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Murder-suicide in pastor’s home as her 63-year-old husband shoots dead 16-year-old niece! Freddie Simmons left a suicide note saying he was taking the girl with him

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Pastor’s husband, 63, shoots dead his teen niece and then himself, in murder-suicide
Some other family members were on hand when Freddie Simmons shot his victim at the home in Coolbaugh Township, near Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania
Simmons, 63, shot his niece multiple times before turning the gun on himself on Friday night 
Police later found a suicide note written by Simmons, saying he was taking his niece with him 
The unnamed teen lived with Simmons and other family members near Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania 
The shooter is married to a pastor, the couple had two adult children
Cops found their bodies in the same room, around 8 pm Friday night
Freddie Simmons 1.png
Freddie Simmons [photo], on Friday shot and killed his 16-year-old niece before shooting himself 

Authorities in Pennsylvania are investigating an apparent murder-suicide in which a pastors husband  murdered a 16-year-old girl believed to be his niece before shooting himself last weekend.
The bodies of Freddie Simmons and the teenager were found at around 8.30pm on Friday when Pocono Mountain Regional police went to his home in the 100 block of Poplar Place in Coolbaugh Township, just outside Tobyhanna.
Investigators say 63-year-old Simmons and the juvenile victim lived in the residence with other family members, who were present during the murder-suicide. Some of them later ran next door to summon help.

Simmons family home in Tobyhanna, PAPolice tape seals the crime scene – the Simmons’ home outside Coolbaugh Township in Tobyhanna, PA [photo] where they found a 63-year-old man and the teen dead in the same room

Responding officers  at the scene found the two bodies in the same room. Police also found a note allegedly written by Simmons, saying he was going to kill himself and take the girl with him, reported Pocono Record.
The girl had been shot multiple times while Simmons had a single gunshot wound to the head that was self-inflicted.
The girl’s name has not been released. As of Tuesday morning, there was no word on a possible motive.
Neighbors told WNEP that Simmons was married, but his wife, a partor, was out of town.

Simmons family home in Tobyhanna, PA 2.png
The shooter, Freddie Simmons lived in this house with pastor wife, his niece and other family members in rural Poconos, some of whom were present during the murder-suicide 

Social media posts suggest Simmons and his widow have two grown children, a son and daughter.
The Pocono Mountain School District has revealed in a press release that Simmons’ slain niece was a student at Agora Cyber Charter School.
With no explanation in sight, residents of the Pocono Farms Community are still wondering what would lead to Friday night’s  murder-suicide. Those who knew the family told the station WFMZ they were peaceful and good people.


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