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Suspect Akayed Ullah, a disgruntled immigrant cabbie sets off pipe bomb in NYC subway in terrorist revenge bid – for recent Israelis actions against Muslim Palestinians in Gaza

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Terror suspect sets off pipe bomb in underground subway passage near Port Authority Bus Terminal, early Monday morning
Authorities identify suspect Akayed Ullah as the terrorist responsible for the bomb explosion in an underground subway passage near Port Authority Bus Terminal during Monday rush hour
Akayed Ullah, is a 27-year-old Bangladeshi native, allegedly detonated  the pipe bomb
Cops say Ullah is a cab driver who was bent on revenge
Akayed Ullah 3.png
27-year-old New York cab driver, Akayed Ullah [photo] has been identified as the suspect in the terrorist bomb explosion in NY subway Monday
Akayed Ullah, 27, a native of Bangladesh, living in Brooklyn, New York told authorities from his hospital bed: “They’ve been bombing in my country and I wanted to do damage here,” sources said.
Akayed Ullah 5.pngUllah seen on a stretcher after his vest only partially detonated, told investigators that he carried out the attack as revenge for recent actions by Israelis against Muslim Palestinians in the Gaza Strip
The former city cab driver whose license has officials said had lapsed, set off a “low-tech” homemade pipe bomb strapped to his midsection inside the subway passageway. The incident was captured on transit surveillance footage.
Ullah detonated part of his explosive in the passage just 200 feet from the bus terminal at West 42nd St. and Eighth Ave. at 7:20 a.m., officials said. Three commuters suffered minor injuries, officials said.
After the explosion, Port Authority cops struggled with Ullah, 27, who had wires attached to his body, sources said. The device was affixed to his body with Velcro and zip ties, police officials said.

NY Ports Authority bombing 2.png
Injured Ullah is being evacuated by EMTs on a stretcher  after an explosion near NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal on Monday

He tried to set off the rest of his bomb, but only part of it went off. Three NYPD officers, identified as Jack Collins, Sean Gallagher and Anthony Manfredini, grabbed him and successfully removed the explosives without further incident.
“It wasn’t a big explosion,” a law enforcement source said. “There is no structural damage.”
All three victims suffered minor injuries that included ringing in the ears and headaches. Two took themselves to Mount Sinai West and one to Mount Sinai hospital, Queens.
Ullah was taken to Bellevue Hospital with burns to his hands and abdomen and also lacerations, but is expected to survive,.
Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, speaking on MSNBC Monday morning aid preliminary information suggested Ullah “supposedly was setting the device off in the name of ISIS.”

Police take Akayed Ullah into custody.pngTerror bomb suspect Akayed Ullah is seen in police custody following his failed attempt to detonate a device strapped to his chest after the initial explosion inside New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan on Monday.

“This was an attempted terrorist attack,” Mayor de Blasio said.
“Thank God he did not achieve his goal. Thank God the only injuries we know about at this point are minor.”
Added Gov. Cuomo, “We are a target by many who would like to make a statement against freedom … Let’s go back to work. We are not going to allow them to disrupt us.”

Conmuters exit NY subway after Monday's explosion.pngCommuters exit NYC subway after an explosion inside Port Authority Bus Terminal on Monday

Police Commissioner James O’Neill said Ullah said nothing before detonating the bomb. Additional cops were sent to transit hubs around the city and other sensitive sites.
Authorities evacuated the A, C and E trains, but didn’t find any structural damage. The Times Square station was also evacuated. Trains on both lines were bypassing the stations through the morning, officials said.
“It’s pretty chaotic over there right now,” said a law enforcement source with knowledge of the situation.
Cops flooded an address connected to Ullah on E. 48th St. in the Flatlands section of Brooklyn, and shut down the block.
Investigators were combing through subway surveillance video to figure out from where the assailant may have entered the area.
Several blocks of Eighth Ave. were shut down as emergency vehicles flooded the area.
The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force was brought into the investigation. President Trump has also been briefed on the incident.

working on specTerrorist pipe bomb explosion brought out law enforcement to the scene of the explosion in subway passage, near Port Authority terminal in NYC, Monday, Dec 11

“Let’s be clear that this was an attempted terrorist attack,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a press conference in Times Square alongside Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Police Commissioner James O’Neill.
“As New Yorkers, our lives revolve around the subways. When we hear of an attack in the subways, it’s incredibly unsettling,” de Blasio said, adding, “Thank God the perpetrator did not achieve his ultimate goals. Thank God our first responders were there so quickly to address the situation, to make sure people were safe. Thank God the only injuries as we know at this point were minor.”

Air support for ground security.png
Air support supporting containment efforts by ground security personnel, seen as helicopters fly above the scene of the bomb explosion near Port Authority terminal on 42nd St. and 8th Ave. in Manhattan on Monday

NY Gov, Andrew Cuomo called the incident “one of our worst nightmares.”
“This is New York,” Cuomo said. “The reality is that we are a target by many who would like to make a statement against democracy, against freedom. We have the Statue of Liberty in our harbor and that makes us an international target.”
The governor added: “We are not going to allow them to disrupt us.”
O’Neill said the device “was intentionally detonated,” though sources said it went off prematurely.
The blast comes amid calls from ISIS to attack the Big Apple during the Christmas season. No group has taken responsibility for the attack.


Akayed Ullah 3.png

Akayed Ullah 5.png

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