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Seattle man hospitalized after racist rage! Julian Tuimauga brutally attacked DaShawn Horne who is black, for sleeping with his sister

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Seattle black man struggling to survive after being attacked in racist ‘rage’ 
Postal worker DaShawn Horne, 26, has been in a Seattle hospital for nearly two weeks
Julian Tuimauga attacked him with an aluminum baseball bat on Jan. 20 while using the N-word
Tuimauga, 18, found out the victim spent the night with his sister
After several procedures, Horne, who has a 16-month-old boy, is still unconscious and faces months of recovery, even if his condition improves
Tuimauga has been charged with malicious harassment – the state’s hate-crime charge, and first-degree assault
He’s held in lieu of $500,000 bail

DeShawn Horne 1.jpgA heart-broken mother, LaDonna Horne, other family members and her son’s large circle of friends have kept vigil at the hospital while they wait for her son DaShawn Horne to wake up from injuries sustained in what police are calling an unprovoked attack with a baseball bat. The attack happened on January 20.
DaShawn Horne, has been in a Seattle hospital for nearly two weeks, and faces months of recovery even if his condition improves

Horne a black man was savagely beaten in Seattle by his assailant, Julian Tuimauga.
Auburn police and King County prosecutors say Horne is the victim of a brutal assault and hate crime, perpetrated by the brother of a young woman with whom Horne spent a night.
Horne, 26, has been clinging to life at a Seattle hospital since suspect Tuimauga attacked him with an aluminum baseball bat on Jan. 20 while using the N-word, according to reports. The 18-year-old launched the attack raining racial slurs after finding out the victim spent the night with his sister, police and relatives said.
“You just never think it’s going to happen to you or so close to home,” the victim’s mother, LaDonna Horne, told the Seattle Times.
“I was just telling someone, ‘It’s different out here. Everybody gets along. It’s so diverse.’ ”
King County prosecutors hit the 18-year-old Tuimauga last week with a malicious harassment, the state’s hate-crime charge, as well as first-degree assault.
Perplexed family member, Ray Jenkins, wondered: “As his uncles, we taught him to protect himself, but to be attacked from behind because of the color of his skin …”
Horne had gone out to Downtown Seattle on Jan. 19, when the U.S. Postal Worker had an uncommon Friday night off.

Julian Tuimauga 1.jpg
18-year-old Julian Tuimauga has been charges with malicious harassment – a hate-crime charge, and first-degree assault

He met a woman in her mid-20s at a club, and she took him and another back to her home in Auburn, a town south of Seattle, according to the Seattle Pilot.
Reports indicate they spent the night at the home, and she called a Lyft to take Horne to his home in Kent, less than 10 miles to the north.
The Lyft driver reportedly backed into the driveway that Saturday morning, the Seattle Times reported, and waited for his passenger.
After a few minutes of waiting Tuimauga approached the driver clutching a baseball bat and asked for whom he was waiting, the Seattle Pilot reported.
When the driver said Tuimauga’s sister had called him, the suspect went into the house.
The driver would later tell police Horne came up to the car from the side of the family’s house, where Tuimauga started fighting with him.

DeShawn Horne 2.jpg
 LaDonna Horne, her family and DaShawn’s friends have kept vigil at the hospital praying her son to wakes up from injuries sustained in what police are calling an unprovoked attack with a baseball bat

