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Jury selection begins in trial of, Yoselyn Ortega, Manhattan nanny charged with slaughtering two kids she in her charge

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Jury selection begins in trial of Manhattan nanny charged with slaughtering two kids 
Alleged killer nanny Yoselyn Ortega, will finally face a jury after more than six years after killing two childen in her charge
Ortega, 55, appears in Manhattan Criminal Court on Jan. 22, 2018 in New York, accused of slaughtering a family’s two young children, Leo Krim, 2, and his sister Lulu Krim, 6
Her trial is expected to last 16 weeks
While Ortega’s lawyers are expected to enter a psychological defense, the judge has found Ortega fit to stand trial
Facing possible life sentence, if convicted
Yoselyn Ortega 1.jpgThe long quest for justice finally takes off for young brother and sister butchered by their nanny, Yoselyn Ortega [Photo], in 2012

The trial of a Nanny in Nw York’s Upper West Side who is accused of butchering a family’s two small children in her care, got underway with jury selection Monday.
Baby-sitter Yoselyn Ortega, 55, will stand trial in Manhattan Supreme Court for the murders of Lulu Krim, 6, and Leo Krim, 2, who were fatally stabbed in their family’s W. 75th St. apartment on Oct. 25, 2012.
Ortega also stabbed herself in the neck with a kitchen knife after she knifed the children inside the bathroom, prosecutors allege.
To the clear dismay of the first roughly 160 potential jurors brought in for initial screening the judge announced that the trial is expected to last 16 weeks.

Leo Krim [left], and his sister Lulu Krim 1.jpgOrtega is charged with killing her two young wards Leo Krim, 2, left, and his sister Lulu Krim, 6

The trial date has been delayed for more than five years as Ortega was evaluated by multiple psychologists.
One psychologist testified that the former nanny claimed she had contact with the devil and heard voices to kill many people, but a judge found her fit to stand trial.
Ortega’s lawyer is expected to present a psychiatric defense. She faces a possible life sentence if convicted.

Kevin and Marina Krim lost their daughter Lulu (center) in the stabbing attack by Yoselyn Ortega 1.jpgParents Kevin and Marina Krim with one of their two children [daughter Lulu], allegedly killed by their nanny Yoselyn Ortega
An Upper West Side nanny charged in the grisly slaying of two small children five years ago will finally face a jury.

Jury selection began today, Monday following years of pre-trial litigation over Ortega’s mental state. As Yoselyn Ortega, 55, stands trial for the murders of Lulu and Leo Krim, 6 and 2. her lawyers are expected to enter a psychological defense.
Potential panelists will be asked to sit through a three to four month proceeding packed with psychiatrists’ expert testimony, as well as witnesses to the heartbreaking aftermath.
Ortega stabbed herself in the neck after she fatally knifed the helpless children inside the bathroom of their family’s W. 75th St. home on Oct. 25, 2012, prosecutors allege.
Their mother, Marina, who had been out with their 3-year-old sister, was the first to find the unthinkably tragic scene: her blood-covered children in the bathtub, each having been stabbed multiple times.

Yoselyn Ortega 2.jpgCourt having decided that killer nanny Yoselyn Ortega, is fit to stand trial  has her facing a jury will finally  more than five years after the horrendous slaying of toddlers in her charge
Lulu Krim [left], and her brother Leo Krim 2.jpg6-year-old Lulu and her brother Leo Krim, 2, were fatally stabbed in their family home

“I could hear really loud, hysterical screaming — world-class screaming,” an elderly neighbor said.
Marina Krim is expected to be a witness at the lengthy Manhattan Supreme Court trial before Justice Gregory Carro.
Prosecutors will aim to prove that Ortega, who had been a close and trusted part of the Krim family, was coherent and made a conscious decision to take the children’s lives


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