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Prison nurse ‘performed an EXORCISM on an inmate, telling her “I revoke your demons” rather than treat her before she died of a heart attack’

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Jail nurse ‘performed an EXORCISM on an inmate, 32, telling her “I revoke your demons” rather than treat her before she died of a heart attack, fEB 11
Amanda Lynette Freeman, 32, was arrested on Feb 7, 2017, on a drug possession charge
Four days later, she passed away from  a drug-induced heart attack, the ME confirmed 
County jail nurse, Linda Herlong Jackson, 67, has been barred from the Oklahoma Jail, nine months after the death of inmate Freeman 
Detention officers at the county jail reported hearing Jackson tell Freeman, who was thrashing and screaming, ‘I revoke your demons’
Jackson, who had worked at the jail for six years, has denied performing an exorcism on Freeman 
Potentially faces criminal charges for allegedly trying to perform an exorcism on a sick inmate

An Oklahoma City nurse has been barred from working at the county jail and could potentially face criminal charges for allegedly trying to perform an exorcism on a sick inmate.The inmate died of a drug-induced heart attack, hours later.
32-year-old inmate, Amanda Lynette Freeman, of Allen, Okla., was arrested Feb. 7 after she jumped out of a moving car, police found methamphetamine in her purse.
Freeman died in the Oklahoma County Jail on February 11, a day after nurse Linda Jackson allegedly tried to perform an exorcism on her.
The nurse who had been summoned to Freeman’s bedside in the medical wing of the Oklahoma County Jail, identified by The Oklahoman as Linda Herlong Jackson, 67, was banned from the facility by Sheriff PD Taylor on October 20.
One witness reported that nurse Jackson instead of calling for help asked whether anyone would mind if she performed an exorcism, during which she said, “I revoke you, demons,” according to the Tulsa World.
A sheriff’s lieutenant stopped the exorcism when he arrived on the scene, the sheriff’s investigator reported.
Detention officers were eventually able to restrain Freeman and take her to the jail’s medical floor. However, she was found unresponsive in her cell at 4:50 a.m. the next day and died a short time later.
An autopsy determined she died of an acute coronary event to methamphetamine use, the Oklahoman reported.

James Eudy 1.jpgFreeman and James Eudy, [photo], were arrested on drug possession charges after a policee officer saw a woman jump out of a moving car

Three days later, Jackson’s employer, Armor Correctional Health Services, placed her on administrative leave. Jackson had worked at the county jail for six years.
Jackson has denied trying to perform a religious ritual on Freeman, telling the paper, ‘No… I didn’t do an exorcism.’
However, corrections officers at the jail reported overhearing the 67-year-old medical worker telling Freeman, as she was violently thrashing on the floor, ‘I revoke your demons,’ The Oklahoman reports.
According to one witness, Jackson had asked those present in the room if anyone would mind if she performed an exorcism.
Freeman and James Eudy, 36, were arrested on February 7 after a police officer saw the woman jump out of a moving car.
When the officer searched Freeman’s purse, he reportedly discovered two baggies of meth and a glass pipe. Police captured the runaway and booked her into the county jail on counts of drug and paraphernalia possession. It was determined that she needed to be placed under medical observation.

Oklahoma County Jail.jpg Nurse Linda Jackson has been barred from the Oklahoma County jail’s medical facility, where she had worked for six years, after the death of inmate Freeman 

On the mooring of February 10, jailers and nurse Jackson responded to Freeman’s cell because she was experiencing seizure-like symptoms, according to the sheriff’s office.
Jackson was supposed to take the inmate’s vital signs, but it proved difficult because Freeman was thrashing about and screaming.
Eventually, the inmate was restrained. At around 4.30am the next day, she was found unresponsive in her cell and was pronounced dead.
When she was interviewed about the incident by a sheriff’s investigator, nurse Jackson denied performing an exorcism, but remarked that it appeared to her like Freeman was possessed of supernatural strength.
The sheriff’s investigator was scheduled to meet with the district attorney Oct 30 about bringing possible criminal charges against Jackson for delaying getting the inmate medical attention.

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