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Who killed Jon Garner? Texas woman researched ‘how to kill someone and not get caught’ – Sandra Garner is charged with murder after cops uncovered internet search

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Woman accused of murdering husband of 18 years, researched murder plot online 
55-year-old Sandra Garner was arrested and charged after police found a chilling internet search on her computer
She was accused of murdering her much younger husband after she called 911 to report a fatal home invasion on Jan 2
Jon Garner, 42, was found shot in their bed, the wife claimed a masked gunman carried out the crime and robed her of $18,000
Sandra Louis Garner was arrested  at her home in Maypearl, about 35 miles south of Dallas Wednesday 
Police say suspect searched for ‘how to kill someone and not get caught’
She is being held on the murder charge, bail is set at $2 million
Jon who worked as ageneral manager for DHL Express and Sandra had been married 18 years
Sandra Garner 1Sandra Garner was arrested and charged with murder after police found the ‘damning’ internet search history on her computer

A Texas woman suspected of shooting and killing her much younger husband reportedly ran an online search for “how to kill someone and not get caught,” the Dallas Morning News reported.
Police arrested Sandra Louis Garner about 35 miles outside of Dallas on Wednesday. She’s been charged with murder in the death of her husband of 18 years, and could be eligible for the death penalty.
According to the publication, officers found Jon Garner dead on Jan. 2 inside the home he and his 55-year-old wife shared.
The 42-year-old man had been shot with a .38-caliber bullet, Maypearl Police Chief Boyd Norton said. A second bullet was reportedly discovered in a pillowcase near his body in the master bedroom, the Waxahachie Daily Light.

Jon Garner 1Sandra Garner was arrested for murdering her husband Jon Garner in their home. She claimed a masked gunman shot him. Authorities found 42-year-old  Garner dead early Jan. 2, shot with a .38-caliber bullet. A second bullet was found in a pillowcase near his body. Bullets matched gun found in Sandra’s car

Norton said Garner called 911 that night, claiming she “was awakened by two gunshots and saw a masked male holding a gun and flashlight inside of her residence.”
She said the man vowed not to harm her, but had been holding a grudge against her husband over “work-related matters.”
Sandra Garner reportedly told responding officers that she was forced to hand over $18,000 from a safe in the home to the assailant before retreating to a bathroom to count to 100 while he fled.

Jon Garner and his wife, Sandra Louise Garner 2.pngHappier times: Sandra Garner [left], was arrested and charged in the death of her husband Jon Garner [right], found shot to death in their Maypearl, Texas home on January 2
The Garner home 1.pngPolice tape seals the Garner home in, Maypearl , Texas

Her story fell apart when investigators executing a second search of the home on Jan. 5., found a .38-caliber Taurus pistol in a Ford Mustang parked outside. The gun reportedly wasn’t there when authorities searched the same vehicle on Jan. 2 and police believe Garner moved it after the first search.
The weapon was wrapped in a paper towel and two plastic bags. Subsequently, an arrest warrant for Sandra Garner was issued after the Texas Department of Public Safety crime lab matched the gun to the bullet inside Jon Garner’s body.
Police later analyzed electronic devices in the home and discovered Sandra Garner’s telling online search.
She’s being held at the Ellis County jail on $2 million bail.

Sandra and Jon Garner 5.pngSandra Louise and Jon Garner had been married 18 years, but records do not show if they shared Jon’s two children

The couple had been married for 18 years before his death. He’s survived by two children, Andrea Miller and Wes Miller.
A funeral for Jon Garner, who worked as a general manager for DHL Express and We Pack, will be held on Saturday in Waxahachie.


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