Seattle mother, 63, is tied up with Xbox cables, raped, has her throat slit and is set on fire by ‘random attacker, 23,’ who wrote Satanic messages on walls with her blood and left a KNIFE in her backside
Jennifer Ayers, 63, was brutally murdered at her home on Monday morning
Michael A. Giordano, 23, told police he broke into the house at 8.30am to steal Ayers’ belongings
Once inside, he tied the homeowner with Xbox cables, raped then killed her before setting her on fire
Giordano said he set her crotch and legs on fire and used her blood to write on the walls to throw investigators off
Police found her after a neighbor saw him standing outside the home disheveled, bloodied, and observed disposing of the victim’s possessions 
The neighbor called 911, but Giordano had fled by the time cops arrived, arrested later that evening, he immediately confessed to the crime with details
During his first court appearance, he smiled, waved and mouthed profanities to news cameras
Giordano was charged with aggravated first-degree murder Wednesday,  bail was set at $10 million
Michael Gordiano 1.pngRandom killer: Michael Giordano did not know his victim Ayers. He broke into her home at random

A Seattle mother has been murdered in a shockingly brutal random attack that was carried out at her home on Monday.
Jennifer Ayers, 63, was tied up, raped, had her throat slit and was then set on fire, allegedly by Michael Giordano, 23.
Giordano was seen standing outside the house by a neighbor who called paramedics at 8.30am on Monday to report that he may have needed help – they were concerned because he was disheveled and bloody. He told them he had been mugged.
Unaware of what had just happened inside Ayers’ home, the neighbor said his hands were covered in blood. Responding paramedics said they questioned the Giordano, but released him when he told him he did not need their help.
An hour later, the same neighbor called 911 to tell the operator and said they’d seen him throw several items into the street and bushes, items that turned out to belong to Ayers, including her Visa and QFC card.

Jennifer Ayers 1.jpg
Michael Giordano confessed to the murder and rape of 63-year-old Jennifer Ayers [photo], on Monday.

Agitated and seemingly out of control, the 23-year-old suspect had to be restrained in a wheel chair during his court appearance on Tuesday.
Giordano has admitted that he attacked his victim at random after going through the back door to burgle the home. They did not know each other

Police then rushed to the woman’s house and found her body, on fire, inside. Her throat had been slashed several times and she was tied up with a knife plunged into one of her buttocks, they said.
Giordano was arrested at 5pm after becoming involved in another fight. When police found him, he is said to have shown them his hands and said: ‘This blood isn’t mine’.
Once in custody, he then confessed to murdering Ayers earlier in the day.
He said he targeted her house because of the expensive looking cars outside it and that he got in through an open back door.

Once inside, he allegedly told Ayers to tell him where she kept her valuables.

When she produced her credit cards, he raped the homeowner before stabbing her to death,Giordano confessed.
He told authorities he then set her crotch on fire to try to cover up the sexual attack.
In an effort to throw police off his scent, he then used her blood to write Satanic messages on the walls of the home and fled.
Responding officers arriving at the crime scene found a house was filled with smoke. They said there was a ‘significant’ amount of blood inside the home.
During his first appearance in court on Wednesday, Giordano smiled, laughed and mouthed ‘f*** you’ to news cameras.

During his first court appearance Wednesday, Giordano was restrained and wheeled in. Showing no remorse, he smiled, waved and mouthed ‘bye’ as well as ‘f*** you’ at news cameras  

When he was spotted outside Ayers’ home on Monday, he was wearing flip flops and black pajama bottoms.
Investigators have not revealed anything of his background. Police have not indicated whether they believe the man suffers from any mental illness or if they think he was under the influence of any drugs at the time of the killing

‘I’ve never heard of anything in my life as terrible and disgusting as that. I can’t even imagine the torture.
‘I can’t even imagine as just thinking of it makes me want to throw up,’ Erika Olsen told Seattle station Q13 Fox.

Michael Gordiano 6.pngUnbalanced or merely acting out? Following his outlandish courtroom antics, there is still no official statement, if Giordano suffers from any mental illness or was under the influence of drugs at the time of the killing 

Ayers’ neighbors are still reeling from her death of the 63-year-old, a long term resident of the area, who it is believed lived alone. They expressed concern about her adult son and her dog.
All of the neighbors are shocked and frightened by the randomness of the killing.
It could’ve been anybody said one of the victim’s neighbors
‘It could’ve just been anybody. Any house he could’ve picked.
‘It could’ve been ours, and I was home that day and I had left my door unlocked earlier that day so I just–it’s so hard to even find the words to even say,’ she added.
Others said Ayers was sociable and independent. She had lived in the area for decades and was often seen walking her dog.
Michael A. Giordano was charged with aggravated first-degree murder Wednesday, and bail was set at $10 million.