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Cardiologist’s $135,000 strip club tab written off after NY stripper, Karin Pascucci, admits pretending to be his girlfriend, drugging him and faking his signature

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‘Expensive lesson learnt’

Zyad Younan, has his $135,000 strip club bill written off after an exotic dancer was exposed in the attempt to bilk him
Karina Pascucci, 29, admitted pretending to be Younan’s girlfriend, before drugging him and faking his signature
Younan, 44, racked up a $135,000 bill in Manhattan strip club, now written off after it emerged he was drugged by strippers 
Court ruled New Jersey Cardiologist, Zyad Younan, was the victim of “criminal conduct,” drugged by four strippers and then fleeced with fraudulent billing 
Pascucci,  supposedly was in a ‘relationship’ with Younan and slipped him tranquilizers, out on dates
He’d wake up and not remember spending thousands on dances and alcohol 
Pascucci and another member of the New York ‘drug and rob’ strippers, Marsi Rosen, 31, pled guilty to spiking rich clients’ drinks with Molly before robbing them.
They have been sentenced to four months of weekends spent in jail, and five years probation
Zyad Younan 2.jpgDr. Zyad Younan reportedly ran up a $135,000 bill at a Manhattan strip club, but the court let him off the obligation after feds proved it was a scam

A New Jersey cardiologist has had a $135,000 strip club bill written off by a judge after it emerged that some of the exotic dancers had drugged him.
Zyad Younan, 44, was handed the huge bill after spending three nights in strip club Scores in Manhattan in November, 2013.  Younan claimed that after each night he had woken up in a hotel room with no memory of the previous night.

Dr Zyad Younan and Karina Pascucci 1Robbing without a gun: Stripper Karina Pascucci [right], pretend she was dating Zyad Younan. She would drug him while they were on dates, took him to Scores strip club and faked his signature on credit card slips

A Manhattan court heard that Dr Younan had met a woman named Karina Pascucci who worked as a dancer at Scores, and she told him she was a nursing student.
The two embarked on a ‘romantic relationship’, but it is not known if Dr Younan was aware of her profession at the time.
According to Dr Younan, Pascucci began bringing other Scores dancers along on their dates, claiming that they were her sister and her cousins, the New York Post reports.
After three such dates, Dr Younan says he woke up in a rented room with no memory of the night before.

Karina Pascucci [left], and Marsi Roen [right].pngKarina Pascucci [left], and Marsi Rosen [right], were part of a gang of four New York exotic dancers accused of scamming their drugged dates out of $200,000 by dragging them to strip clubs and racking up charges on their credit card bills
Samantha barbash [left], and Carmine Vitolo [right].pngSamantha Barbash [left], was the Mastermind, and Scores night club manager Carmine Vitolo [right], helped the women run up the tab. He also took a plea deal

It turned out that  Karina Pascucci was a New York stripper who along with three other exotic dancers  ran a scam on unsuspecting male victims who they pretended to date before drugging their wealthy clients and robbing them of thousands of dollars.
at the trial prosecutors said Pascucci drugged Younan while they were on dates, took him to Scores strip club and faked his signature on credit card slips

The New Jersey based cardiologist claims he had no idea he had spent thousands on private rooms, dances and alcohol at Scores.

Karina Pascucci 6.pngStripper Pascucci [arrest photo], told Younan she was a nurse while dating him and setting up the sting. Reality is she was part of a gang of four women who allegedly scammed their drugged bilked their unwary victims

Pascucci later admitted that they would slip tranquilizers in her date’s drinks on nights out, take him to Scores, and fake his signature for his credit card.
‘Dr. Younan now has a chance to close this chapter of his life and move on,’ his lawyer, Michael Weinstein, said on Wednesday.
Three of the women, all exotic dancers have pled guilty to spiking rich clients’ drinks with tranquilizers before robbing.

with Samantha Barbash 1.pngSamantha Barbash allegedly masterminded the con

Mari Rosen, 31, 29-year-old Karina Pascucci, along with Samantha Barbash, 44, and Roselyn Keo ran the drug and rob scam.
The gang it is alleged, scammed victims out of $200,000. Victims were dragged to strip clubs where the women would rack up charges on their credit cards.
Pascucci has claimed Barbash was the mastermind of the scam. Barbash and Keo were also arrested in June 2014. Barbash has pled guilty to charges and faces up to three years in jail.
Pascucci, Rosen and admitted mastermind Samantha Barbash preyed on clients who treated them badly to get revenge, Keo said. Complicit in the scam was RoadHouse strip club manager, Carmine Vitolo who was accused of helping the strippers rack up bigger bills.
Roselyn Keo on the other hand, unrepentant, believes the marks the fleeced had it coming. Working out of the New York’s Scores strip club, they specifically targeted wealthy ­“a–holes,” men who were usually married and who deserved to be drugged and bilked, former dancer, Keo told New York magazine, after she had been charged with conspiracy and fraud, alongside Samantha Barbash.
Roselyn Keo justified their larceny, claiming: “That’s why I think we got greedy. Because of the amount of stress we had to endure. We’re just like, ‘You know what — these people are f–k­ing pissing me off. Just for that, I’m going to max out his credit card, like a penalty. You’re going to be left with a zero balance. Zero credit line. Just for being annoying,’” Keo told the magazine.
The women preyed on doctors and Wall Street executives, spiking their drinks with ‘Molly’ – MDMA and ketamine, causing them to black out.
“It sounds so bad to say that we were, like, drugging people. But it was, like, normal,” Keo said.When the men called the club to complain about their credit-card bills, including Younan’ $135,000, Barbash would turn on the charm, Keo said.
“You were so happy. Don’t you remember? You were tipping everyone,” she would say, according to Keo — adding that the men usually didn’t call police for fear their spouses or bosses would find out.

Roselyn Keo 1.jpgRoselyn Rosen [photo], has no sense of guilt in robbing clients  – ‘Who doesn’t have any self-respect now, mother­f–ker?’

The strippers felt no guilt about conning clients who disrespected them or made sexually crude requests, Keo said.
“There’s something extra satisfying about persuading a man who thinks you’re trash to spend his time and money on you,” she sneered.
“Preferably so much that in the end, they hate themselves. It’s like, ‘Who doesn’t have any self-respect now, mother­f–ker?’
“They all walked in ready to party. And yeah, we slipped them extra [drugs] that they didn’t know about. But all of it goes hand in hand — sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll. You know?” Keo said.
Their neat scam fell apart in 2013 after New Jersey doctor, Zyad Younan, claimed he’d been drugged when he racked up a $135,000 bill at Scores night club. A federal DEA investigation confirmed he was telling the truth.
Samantha Barbash, Pascucci, Marsi Rosen and Carmine Vitolo all pled guilty in the scheme. Vitolo was offered probation if he copped to conspiracy, grand larceny and tampering with evidence.
The last member of the gang, Keo, is also expected to take a deal and is due in court in February.

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