An Auburn police report provided to local media said there was a “thump” and the driver saw Horne fall to the ground after being hit in the head twice.
“This is what happens when you bring black people around here,” Tuimauga allegedly said during the assault.
The Lyft driver took off, parked a few houses down and called 911, according to reports.
Tuimauga then hit Horne three more times, the driver told cops.
He also recorded a cell phone video during the beating, during which he used the N-word, the police report said.
Part of the attack was captured by a neighbor’s video-surveillance camera. The footage shows Tuimauga armed with the bat and Horne “falling into the frame” already unconscious, the charge complaint says.
Tuimauga’s father and sister were inside the home and did not witness the attack, but the sister told police her brother later came back into the house, broke down in her bedroom door and referred to her as a “whore,” the Seattle Times reported.
Police later found Horne in the front yard bloodied and unconscious.
Tuimauga later tried to delete the video, but cops recovered it, the Seattle Pilot reported.
He reportedly told investigators that he fell “in a rage” when he thought Horne slept with his sister.
Tuimauga’s bail was set at $500,000 and is currently in a King County jail.
Horne, who has a 16-month-old boy, is still unconscious at Harborview Medical Center and has had several procedures done.
A GoFundMe page was set up by his brother, Obediyah Israel, to cover his expenses and provide for his son with the goal of raising $25,000. By Wednesday morning, it raised nearly $20,829. 
Doctors had to remove part of his skull because his brain is swelling. He is expected to stay in the intensive care unit for another month, then another month in neurological care. Followed by six months in rehab, the GoFundMe page explains. – “Who can be prepared for that?” asked Rodney King, Horne’s uncle.
Seattle Times reports that the family consented to Horne’s being photographed in his hospital bed because they wanted people to see what a hate crime looks like.

12 Comments on Seattle man hospitalized after racist rage! Julian Tuimauga brutally attacked DaShawn Horne who is black, for sleeping with his sister

  1. The family is Samoan, not white

    • konniemoments // February 1, 2018 at 12:55 pm // Reply

      There is no mention of the suspect being white

    • First off I do feel for the young man who was assaulted by the coward who attacked from behind. But for the mother who said that she never thought it would happen out here….out where? Where have she been, this is as good as any place and maybe that why it did happen to him because she thought him to be unconscious and now he is. So now again she is going to pray for the one who made him that way….boy she sounds really mixed up. I think she’s the one who’s been assaulted.

  2. I don’t gaf what race he is …his crime is ATTEMPTED MURDER

  3. Hate to say this to the media, people , people of all color, but the suspect is Samoana /Black, he could be Hispanic. Let’s not forget that I stay up in the northwest areas and upstate New York City. A lot of Latin Americans, or people of another dark pigmentation of color live in those high class communities, 30% percentage of the times they think they are equally to the rich whites in those neighborhoods. Even if they have a dark complexion of a skin tone, they really think that anybody from roots of a dark skinned don’t belong with them,not equal, or to be qualitified to stay in a nice neighborhood.
    I have experience this myself because I’m dark skinned black Dominican man, that I stay in a nice neighborhood, my Hispanic brothers,Latin Americans,the Somans won’t even look at me to say “hi”, they will overlook me, but always invite their white neighbors to their events or speak highly with their heads up to them.
    I meet a lot of people like Julian
    Tuimauga who have beautiful light dark complexion skin tone, listen to hip hop music, think they fully black, but really hate their black peers or people. Because Julian grew up privileged with money, he always thought and thinked he was a special type of person with light skinned who wanted to be up there with the rich whites. Yes Julian I hope you get life in prison for this and never get to see the day light again.
    My condolences and prayers goes out the the victim family, it’s nothing you did wrong. Stay strong and faithful til the end.

  4. Somehow my sympathy vanishes a little when I see another product of the underclass with an illegitimate child. Quit having children out of wedlock! That’s where a lot of our social pathologies are emanating from.

    • You are as irrelevant as your dumb a$$ comment!

      • you miserable racist dog. you know nothing about the lives of these people. I don’t care what race the person is he was viciously attacked by a self hating savage. And don’t be using terms like “our”… you speak for no one but your own illegitimate life.

    • I agree. Those are fools who has been blinded by the white. And don’t know the true history and those who don’t know don’t want to but want to quickly destroy it. Because the real truth will set the chained ones free and put the privileged in bondage.

    • Jennifer Downey // February 20, 2018 at 8:58 pm // Reply

      yeah… because someone with an illegitimate child totally deserves no sympathy when brutally beaten for no reason.

  5. I know the perp used racist language. But I dont think the victim’s race had as much to do with the crime as the anger at the sister for bringing a guy home.

  6. Prayers lifted for this young man and his family. For those greiving and for his healing, this young man has a life to get back to and the ignorant young man involved… God don’t like ugly. SMH This story is awful and sad… But very real!

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