Theresa Warren 1.JPGTeresa Warren, [photo, left], of Paisley, Florida, was arrested and booked on Sunday on a misdemeanor battery charge after she allegedly beat up her boyfriend when he appeared to put some house keeping above their love making.

Warren allegedly laid into her beau because he interrupted sex to check on dinner.
She was arrested by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday after deputies received a call about a domestic disturbance.
Deputies  took Warren into custody at Paisley Mart while her boyfriend was still at their residence on Pink Panther Road.
Warren’s version of events as she told deputies at the Paisley Mart, is that she and her boyfriend were ‘drinking alcohol and having a good time’ when he suddenly punched her with a closed fist, showing a red mark on her left cheek. She lost consciousness and when she woke up, she ran to her boyfriend’s car and drove to the convenience store.
The alleged victim however, had a different story. He confirmed to the deputy that the couple was ‘drinking alcohol, cooking, watching the Nascar race, and having a good time’.
According to the boyfriend, they started having sex when he remembered that he was cooking and he went to go check on the food to make sure it didn’t burn.
That’s when Warren smashed a TV on the floor. After he asked her what was wrong, she began ‘striking him with a closed fist in his face, head, stomach, and legs’, reported WTF Florida.
He managed to push her out the front door and told her to leave, he said, but Warren went after him again, so he stuck his hand out to block her, which he says created the mark on her cheek.

Paisley Mart.PNGWarren had gone to Paisley Mart [photo], after the incident where deputies took her into custody

Warren’s boyfriend had a swollen left eye and a red mark on his stomach
Warren was determined to be the primary aggressor and was subsequently arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge and taken to the Lake County Jail. Her bond remains at $2,000.