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Samantha Cox, Indiana teacher filmed snorting coke in classroom says she was sick and ‘needed to get some’  

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‘I needed a hit before classes,’ Cox admitted to cocaine use, drug buy before school
Claims she snorted cocaine in classroom because she was sick and ‘needed to get some’  
High school teacher, Samantha Cox, 24, was caught on video appearing to use drugs in her classroom, Wednesday
She was charged Monday with felony drug possession, just three months into her employment at Lake Central High School 
The English teacher admitted that she started using drugs four years ago as a college freshman
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Dope head’ teacher was caught on camera by student snorting coke in her classroom

Samantha Cox of Cedar Lake County, Indiana was formally charged on Monday with felony drug possession in a Lake County court.
The 24-year-old high school teacher filmed last week by a student who caught the alleged drug use on camera. Cox was filmed snorting what appeared to be cocaine inside her classroom. She was promptly was arrested at Lake Central High School in St. John after students told the principal that the educator was using drugs in her classroom. She allegedly told the officers that she was sick and needed the drug.
Cox was charged on Monday with felony drug possession and misdemeanor drug paraphernalia.
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Indiana teacher Samantha Cox, arrested on drug possession after students record her snorting powder in classroom
The Chicago Tribune reports that the English teacher told authorities that she purchased $160 worth of drugs before school last Wednesday. Cox said she normally buys the drugs after school, but “was feeling sick and needed to get some.”

Samantha Cox 2High school English teacher Samantha Cox was charged with felony drug possession

Revealing that  said she wanted to use before classes started, but didn’t have time so she did it during a morning break.
She told authorities that she had locked the door to her classroom and the “kids must have randomly seen through her window.”
Cox, who was hired at Lake Central in August 2016, said she started using drugs four years ago as a college freshman.
According to court records, police brought a K-9 dog to the high school after receiving a call about the illegal activity.
The dog led officers to a center drawer in Cox’s desk, which contained “a clear tightly twisted bag with multiple small rolled up pieces of tin foil.”
Police also found an “outer plastic wrap from a cigarette package” with rolled up tin foil pieces and a rolled up piece of paper that resembled a straw.

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Cox admitted to long-term drug use

A search of her car turned up empty foil pieces, a glass pipe, plastic baggies that had been torn open and two makeshift straws.
Cox was released from a Lake County jail after posting a $10,000 bond, reports NWITimes.
Lake Central schools Superintendent Larry Veracco noted that the freshman teacher “was popular with the students,”
“It’s a sad situation. We are happy that we got her removed from the classroom very quickly after being tipped off by a student. But we are also concerned about her welfare, too. She seemed to be a very good teacher.”
It’s not clear if Cox remains employed at the high school.


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