT.
Prior to the multi-million dollar blackmail demand on Hart in return for keeping the video a secret, the extortionist hawked the video around various for a going rate of $15 million.
Hart, 38, admitted to a “bad error of judgment” in an emotional Instagram post Saturday night. In the video, he appeared to admit to cheating on his pregnant wife, and explained that he was being targeted by someone for “financial gain” due to his mistakes.

TMZ obtained the alleged extortion tape 
Kevin hart and wife, Emiko Parish 4Eniko Hart [left], is 31 months pregnant with her first child with husband, Kevin Hart [right], who seemed to be hinting at indiscretions in a public apology to his family, amidst the alleged extortion attempt

In the video Kevin Hart is seen resting his head on the woman’s chest and clutching her thigh. Hart is observed laughing as he gets close to the woman in the intimate scene.
TMZ, which first showed the image, says it is part of a video that also includes two people having sex followed by a naked man getting dressed, which appears to look like Hart.
This is the woman at the center of the Kevin Hart video that triggered a multi-million dollar extortion demand, and the extortionist freely admits money is the end game.
The 4 minute and 47 second video is highly produced, with audio from Kevin on various radio shows as the video rolls.  The video cuts to a bedroom scene where it appears 2 people are having sex on a bed.  You can’t see the people in the bed, but afterward you see a naked man walking in the room and it definitely looks like Kevin.
Now here’s what’s shocking … the extortionist who made the video says the point is 2-fold … to expose Kevin and to get money.
“The real reason Kevin Hart orchestrated the Texas Hurricane Relief Fund, this so-called good deed was done to get ahead as he knew this damaging footage was one click away from being exposed as the liar and cheater he is.  Kevin Hart was privy to me wanting to expose him as I have made countless attempts to expose this information to various blogs, in an attempt to also get paid.”
TMZ reported that sources close to Hart’s hurricane relief activity had insisted that it had nothing to do with the extortion attempt, contrary to claims made by the extortionist.

Kevin Hart [left], more or less admitted to some form of cheating on pregnant wife, seen with him [left].pngKevin Hart [left], more or less admitted to some form of cheating on pregnant wife, seen with him, [photo, right], in his apology video

This comes as Hart’s pregnant wife made her first public appearance following the comedian’s public apology to her and his two children over what he described as a ‘bad error in judgment.’
A heavily pregnant Eniko Hart, 33, was spotted Sunday making her runs in Los Angeles, looking somber. This was her first appearance since the sex-tape and follow up extortion news about her husband broke.
Kevin Hart got out ahead of the game, announcing the blackmail attempts, which according to some reports were several and had risen to eight figures.
Hart posted a video to Instagram on Saturday in which he apologized to Eniko, admitting that was taking responsibility for recent poor decisions.
It had previously been revealed that part of the tape being investigated by the FBI includes the comedian talking about how he would never cheat on his wife.
In the clip from an earlier interview, Hart says: ‘I got a good one. I can’t play any games… Why risk it? What am I going to throw it all away for?’

Emiko Parish 2.pngKevin Hart’s pregnant wife Eniko, was seen making her runs in Los Angeles on Sunday
Montia Sabbag 1.pngMontia Sabbag, the woman allegedly, seen in the video with the actor. She has spoken out calling Hart a ‘Liar’, demanding an apology
Montia Sabbag 2.pngGirl on the move, Montia Sabbag, says Kevin Hart’s Hurricane Harvey relief efforts was designed to deflect from her impending exposure of their dalliance
‘I got a good one. I can’t play any games… I call her my rib and I don’t know if people know what that means – it’s from the Bible. A rib is something you can’t live without.

‘You can always try to find something that’s better – a bigger a**, some breasts but that never ends so when you do find something stimulates you on a physical and mental and emotional level at this age, what else do you need?
‘I got a good one. A logical, thinking woman… why risk it? What am I going to throw it all away for? It’s not worth it at all, man.’

In his apology video hart said there were ‘no excuses’ but added that someone was trying to seek financial gain over his mistakes, and he’d rather confess than let that happen.
FBI allegedly know the woman n the video with Kevin. Feds believe she is the one who made the money demand, directly or through associates.
Meanwhile the alleged extortionist has also spoken out to call the star a liar as the FBI investigate the attempt at a multi-million dollar demand.

The mystery person said: ‘Kevin Hart was privy to me wanting to expose him as I have made countless attempts to expose this information to various blogs, in an attempt to also get paid.’

The 38-year-old posted a video to Instagram on Saturday in which he apologized to wife Eniko Parrish and said he wasn’t perfect and had recently made poor decisions.
TMZ reports that the video, which apparently shot on an iPhone, features a man thought to be Hart getting cozy with a woman at a club, and later, in a bedroom.
Hart is never visible in the footage, and the outlet is clear that it is not a sex tape, but the clip does feature a creaking bed frame and slapping, according to sources that have seen it.
However, the gossip site claims that the woman in the video has previously hooked up with an unidentified TV star, and the man in the footage could possibly be him, not Hart.

Kevin Hart more or less?,  admit s to cheating on pregnant wife in apology in Saturday’s Instagram message

Either way, Hart said Saturday that he’d rather “fess up to (his) mistakes,” and admitted that there were no excuses for his behavior.
After breaking up with first wife, actress Torrei Hart, the actor married Eniko Parrish in August 2016, and she is about 31 weeks pregnant with the couple’s first child. Hart already has two children with his ex,  Torrei.

Eniko Parrish & Kevin Hart and his children with ex wife Torei at their 2016 wedding.jpgEniko Parish and Kevin Hart at the September, 2016 wedding with his two children with ex-wife actress Torrei Hart – daughter Heaven, 12, and son Hendrix, 9. The newly wed couple  is expecting a son

Confirming that the feds are investigating of the multi-million dollar extortion attempt on Hart after he publicly apologized to his wife and  children for his ‘bad error in judgment,’
law enforcement officials told TMZ that an anonymous person had contacted Hart saying they had a video of the comedian and a woman in a sexually provocative situation.
The blackmailer allegedly has been demanding an eight-figure pay off after filming a “sexually suggestive” video with Hart,
One fact established, is that the actor is not visible in the footage and it’s not a sex tape. The essence of the hush money demand was then to halt the release of the uncomfortable video.
The footage appears to show Hart acting intimately with another woman at a club before cutting to a bedroom, according to TMZ, citing sources who have seen the footage. A man who may be Hart can be seen in a clip from the bedroom. The sound of a creaking bed frame and slapping can be heard.
The FBI believe the woman in the video with Kevin is the one making the demands. However, there is tall the chance that the video was captured by someone who got a hold of the iPhone.

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