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Body of indebted ‘Shark Tank’  contestant, Philip Reitnour, Philip Reitnour, found in river

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Body found Oct 12 in a Philadelphia river, identified as ‘Shark Tank’ contestant Philip Reitnour
Medical examiner determined the body belonged to Reitnour, 58, who appeared on the ABC business show in 2014 trying to raise funds for his application “EmergenSee” 
Reitnour’s body was found with a gunshot wound to the head, he was $3 million in debt and being sued

Business entrepreneur Reitnour, 58, gained nationwide visibility after he appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank”  in 2014, in an attempt to raise funding for his app.
On the show, he pitched his app that allows users to live-steam during emergencies to share their GPS locations, photos, videos and more.
The Philadelphia Buisness Journal reported at the time, that although none of the famed “sharks” decided to invest in the app, in part due to concerns about Reitnour’s business model, he was unfazed because his goal it appeared was to garner publicity for the product.
“It really is truly 911 on steroids,” he explained to the Journal.

Police recover  Phil Reitnour's body.pngPolice recover the body from the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia on October 12
Philip Reitnour 7.pngBusiness Entrepreneur Philip Reitnour said he was only on ‘Shark Tank’  to raise awareness for the ‘Emergensee’ app. Reitnour’s body was found in the Philadelphia river with a gunshot wound to the head. 

Following his death and discovery of Reitnour’s body in the Schuylkill River an ABC 30 report revealed he was $3 million in debt and being sued. He was reportedly, found with a gunshot wound to the head.
When Reitnour appeared on “Shark Tank,” Mark Cuban voiced concern that Reitnour had spent millions of his own money investing in EmergenSee.
In an interview a few days later, he told The Philadelphia Business Journal he wasn’t disappointed that his run on the ABC show didn’t result in a deal because he was mainly appearing on the show to get attention for his app.
“I was going out to look for exposure,” he said at the time.
Police are investigating Reitnour’s death and the medical examiner has not ruled on the cause.

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