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Wealthy Toronto couple, Barry and Honey Sherman, likely murdered by paid assassins – private investigators

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Wealthy Canadian couple Barry and Honey Sherman may have been murdered
The Toronto billionaire, and his wife were found dead in mysterious circumstances in their Toronto home on Dec 15
Police believe it was a possible murder suicide
Private investigators now suspect the couple was killed by one or more assailants
Barry Sherman, 75, established one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Canada
Barry and his 70-year-old wife Honey, were well-known in Toronto’s upper class
Barry and Honey Sherman 1.jpgDouble homicide, not murder-suicide: Private investigators say Barry and Honey Sherman was killed by one or more than one professional assassin
Independent investigators looking into the deaths of a billionaire Toronto couple last month believe they were actually killed by multiple people after a struggle, according to reports.The theory of one or more killers is a rebuke to the police suspicion that Barry and Honey Sherman died in a mysterious murder suicide, the CBC reports.
Both were found with belts around their throats, tied to a railing adjacent to their basement pool on Dec. 15, leading investigators to believe Barry Sherman killed his wife, hanged her on the railing and killed himself.
The couple’s four adult children have questioned that theory, however, and tapped private investigators to look into the deaths.
However, sources say the Sherman family’s private investigation into the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman has found that the two were murdered in what looks like a professional contract killing, not a murder-suicide.
Those investigators found signs that their wrists were bound together at one time, a source familiar with the probe told CBC. Their hands were not tied together when a real estate agent found them last month, the channel added.
No rope was found at the scene, according to reports, and there was no sign of a forced entry.
Leaning towards the explanation theory that it’s double murder, not murder-suicide, the conclusion of a variety of experts who have been hired by the family to probe the case is that Barry and Honey Sherman were killed in what looks like a professional, contract killing.

The Sherman's North York home in toronto.jpg
The couple were discovered in their Toronto home  Dec 15, in what police believe was a murder suicide. Family and friends believe it was a ‘hit’ job and have hired experts to prove it

The independent sleuths also suspect the couple may have been killed on Dec. 13 — two days before they were discovered — based on the clothes Honey Sherman, 70, was wearing at the time.
The Sherman family’s private investigation into the shocking deaths of billionaire Apotex founder Barry Sherman and his wife Honey is revealing a very different story than the murder-suicide theory that has led headlines to date.
Experts also questioned the placements of the belts, according to the Toronto Star. They believe the husband and wife may have been strangled with the belts, which were then tied to the railing to keep their bodies upright.
The are markings on the Shermans’ wrists, an indication that at some point their hands were tied together, though no rope or other ties were found near the bodies. Toxicology tests on their bodies reveal no sign of drugs that would have contributed to their deaths.

Barry and Honey Sherman 2 Billionaire Barry Sherman, 75, founder of Canadian pharmaceutical firm Apotex and his wife Honey were discovered dead in their home on Dec 15

Honey Sherman also had cuts on her face, and was discovered in a pool of her own blood, CBC reported, leading investigators to think she put up a struggle.
Concluding that the men’s leather belts found around their necks were the cause of the “ligature compression” that killed them, a top forensic pathologist who did a second autopsy determined this was a case of double homicide, barring any new information that surfaces.
Based on the positioning of Honey Shermn when she was found compared with the blood stains on her body, she may have been left in one position before being moved and eventually hanged, CBC noted.
Bernard ‘Barry’ Sherman, was the founder and past CEO of Apotex, a generic drug firm. He is said to have been worth $4.77 billion at time of his death. Honey, his wife of 46 years, was well known for her charitable work and community involvement. Barry was 75. Honey was 70.

Barry and Honey Sherman 3.jpgOne of two bodies is removed from the Toronto home of Canadian billionaire Barry Sherman on Dec 15

They were found in their home in North Toronto just before noon on Dec. 15 by a real estate agent. Their house was for sale. The day the bodies were discovered, police said there was no sign of forced entry at the home and they were not seeking any suspects.
It has been reported that Toronto homicide detectives are probing the deaths as a possible murder-suicide. The couple’s four children, who plan to have their parents’ North York home demolished once a team of private forensic investigators have had time to scour it, have soundly rejected that theory. So have close friends of the Shermans.


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