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Texas Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold quits 2018 race after aides reveal he said ‘get your fiancee to b**w you now’, called aides ‘f***tards’, ran hostile, demeaning office

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Tea party GOP Congressman won’t run again after staffer reveals depths of his crudity in office
Aides said Blake Farenthold [R-TX], ran a hostile congressional office
Farenthold, 55, once told staffer ‘get your fiancée to b**w you now’ before his marriage, called other aides ‘f***tards’
Currently under ethics investigation, Farenthold announced Thursday he will not be seeking reelection in 2018
He’s had to pay his former Communications Dir, Lauren Greene  $84,000 payment after she sued for sexual harassment 
Not mending his ways, another former communications Dir, Michael Rekola, says GOP rep made crude blowjob joke before his July 2015 wedding 
Another former aide said Farenthold disclosed that a female lobbyist ‘propositioned him for a threesome’
Aides describe explicit conversations and pickup lines in the office, he disclosed to one that a female lobbyist ‘propositioned him for a threesome’  
House Speaker Paul Ryan lauds Farenthold’s  ‘right decision’ to retire 
Blake farenthold 1
US Rep. Blake Farenthold [R-TX], is leaving Congress after more of his former aides allege the lawmaker engaged in crude behavior  in his congressional office

US Rep. Blake Farenthold is leaving Congress after the emergence of yet another former aide claiming the lawmaker engaged in crude behavior by in his congressional office.
The 55-year-old Texan Republican who has been sharply criticized for his conduct by at least three former aides and faces an Ethics Committee inquiry, will not seek reelection but will remain in Congress, multiple media outlets reported.
Ex-communications director Michael Rekola says Farenthold made a sex joke before his July 2015 wedding.
Rekola chose to inform the House Ethics Committee that the Texas Republican Congressman and Tea Party stalwart, was verbally abusive and sexually demeaning to his congressional office staff. The office was an intensely hostile environment that drove the aide to physical and emotional distress, that caused him to vomit and seek medical treatment counseling, CNN reported.

Blake Farenthold 7“I allowed a workplace culture to take root in my office that was too permissive and decidedly unprofessional,” Farenthold said Thursday

Farenthold, who represents the 27th Congressional District along the Texas Gulf Coast, including Corpus Christi, apologized Thursday in the five-minute video.
“I allowed a workplace culture to take root in my office that was too permissive and decidedly unprofessional,” he said, carefully reading a prepared statement. “It accommodated destructive gossip, offhand comments, off-color jokes . . . and I allowed the personal stress of the job to manifest itself in angry outbursts.”
The Tea Party congressional caucus member had resisted calls that he resign, even as Democratic Rep. John Conyers, Democratic Sen. Al Franken, and Republican Rep. Trent Franks quit Congress after allegations emerged.

Blake Farenthold 14.pngPreviously Blake Farenthold is reported by the Communications Director Lauren Greene  on sexual harassment chargeges , then he goes after the succeeding communications director Michael Rekola swith crude sex jokes before Rekola’s July 2015 wedding, 
 Blake farenthold 13Farenthold verbally abused staffers and created a hostile work environment

On the eve of his wedding, within earshot of other staffers, Rekola says Farenthold told him: ‘Better have your fiancée blow you before she walks down the aisle — it will be the last time.’
Farenthold also joked about whether his bride could wear white on her wedding day – an obvious reference to whether she had had premarital sex, Rekola said.
The congressional office of Rep. Blake Farenthold was an out-of-control mess where the Texan alternately bullied staffers and told them about his ‘sexual fantasies,’ according to a report
House Speaker Paul Ryan endorsed Farenthold’s decision to leave Congress.
‘I had a couple conversations with Blake Farenthold yesterday. I think he’s making the right decision to retire,’ he said.
‘There are new stories that are very disconcerting. Unacceptable behavior has been alleged in those stories and I think he’s made the right decision that he’s going to be leaving congress,’ Ryan added.
‘He is under ethics committee investigation right now, as he should be,’ Ryan said

Blake Farenthold being sworn-in by Speaker Paul Ryan 4I Speaker Paul Ryan administers the House oath of office to Rep. Blake Farenthold, during a mock swearing in ceremony on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017

That probe by an investigatory subcommittee will continue unabated since Farenthold has chosen to remain in Congress.
Rekola brought his account to the House Ethics Committee. He says the hostile work environment caused him physical and emotional distress.
On Wednesday, Farenthold told constituents via Skype: ‘I just want to let everyone know, I absolutely did not engage in any improper conduct. I was investigated by the office of congressional ethics, and they found 6-0, there wasn’t enough effort,’ he said, local Texas ABC25 reported. However, despite his decision not to run, Farenthold’s name will remain on the ballot along with at least six primary challengers, because the candidate filing deadline passed Monday,.
Rekola said he struggled to meet impossible expectations after the departure of Greene amid the harassment suit.
Every time he didn’t like something, he would call me a f**ktard or idiot. He would slam his fist down in rage and explode in anger,’ Rekola told the network. ‘He was flying off the handle on every little thing. I couldn’t find a way to control it.’
Farenthold’s office was an out-of-control mess where the Texan alternately bullied staffers and told them about his ‘sexual fantasies,’ according to another report.
Farenthold and his entire staff got sensitivity training after incidents of ‘sexualized commentary,’ the Houston Chronicle reported.
Farenthold’s previous former communications director, Lauren Greene, got an $84,000 payment after accusing her boss of sexual harassment.

Blake Farenthold 15.pngFarenthold’s office was an out-of-control mess where the Texan alternately bullied staffers and told them about his ‘sexual fantasies,’  says former aides

Stating that Farenthold himself had a volatile temper, while recounting the extent of bullying and sexualized conduct inside Farenthold’s office

Greene in her lawsuit says Farenthold had ‘sexual fantasies’ and ‘wet dreams’ about her. Another former spokeswoman, Elizabeth Peace, a former TV anchor, said the lawmaker ‘allowed the hostility in his office to continue. He allowed us to work in a place that was just emotionally damaging, and that should never be allowed in any office.’
Another of Greene’s complaints is that Farenthold ‘disclosed that a female lobbyist had propositioned him for ‘a threesome,” the New York Times reported.
‘I’ve done nothing wrong,’ Farenthold told the paper this week. ‘I’m happy to visit with anybody who has a concern and explain the facts to the extent that I am allowed to under the settlement agreement.’
The House Ethics committee is investigating the 2014 harassment complaint.
Peace told the paper: ‘There were a lot of inappropriate things that happened in that office that I don’t think would have happened if the congressman hadn’t already set the tone.’
Happy hour would begin at 4:30 pm, a time aides called ‘beer-thirty,’ aides told the paper. Peace said women would talk about which male lobbyists texted them pictures of their penises.

Blake Farenthold 16.pngTopics sometimes turned to strip clubs and the physical appearance of News anchors.

Topics sometimes range from strip clubs to the physical appearance of Fox News anchors.
‘There were numerous lewd comments that were made either about female reporters’ breast size, or other reporters’ breast size as well as female lobbyists and their appearance that would go on,’ said a former aide. ‘On any given week you were prone to either ridicule, rude comments, acts of aggression or rage.’
Greene’s lawsuit charged that Farenthold ‘regularly drank to excess, and because of his tendency to flirt, the staffers who accompanied him to Capitol Hill functions would joke that they had to be on ‘redhead patrol’ to keep him out of trouble.’
Farenthold’s attorneys have acknowledged only part of the allegation. While admitting that ‘some staff occasionally joked that Rep. Farenthold finds redheads attractive,’ they denied ‘the implication that this was a source for, or cause of, concern for any staffer.’

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